Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Girl's Lunch and Honoring Veterans

Yesterday we hosted a birthday lunch to celebrate my younger sister's big day.  Our honorary sister Shirley was with us.  Dayle made homemade beef stew, Shirley brought broccoli salad and we had rosemary artisan bread.  It was delish!

I set the table with my Jadeite dishes.  We tried a different method of making the stew.  He used the Instant Pot to cook the meat quicker and it turned out so tender - and cooked the veggies in beef broth on the stove.  He added the beef in with the cooked veg, I sprinkled in some Worcestershire, gave it a stir and boom.. perfect for a cold fall day.

After lunch we retired to the living room to visit and watch Denise open her gifts.  I surprised her with a pottery mug to match the soup bowls she bought when she visited us at the beach.  Shirley gave her a cookbook and a little bowl.  A wonderful visit.

I had to show you the glass dome cake stand cover I found on FB Marketplace for just $5.  They go for 10 times that so it was worth a trip to the countryside of Vancouver, WA to pick it up.  After we got that we had lunch at Sonic drive-in, then a trip to Costco to stock up and a stop at Fred Meyer to load up a grocery order.  Whew!

Now I want to take this time honor all our service men and women on Veterans Day.  They risked their lives for their country so that we could live free and safe.  

My Dad Wallace (Wally) served in the Marines, he went in on the first wave of Iwo Jima during WWII fighting against the Japanese after they bombed Pearl Harbor in Hawaii.

Here is a frame of medals my dad earned during his time in the service.

I am proud of my husband Dayle for serving in the US Army during the Viet Nam war. He was shot on May 3, 1968 while flying above the jungle near Khe Sanh, it shattered his femur, his leg actually flew up into his face and the inside of the cabin was covered in blood.  He miraculously set the copter down after he flew out of the area where he was shot.  Another copter came in behind him and rescued him and two crewmen, a door gunner and observer.  He was seen by the Air Force medical team and they did what they could and then he was flown out to a hospital ship and was worked on by Navy doctors who saved his leg.  Then he was flown to Da Nang and put on an aircraft to go to Japan where additional surgeries were performed and then because of overcrowding they sent him to back to the US and ended up in Madigan Hospital near Tacoma WA where he was in traction for 5 or 6 months.

Here is a photo of Dayle from his flight school days.

Here is a frame of Dayle's medals, he was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross, The Air Medal, Purple Heart and others.

That's it for today.  Thank you to all of you who have left supportive comments on my blog posts this week.  It's been a stressful time here and it's not over yet.  I won't feel really safe and confidant until the inauguration.  Two more months to get through.  Wish us luck that things will smooth out for all.  
((hugs)), Teresa :-)  


  1. πŸƒπŸ‚πŸŽΆHappy Birthday, DeniseπŸŽΆπŸ‚πŸƒ I enjoyed the celebration you showed at your home, Teresa...a good use of your jadeite dishes, too. I am grateful to your family members and all those who have served our country for our protection and the cause of peace. ((hugs))

  2. How lovely to see Dayle's medals, you must be very proud of him. And great to see the photos of him as well. I'm glad you had your sister and friend over for lunch, it's so good to see people at the moment isn't it. Lunch looks absolutely delicious. I love the cake stand and cover - so much better than cling film! And an absolute bargain at $5. CJ xx

  3. What lovely photos! And all those! You must be so proud. Araignee

  4. I didn't know your Dayle was shot! OH my gosh. Please tell him thank you for your service . But that seems inadequate!!!! How hard for you!

  5. Visitors must feel so welcome in your warm and cozy home. Want to send Dayle a Thank You for his service. I finally made a memory shadow box of my husband metals from his military career. Just wish I had my Dad metals etc, my brother has them packed away :(

    1. Hi, you can get replacement medals through the branch he served in and you can put them in a shadow box frame and hang on your wall. They should get them for you for free. Your representative, senator or veterans group might help you.

  6. I enjoyed being part of your ladies luncheon celebrating Denise's birthday. I remember the lovely lunches we had at your house and I really miss those days. I think we may be headed for another lockdown before long. I honestly think we need one and apparently we NEED to be made to stay home for a time to beat this nasty virus. I haven't gone many places anyway but I've decided I'm not going anywhere for awhile. My Dr. appointments are done until the new year and I have no reason to go out. I'll get groceries through Walmart pick-up. We'll do without what they don't have.
    It was good to ready again this year about your men and their service. Piper sent a text to both of her Grandpa's at 6:00 this morning, thanking them for their service as Veteran's. She sent them a really cute photo of herself that Mandy took just before school. She was dressed in red, white and blue, "for her Grandpa's." Apparently that's what she told her teacher. What a sweetie.
    Blessings and love,

  7. Very interesting post thank you for sharing these emotive details with us. Really impressive display of medals Teresa.How proud you must be of your father and your husband's service to his country!! Dayle does look handsome in his military portrait photo. It is indeed our duty to never forget what our servicemen and women have done for us and for the generations to come! keep well Amanda x

  8. Lovely that you were able to celebrate your sister's birthday in person. I honestly haven't seen and sat with anyone in many, many months, except my husband, of course. I did see a former co-worker walking the other evening so stopped to chat with her for about 10 minutes which was nice. My brother's birthday is on Veterans Day so it's always easy to remember both. Take care.

  9. A wonderful tribute to both your dear Dad and Dayle, a remarkable service. Both Gerard and I served in the military I served for 8 years and Gerard did his full service 22 years so we always like to attend or take part in a local service. Sadly this year due to the pandemic they were all cancelled so we stood at the doorstep and observed the two minute silence along with all our neighbours. It as nice to look back on our service and pay tribute to lost comrades.
    By the way the recipe I use for my lemon drizzle cake is the Mary Berry one, hope that helps. The beef casserole looks delicious.

  10. That stew looks really delicious and it's perfect as the weather gets more chilly! Poor Dayle suffered such a terrible injury and it is amazing he was able to survive and keep his leg. Please thank him for his service.
    COVID numbers are climbing again - please stay safe, Teresa!

  11. What a lovely post, Teresa! A beautiful tribute to your Dad and Dayle. Blessings to all of our servicemen and women. Thank you to Dayle for his service. I'm so glad he was able to survive such a horrible time. Take care and stay safe, my friend.

  12. Happy birthday Denise. Special days to reflect I thank my Grandfathers and Dad. You always do a lovely tribute πŸ™‚

  13. Excellent post regarding the Vets in your family. Love to hear about that subject. Dayle has cooking skills! Keep it up. Happy Birthday Denise, a very enjoyable day with friends. Your birthday meal looked so yummy.

  14. Happy Birthday to your sister Denise! You are so lucky to be able to meet family and friends indoors, a birthday present in itself. Birthday lunch looks delicious, stew is just right for this time of year, isn't it? It is a stew kind of day here today but unfortunately no stew in the making because the fridge and pantry are bare. Have a lovely weekend xx

  15. Dayle's beef stew looks delicious!! I want to reach through the computer screen to sample it - lol. so nice that you could get together with your sister to celebrate her birthday. Not sure if we will keep our Thanksgiving plans (going somewhere) or not...this next wave is pretty scary.

  16. Hello Teresa. Lovely post. The stew looks delicious and so pleased you could get together. (We can't do that at the moment that's OK though)
    Always love your tribute to the Veterans and Dayle. I am always thankful for all the sacrifices the forces have made and that I have not had to see my sons go to war. Though I fear for our eldest, a Consultant Anaesthetist and on the front line here in fight to look after people during this dreadful virus.
    I hope that things will settle soon re the election. Take care, stay safe. Anne x

  17. Your lunch looks wonderful and so nice to see you getting together with friends/loved ones. I know you are proud of your dad and Dayle's service. My dad served in the Air Force for 30 years and my husband was in the Army. Thanks for linking up and stay well!


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