Friday, November 13, 2020

Going Green

A bit of Christmas is sneaking in around the old farmhouse.  I got these jadeite trees in preparation for my favorite holiday.  Then I saw some white ceramic houses at Target (online) for $5 each and picked up a few to go with the trees.  I am pleased with the calming look of my little village on the mantel.

All that is missing is a fire in the hearth.  :-)  Our normal mantel decorations for the holidays will come out the day after Thanksgiving.

The view from my easy chair.  I have a new lap pillow (where my laptop computer sits when I'm using it) and the Pendleton pillow is now on the guest chair.  I was not enjoying the scratchy wool cover, so now I have a cotton pillow.  

My sweet little African Violet is in bloom again.  Love.

The Christmas cactuses are also beginning to bloom.  

I did a bit of election stress shopping.. yeh.. that's the ticket.. it was the stress.. are you buying that?  Good!

This Sunkist juicer or reamer is almost 100 years old!

This piece also glows under a black light.

This is the small embossed Philbe refrigerator dish to go with my loaf shaped one.  It was lonely and wanted a friend.  :-)  These both can be used for baking and also for keeping leftovers covered and/or in the fridge.

These are my Lotus Flower and Leaf dessert plates and bowls.  I can see fruit, pudding, ice cream in the bowl with some cookies on the side.  

And I found the HTF (hard to find) Westmoreland Ring and Petal creamer to go with my butter bowl there in the back.  I'm only missing the sugar bowl.  If you see one, let me know!  :-)

I showed you my one and only Laurel plate and lo and behold, I had a Laurel cup and saucer in my collection and forgot about it.  :-)

And look.. they glow under a black light!

I've removed the crystal goblets and we put them on the top shelf of our cup and tumbler cabinet as we only use them a few times a year... and.. I needed more space for my growing Jadeite collection.  But my dear long-suffering husband has suggested that I have enough now.  I smile and agree.  Do you believe me?  

I am going to put more plates in racks so they show up better and do a bit of re-arranging.  :-)

I do hope I haven't bored you to tears with my dishes.  LOL!  Please share with me and my readers what if anything that YOU collect.  It will make me feel better.  And I know you want to do that, right?  Any weekend plans?  Nothing here, I need to do a newsletter for the Friends of Multnomah Falls, so there is that.

((hugs)), Teresa :-)  


  1. A collection is a good thing I think. Maybe you need another cabinet rather than an end to collecting! The lemon squeezer is lovely, and in beautiful condition. The UV effect is interesting as well. Hope you have a good weekend. No plans here, except some work and some dog walking. CJ xx

  2. Lovely to see the jadeite trees and ceramic houses on the mantel looking right at home there and you reflected in the mirror! Cobalt blue glass and little sheep are my main collections besides books and yarn. My daughter Elisabeth's Christmas Cactus is blooming now too, so pretty. Hope you enjoy creating the newsletter. I have a Zoom meeting and some paperwork to do and computer Sunday services to attend this weekend. Happy Weekend to you and yours. ((hugs)) :)

  3. Love your beautiful mantle and dishes. So glad you had a fun lunch with your sister and Shirley. I have never seen jadeite tress before, of course you had to have them. Enjoy your weekend.

  4. I love the look of your jadeite trees with those sweet white houses. You're right - they're very calming.

  5. Hey Teresa loved seeing all of your green and not boring at all lol I have quite a few bats and skulls here but had to keep it simple as living city pad and house in country. Doing lots of walking with masks on in city and finally seeing other kids of ours after MONTHS 😀😀🦇💀

  6. I see a lil angel taking that photo of the Jadeite Christmas tress. My goodness what didn't they make? I LOVE your collection.

    I used to collect hearts of any kind Now I collect seeds. Really. Regina got me started and Val too. Today I sorted out the seeds I collected last weekend from my zinnia and clematis. With a tiny little tweezers and very good light. I feel like I'm collecting friends who paint me things, paintings. The thing is some of them I love, and by the same person (s) some I m not crazy for but feel obligated to hang if they are coming by. Im touched by the gifts of their very personal and creative art, but I don't hang a lot of paintings....this sounds ungrateful. Advice Teresa ?

  7. Love your little village on the mantel. The simplicity of the houses with the jadeite trees is really pretty. You definitely have a very nice collection. Jadeite is such a lovely color. I have a thing for hearts and houses, but guess my collections are pretty eclectic now being on this side of the world. Have a good, stress-free weekend.

  8. I love those new trees and houses Teresa, but I confess, when I saw where they were my first thought was, "What about the Jim Shore pieces?" Then I read your next paragraph. WHEW! That was a relief. Ha! Ha!! Here I am worrying about your decorations. What next?!
    Dayle is a keeper. He KNOWS that you're not done with Jadeite. All of your pieces are so beautiful.
    I used to collect bells and teacups and saucers, but not anymore. I gave most away when we moved and only kept 1 teacup that Dennis bought me in London that says Queen on the bottom. I kept the bells that he bought me on his travels and that the kids gave me and got rid of most of those too. Living in an RV and storing an entire house in a storage unit the size of a single car garage, I had to make many drastic decisions. I haven't missed anything yet.
    Take care. Stay home and stay safe. No visitors. I heard Oregons governor made new rules but I didn't hear what they were. I think we're getting ready to go back to Phase 2. And no travel between WA, OR and CA. This is awful.
    Hi to Dayle. When this is over, I'm coming to see you and Gracie. That's all there is to it! I miss you girls.

  9. Love the trees and cottages on the mantel it looks very special. Your collection has grown very quickly and looks amazing, I love the effect of black light. I am a collector of all things vintage related to crafting and have an eclectic mix of wonders around the cottage. It is our wedding anniversary today so we plan to have a nice meal together and maybe a walk. (39 years)

  10. Wow that is some collection:). Love the cactus flowers too, mine are coming out as well. Have a great weekend. B x

  11. I had no idea jadite came in so many different things. Those trees are fabulous. Araignee

  12. I love your collections. I have a wonderful collection of rose medallion dishes. I do use them occasionally.

  13. You house is just so cute and cozy looking! I don't have any collections at this time because I am trying to declutter as I see a downsizing move for me in the next couple of years. I love seeing your collections though and you even use what you've collected so it isn't that they just sit collecting dust:)

  14. Such pretty china and beautifully displayed on your dresser.

  15. Not the least bit bored! I love that you have a black light. We have some, too, and a geiger counter which is quite the thing to bring out for company... it simply loves green glass ware! I happen to collect milk glass, thanks to a small inheritance many years ago. Before Martha S wrote it up in her magazine, it was the most affordable treat in the world to collect. In my early twenties I so longed to have lots of pieces, and now, suddenly I'm in my fifties, and lucky as can be, for I have managed to amass a good haul! Will you share the newsletter somewhere I can enjoy it? I pass my time making believe I live in Oregon, and frequent the Columbia River Gorge, stopping to visit all the falls, and hike the beautiful trails.

  16. I liked seeing your sweet face peeking in the mirror of those mantel photos. I like how you display items from Dayle's service and noted the helicopter photo on the wall that reminded me of the story you shared about his injury during the Vietnam war.
    Your jadeite collection is amazing - growing and glowing! So lovely!
    My Christmas cactus has started blooming also. Here come the Holidays!!...

  17. Dear Teresa, it is só lovely to read your blogs!! They always brighten up my days! Although I am a happely retired kindergärtnerin and there is nothing to complain about! I help out schools in 1, 2 and 3 degree and love it! Looking at your jadeit collection I would love to collect as well. But vintage sales are cancelled, for we have covid 19 as well. So I enjoy yours!! Love to you and Dayle, Janneke, Netherlands! <3

  18. Your collection is amazing! So many interesting pieces. I am intrigued by the Westmorland pieces, the old name for the area where I live is Westmorland....I wonder if there is a connection? Your wee houses are delightful, a perfect match for your trees.

  19. That's quite the collection of jadeite pieces. I have quite the collection of mugs and Precious Moments figurines and Lilliput houses/churches...I enjoy them all. I am getting rid of a few things in these collections, some PM I have had out of sight for awhile. I am working on downsizing. Here and there! We went stayed indoors Sat as it was raining most of the day. I did some cleaning in a room that needs things rearranged in there after the boxes were taken out after shower flooded the room. Always something to do, now that I am not working any more, for now. Have a good week!


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