Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Fish Count

We have had a few lovely warm days and so yesterday we were out enjoying our deck and Dayle took the koi protecting screens off our fish pond and we were taking stock of how our koi survived the winter.  Happily our biggest one, Keiko, was out swimming.  (For newer readers, a Great Blue Heron was trying to eat all our koi last fall!)

We went into the winter with 4 fish, the big one and 3 smaller ones we got a year or so ago.  We'd only seen one since the heron began stalking them.  I whooped with happiness when I saw Tiger come out and swim!

We tossed some koi food in to begin their spring growth.  They don't eat all winter, isn't that odd?

Then look!  Pierre came out of hiding!  He's the multi-colored one on the left with a little black marking on his head that looks like a black beret.  :-)

The only one missing was Ashley (the gray one) and imagine how happy I was to see him finally emerge and swim with the rest.  :-)

The whole school of fish made it through the winter.  I'm so pleased.  The bad part is what to do to keep them safe.  Always having the unattractive screens over the pond?  Hope for the best and remove them?  24 hour armed guards?  What to do.  We have a lot of clean-up to do, but it will happen.

Our first daffodil to bloom!  πŸ’šπŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ’›πŸ’š

And then the 2nd one to bloom.. both have been brought in to enjoy right by the side of my easy chair.  :-)

Our little hummingbird nest we hung, the last photo did not show the opening, Dayle turned it so you could see it.  :-)  I will be keeping an eye out to see if they adopt it and use it.

This patch of daffs will be popping open soon!

A shot of the farmyard with a beautiful blue sky.  So promising!

We had surprise visitors this morning!  Travis and Kristi were out and about, he had a blood test done.  So, they drove on out to see us.  It was wonderful to see our son doing so much better!  They had gone to visit the paramedics who helped save him to say thank you.  What a scary time for us all.

I hope you are all well and getting your Covid-19 vaccine soon!  Dayle has had both shots and I've had one, my next one is in 3 weeks.  Have a super week!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-)  


  1. Teresa,
    Keiko, Tiger, Pierre and Ashley look so healthy and happy in their spring pool.
    Maybe a natural reed screen (more attractive than a metal one) will help protect them from predatory birds.
    The daffodils are gorgeous _ I wish they would grow in Florida, but it's too warm for daffodils :( I hope you get hummingbirds soon - can't wait.
    Glad to hear your son and daughter in law came to visit - Wishing many blessings to all.

  2. Yay visit from Travis and Kristy ❤❤ Fish surviving awesome and oh I do love Daffodils. Inhave separated mine ready for spring lol Going into Autumn.

  3. Hi how lovely that Kristy and Travis came to see you. Love daffodils. Today has been grey, cold and wet here. We are waiting for our 2nd jabs now. Long for some normality.Five months since we were able to visit our eldest and only doorstep visits from youngest. :-( Some restrictions lifting soon. Take care. Anne x

  4. So glad all of your fish survived the winter. I hope you can figure out a way to keep them safe. How wonderful that Travis and Kristy came to visit. It surely must have done your heart good to see them.

  5. When I was out doing some errands today I was startled to still see some little piles of snow left from the big storm, because it was so warm and bright today! Your swimming fish family and your sunny Daffodils certainly cheer my thoughts toward Spring, as well, and I celebrate that Travis and Kristi were able to visit you today. Joy!!!❤️πŸ˜ƒπŸ™

  6. Lots of happy news today. Travis doing so well and even out and about visiting. Daffodils and your fish family all surviving the winter and cold. Yippee! I'm so glad things are looking up and only one more vaccination for you two. Good news all around.
    Dennis did fine with his vaccination and will have his second one 3 weeks afterwards. I still can't get an appointment but I'm on a waiting list to be called if a clinic has leftover vaccine.

  7. Thrilled the koi survived the Winter, that is wonderful. Beautiful daffodils, one of my favourite Spring flowers. How lovely that Travis and Kristi dropped in to see you, and so good to hear he is doing so well.

  8. Your little pond with the fish is wonderful ... Hopefully you can find a solution to keep them safe from the gray herons ... maybe a roof made of natural materials. Your daffodils are beautiful ... here comes the first green of the tulips and daffodils out of the ground ... have a wonderful time now that everything is growing and flourishing. My husband got the two corona vaccinations ... I have to wait, hope I'll be there soon. Warm regards to you.

  9. I am sad to say my favorite at our community koi pond did not make it through the winter. I searched and searched for "Goldie" but she wasn't there. I am going to miss her. She was really beautiful. Araignee

  10. Good news about your koi but I feel your anguish at the best way to protect them. So pleased that Travis is out and about again. Bet that is such a relief for you. Spring is coming in your garden , lovely to see the daffodils. Enjoy the rest of your week. B x

  11. Glad your fish survived! There is lots of advice on how to protect your pond from the heron if you google it! Nets, decoys, sensors, mirrors... Good luck finding what works best for you.
    I got my first dose of the vaccine yesterday (a surprise when I stopped at my Walgreens to get my meds - they had an extra dose which they let me have!)
    Good news about Travis - you just want to hug him all the time, I bet!

  12. Lovely that Travis and Kristi popped in to see you and that he was able to go out. It really sounds as if he is doing very well, I'm so very glad. Great to see your fish enjoying the sun. The water is beautifully clear. Difficult to know what to do to keep them safe though. Your garden looks very pretty in the spring sunshine. CJ xx

  13. Dear Teresa, what a lovely surprise, the visit of Travis and Kristi!! So happy he is much better! I like your fish, I hope that heron won't have another chance! Hope he will understand thΓ‘t fish are yours! Doesn't the daffodils look amazing in the bright green jadeite vase? The few daffodils that grow in my garden, will stay put, I buy mine in the supermarket, twice a week since Xmas! Yesterday I went out shopping in the discountstore for ten minutes, it was like a birthdayparty!! :-) Just now I came home for the hair dresser, who was closed for three months! And tomorrow I have an appointment in the yarn shop. I always feel like a kid in a sweetshop, when I get there. Everything has been closed for three months, so spring is really like a waking up!! Stay safe, lots of love, Janneke.

  14. Oh your best visitors!!!!!! Hooray.
    And i am bonding with the fish. Pleas put up the screens. Those predators are serious.
    I love your daffodils

  15. This afternoon I visited my favourite yarnshop! She let me browse twice the time, but I bought for a lot of money! :-) Found all the yarn for the meadow blanket, so I can make a start! Keeps me from making a mess of my home! For that is what I do since the day I retired! Lol. and love!

  16. I can just imagine how you held your breath as you waited for your fish to appear. It is so good to see they have survived the winter. Beautiful daffodil...that is a perfect picture. Your living room looks so cosy with that burner on and how pretty the Meadow blanket is on the back of the chair. So pleased to hear Travis is now able to visit you; such a relief for you to see his health is improving. Take care Amanda x

  17. Hooray for fish that have survived the winter! Now to survive hungry blue herons. I am hoping to get on the vaccine list for healthcare providers soon. I know many therapists who have gotten their shots already but I did not want to jump in line when others needed it so much, now that there is more being produced I feel like I am ready to get it. Stay safe.

  18. Glad to see that the Koi survived the winter. They would worry me to death! lol Also glad to hear that Travis and Kristi stopped by to visit. Wonderful that he is making a good recovery! Thanks for linking up.


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