Monday, March 1, 2021

Spring Preview

I just walked out on the deck in my stocking feet and it's warm and fresh and wonderful!  The yard does need a fair bit of clean-up but it's still so promising.  

I even found a daffodil opening up!  

I leaned over the deck railing and snapped a photo of our big patch of Snowdrops all opened up and enjoying the sunshine.  

I ordered 3 hummingbird nests that I saw on Amazon, Dayle hung this one up in the white lilac tree.  I hope the hummers make nests in them to raise their babies.  

Chef Dayle produced a gourmet meal for us yesterday.  Medallions of beef tenderloin, steamed asparagus and baked potato with garlic herb sour cream.

I got more stripes done on the 3rd series of colors on my Meadow blanket over the weekend.  Miss Mocha decided to cuddle up with me while I worked.

I have an appointment for my 2nd Covid shot in a few weeks.  I am looking forward to being protected from the plague.  

Our son Travis is still improving.  Kristi has him using the treadmill, eating more healthy and doing heart healthy things.  Again, thank you to all of you who've kept him in your thoughts and prayers.  

How was your weekend?  ((hugs)), Teresa :-)  


  1. Fantastic that Travis is on the treadmill, it sounds as if his recovery is going really well. I love the pink colours in your blanket, so pretty. Asparagus is delicious isn't it, always such a treat. A good weekend here thank you, with loads of sun. I pottered about in the garden a bit and mended some broken terracotta pots and repotted a few things. Still lots to do though. CJ xx

  2. Wonderful that Travis continues to improve. Blessings abound!! We don't have flowers showing here yet...but soon, I'm sure. A friend gifted us two of those hummingbird nests at Christmas! I'm hoping the birds will put them to use. We did see a hummingbird nest (so, so tiny!!) in our crepe myrtle last year. Your dinner looks delicious and your blanket continues to be a joyful thing Teresa. Happy March!!

  3. Oh, how lovely it is to see signs of spring! We are still covered in snow, in fact, it snowed this morning! But the longer days are so welcome... thoughts of seeds and playing in the garden dirt are more and more frequent!

  4. So glad that you are receiving warm weather. It's nice, isn't it?! We ended up with 6 inches of rain last night. Lots of flooding, as you can imagine. I might have to get a couple of those hummingbird nests. Still glad to hear Travis is doing well.

  5. I am so relieved and happy for you! We are still in the shrinking snow and blowing winds phase. Someone said Northern Lights today on the news but they NEVER really seem to be visible. We are in a dark area, and I'd Love t see them, but beginning to think we just have to go much farther north.

  6. Oh lovely Teresa and a daffodil Kristi sure is an angel and go Travis. Sweet Mocha. Been doing some sewing and low carb eating lol

  7. New Life! It was so beautiful today... different than a few weeks ago! I turned all of my calendars, put away the red and white check tablecloth and brought out the green and white check tablecloth. It is lovely to see your first sunshiny opened Daffodil, your pretty blanket progress, sweet Mocha, and to know that Kristi and Travis are doing so well! I made my first attempt to get scheduled for the vaccine the moment I have a good case of Spring Fever! 😊((hugs)) πŸ™

  8. Thrilled Travis is doing so well, he remains in my prayers. That meal from Chef Dayle looks delicious, yummy! Spring makes such a different to our mood, so nice to see the snowdrops and daffodils.

  9. Spring! If it ever stops raining here I am hoping to get out and see how the bulbs are doing. Those first crocuses are always a treat. Araignee

  10. What a lovely, sunny pictures of your charming farm! So nice to feel some sun on your skin, isn't it? Mocha is a cuty! And your blanket is so nice and colourful! Good to hear Travis is getting better every day! In the Netherlands we now see more and more people above a certain age in the streets, in the sunshine! So happy to have their vaccin and to be able to go out! As for today, we are still in lockdown, but from tomorrow we can make appointments to visit shops, for ten or fifteen minutes! So I already planned the hairdresser, the yarnshop (fr.) and the discountshop. At the moment I am crocheting the smallest cloths for my tiny vintage dolls, need my glasses, :-) and some cupcakes. Not the good scale for the doll house, but nice give-aways! Lots of love, Janneke.

  11. Slowly but surely the snow is finally melting here. I am enjoying the signs of spring and the sighting of some birds! Good news about Travis - tell him to keep up the good work!
    No vaccine appointments available here yet...

  12. Good morning Teresa! I'm sorry I'm so late visiting your blog but the internet here has been down until just about 10 minutes ago. I can't comment on my phone or iPad for some reason so I had to wait.
    It's SO good to hear that Travis is doing well. I know that Kristi is taking wonderful care of him. We're just going to keep on praying.
    So far Dennis hasn't had any side effects from his vaccine. I'll talk to him in about half an hour and find out how he is today. I want to get mine so badly.
    We closed officially on the house this morning, although they had the money and paperwork last Thursday so this is just the "official" date. Mandy is having the locks changed on Thursday and is going to choose a paint color for us and meet with the painter to get it done before we go back in May. If I can get the vaccine and weather cooperation, I may drive back before that to do some little things and see the inside!
    Take care my dear friend and enjoy the beautiful weather.

  13. Such promising news to see daffodils, Teresa. And even better news to read about your Travis. Chef Dayle certainly spoils you with wonderful meals. We received our second vaccine a week ago Saturday. I'm so thankful and can't wait for herd immunity to bring our world back to some normalcy.

  14. I am so relieved for you and your family that your son is progressing well. I thoroughly enjoy these signs of spring on your homestead; gorgeous photos especially of the snowdrops. I wish we got humming birds here they really are the daintiest of birds and I hope you do get chicks in those nests. That will be a sight to see :-) Such a scrumptious meal! keep well Amanda x


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