Friday, February 26, 2021

Daffs Survive the Snow

Hello friends, how are you doing?  The thing I waited to tell you about was that I was heading out to get my Covid-19 vaccine!  It was fast, friendly and painless - except for the 1 second zing from the needle.  I am also not having any pain in my arm or any other side effect.

Dayle took my iPhone out and snapped a few photos for me this morning when he walked Mocha.  I'm so happy that the daffodils seemed to survive the snow and freezing temperatures of last week!

I ordered some new daffodils which we planted in this big pot.  One of them is a large, white one called Mount Hood and Pacific Rim which is yellow with an orange ring around the trumpet part.  

Some daffs under our Japanese Lace Leaf Maple tree.

He noted that the lilacs are budding out.  Yay!

Our Snowdrops are in perfect prime all around the farm.  They were open on Wednesday but are closed up today.

We have several fancy daffodils under my dark purple lilac and they are up.  

This is behind the shed and garage - a big patch and you can see the last of a snowdrift there.

This was taken to show that the white Azalea is budding out, look at the lichen and moss on it.

Even the roses are ready for Spring!

This bargain lamp has joined the collection and I am not sure where it will go.. either in our den or my bedside table.  Hmmm.

3 more rows on the Meadow blanket, I really do like the colors in this.

Our son Travis is improving each day.  Kristi is taking excellent care of him and he is calling her his angel.  Aww.  Sweet.  Thanks again for all your wonderful support, thoughts and prayers.  Our family appreciates you very much.

I also want to thank those of you who take the time to leave a thoughtful comment.  I got a really nasty one today, which I promptly deleted.  Thankfully those are rare.  But it made me value those of you who are NICE all the more.  :-)
((hugs)), Teresa :-)  


  1. Teresa...a nasty comment... really!! sigh!! So very glad your son is doing well..with all his family's love and support he is bound to get better soon! Sensational lamp...what a fabulous collection you have now. The blanket is looking really lovely and actually it does look nice too on that chair. Have you planned where you are going to put it? Lucy the Queen of colour is a marvel she has such eye for colour! Wonderful pictures of all the spring flowers it wont be long before your garden will be a mass of colour again. I look forward to the photos of your spring which I hope you will be sharing with us. Very glad to hear you have had your vaccination and all went well. keep well Amanda x

  2. So glad that Travis is improving each day, that is fantastic news, I really am so pleased. Sorry to hear you got a nasty comment, I really can't imagine what people get from that sort of behaviour. Your garden is looking glorious in the sunshine. Spring has suddenly arrived here as well in the last week. Yesterday and today were so sunny and it is all birdsong and blossom outside. Very happy to hear you have had the vaccine and that you didn't have any side effects. Also good news! I hope you and Dayle have a good weekend. We are still in lockdown over here, but the children will go back to school in a week and a half - this will be the start of the end of lockdown I think. CJ xx

  3. Teresa,
    I can imagine the beauty your eyes will feast upon as soon as the daffodils bloom! I can't wait to se pictures. I watch a show called "Home Town" - it's about a quaint Mississippi town called Laurel and a couple, Ben and Erin, who remodel its old homes. Well, Erin brought in some Jadeite plates into one of the homes she remodeled - it reminded me of you.
    I am very happy to hear your son is recovering well in the loving company of his caring wife. Pay no mind to haters - life is beautiful and you live it well. Thank you for all you do to brighten our days. Hugs.

  4. Thank you so much for letting us know how he is doing. The thoughts and prayers are continuing to fly in your direction. I love the new lamp and that blanket is gorgeous. So happy you were able to get the vaccine, one more shot and in a few weeks you will be much safer. Stay safe Teresa.

  5. Nice to hear about your son. Hope he is back to work soon. Love your pix today!

  6. I love your throw. It’s so good to hear Travis is much better. I always think of Diane Tribes daffodil field. It’s long gone but I loved going there and buying her grab bag of bulbs. She had a Mt. Hood one. My favorite was a pink and white one called

  7. Yay to jab and mega yay to thise daffodils AND snowdrops ❤❤ Nasty comments are not needed in our lives. Much love and hugs to you Teresa Dayle Travis Kristi Hayden Caleb ❤❤❤❤❤❤ and all of your family xoxoxo Feel like I have met them 🌞🌞

  8. Glad to hear you got vaccinated without any problems! I got notice last week that I can schedule to get vaccinated thanks to my 70th birthday!😊 I enjoyed seeing the hopeful signs of Spring on the farm, the beautiful blanket progress, the pretty bargain lamp; and I continue to celebrate the wonderful news that Travis is healing in the loving care of Kristi and your family, dear Teresa and Dayle. πŸ’žπŸ™

  9. Awesome stuff with the vaccination. Super awesome that Travis is recovering well and Kristi certainly is keeping her man safe. Nasty thing to delete...some people dont know how to live and let live....we dont all have to agree with all things - thats what makes people interesting, but certainly dont have to be rude....
    Hugs to all from all of us

  10. I'm so glad to hear about Travis. Would you please say hello to him and Kristi for us and tell him we're praying for him?
    I had a couple of nasty comments last week too and promptly deleted them. I refuse to give them any of my energy.
    Love the new lamp. I need to get a few for the new house. I need a floor lamp by my knitting chair and I gave mine to our old neighbors...along with the chair! We wired the money and signed the papers on the house yesterday. It will be officially ours on Tuesday!
    Today I heard about some appointments available online so I went on at 5:30 tonight and got Dennis an appointment for his first shot on Monday afternoon. It will be the phizer vaccine. I can't wait for us both to have it. I'll feel much safer, especially about our trips too and from Nebraska.
    You are going to have some beautiful flowers very soon. I can't believe the snow and ice didn't hurt them but I'm sure glad it didn't. It's snowing here again right now. It never ends!
    Take care and our love to all of you.
    Blessings and hugs,

  11. Good to hear Travis is improving each day, that must ease your worry. Great news on the jab. We're all getting there slowly but surely, one jab at a time! xx

  12. Thrilled you have had the vaccine, it must give you some peace of mind. Both Gerard and I have had ours, and we feel a little better about going out once we are able. Thrilled Travis is doing so well, he has been in our prayers. You are loved, just ignore nasty comments. Have a great weekend.

  13. Your blanket is a stunner Teresa! So joyful. Glad Travis continues to improve - such good news. I have not noticed our daffodils or snowdrops yet, but our lilac has buds (leaves I'm sure) and Monday it will be March! Spring will be here soon. Enjoy the weekend!

  14. Dear Teresa, I am sorry to hear about the nasty comment! Who would do such a thing? Thank you for letting me take part in your comments! I am very much enjoying it! You are such a nice lady! I love the other comments as well and read the other blogs! What a lovely pictures of your promising garden! They brighten up some onces mind! I only have a very small garden at the front and the back of the house, mine is in a row, but I am very happy I have a little place of my own in the snow or the sun! Or in the rain, that is... :-) Good thing you had your vaccination and the second will follow soon! It gives you more freedom to move around. I am only 62, so I have to wait a bit longer. Oh, well, just use my own common sence! ;-) Have a nice day, stay safe, you and Dayle, Travis and his family, love, Janneke.

  15. Well done on the vaccination and glad no side effects. Good too about your son. Lovely to see all the signs of spring. Blue sky here too. Have a good weekend. B x

  16. That is a lovely blanket! Good news about Travis - sending healing thoughts for continued improvement! Your gardens will be outstanding for Spring with all of those lovely blooms coming up! Thanks for posting!

  17. I can't wait to see those daffodils blooming, what a show it will be. Ours bloomed here on the Central Coast of California in December and January and are done now. Did you see Lucy's edging this morning for the afghan, so pretty too. I'm so sorry about the nasty comment which you received. We all need to be offering support and care for each other not the reverse. Peace to you and Dayle this fine weekend.

  18. Hello Teresa. Good news re your son. Can't understand people leaving nasty comments. Best ignored. The farm looks lovely. Lots of signs of spring here, lovely sunshine today, we spent a little time in the garden, tidying up after winter. Our son and family called by, we are not allowed to get together yet.
    The lamp is magnificent.The blanket gorgeous. Take care. Anne x

  19. You??? You got a nasty comment? I come to your blog because when I read it, I feel peace and contentment. I love to see what you're making, and although I know nothing about Jadeite, I like your enthusiasm about it. You have a wonderful blog that nobody should be complaining about! Some people just need to be mean and I'm sorry you had to deal with that. Great hearing that Travis is on the mend!

  20. I got my pneumonia shot Friday at my Dr's appt I usually have 2x a year. It hurts a but its ok. One I was supposed to get last year. Glad Travis is better and Kristi helping him. I know a few people that had covid and they made it thru it. Yeah!! My blue jeans plant is starting to bloom. It was blooming when I bought it last year but then I almost destroyed it with not enough water or too much water. Sigh! I get weird comments a few times. Delete. I hope you feel blessed by good readers who comment kindly. God bless you my friend. ×------× :-}

  21. I can't believe our daffodils survived all that ice too! Your blanket is lovely. Those spring colors make me so happy! Araignee

  22. dear teresa, i don't even "know" you and and you are one of the nicest people i know!! i'm sorry you get a bad comment occasionally. people can be terrible and i don't understand them at all sometimes.
    i am so glad to hear that your son is improving and has a wonderful nurturing partner to care for him.
    peace and love from pdx where my daffodils survived the snow and ice and are in bloom!!

  23. I am just always shocked by coastal weather on both sides of our country. we are knee deep in snow still. I just shoveled out a big ugly batch of sunflower shells. They shall help the forest now. The no mess is more expensive....I'll have to look up if there are any earthly benefits to those shells decaying.

    Your blanket is amazing. I love it Teresa.

    I am thrilled you got your vaccine. Please pray ours are soon. Everyone who gets the vaccine while we wait, makes me more hopeful that less people will contract COvid.

    Hooray for Kristi ,yet again. So happy your son is going to recover beautifully because of his family!!!

  24. Hola querida amiga, feliz de tu hijo. saludes desde Costa Rica

  25. Glad Travis is improving. Long may it continue!
    Some people are just downright nasty, and they think it's ok to write anything online as it's anonymous. Take no notice.
    I've been crocheting the Meadow blanket too, just the border left to do. I've never done a CAL before, so I've found it really good to keep me occupied during the dark January evenings.
    I have snowdrops, pink and white hellebores and crocuses all flowering, and daffodils poking up through the ground. Isn't Nature wonderful! Take care and stay safe.


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