Friday, March 5, 2021

Mount Hood and St. Patricks

Our Mt. Hood is looking lovely with fresh snow atop her peaks.  Dayle took our car for servicing yesterday and on his way home snapped a few shots with our big camera.  Isn't she pretty?

The bigger Lumix has a nice zoom on it.  Here is the icy top of the mountain.

This shot shows the green fields below.

This image shows the Sandy River which is fed from the mountain snowmelt and of course, rainfall.  This is the same river which flows near our home.  :-)  See how it curves in a big horseshoe shape?

Once home he decided to light our big burn pile and watched it from the perch of his tractor.

When I got the shot of him and his fire from the deck with the zoom I shot this one of the chickens enjoying their yard.

I added a few new tiny jadeite things to the little cabinet and filled the drawer with the teensy silverware.

I don't think there is room for any more additions.  :-)

I put out my St. Patrick's decor, which is not much, but I enjoy celebrating the holidays during the year.  I plan for us to make some corned beef and cabbage on St. Patty's day, too.

I think my little lamb with the top hot is new from last year.

This little couple are my favorites, she has a basket full of shamrocks and he is carrying some sparkly ones, too.  And of course their pet lamb.

We are watching a series called "The Discovery of Witches" and ohhh my goodness.. it's good!  This is an image from the show last night, an exceptionally good episode.  It's on AMC +.  I don't want to tell you too much about it but suffice it to say, it's about witches and vampires but done in a beautifully period and extravagantly filmed way.  I highly recommend it.

Do you have any interesting plans for the weekend?  We have none but I do foresee some crocheting and enjoying the fireside of our home.  Maybe a scenic drive?  ((hugs)), Teresa :-)  


  1. A scenic drive sounds lovely. We're still in lockdown here, haven't seen any scenery in ages! Gorgeous pictures of the mountain and river. I know I've said it before but you really do live in the most beautiful spot. Hope you have a lovely weekend. No particular plans here. Work to be done and I shall try and fit in a little pottering in the garden. CJ xx

  2. Love all of your St. Patricks decor and you still have some room on top of that tiny cabinet for more goodies. :-)
    We are planning to sort through things in storage and start loading things into the truck that we'll need at the house when we go in May. It's supposed to rain tomorrow though, so it may have to wait. I also have to take a reconnaisance trip downtown to find the vaccine place for me. I got my first shot scheduled for Monday morning! Yay! Dennis's mom got her second one today so we'll all be vaccinated which is a big relief.
    Have a wonderful weekend Teresa. Hugs to Mocha and Dayle too.

  3. What lovely photos of the mountain! What scenery!
    I tried to order a corned beef yesterday for our pickup today but they want $23 for one. The Mister will have to do without this year. I did get a Araignee

  4. Dear Teresa, what a lovely pictures of your mountain, glowing in the sun! I only know mountains from Switserland. For the Netherlands are flat like a pancake, apart from a few aerea's, where we have some "hills". That is an impressive tractor, Dayle is driving! Such a lovely little cabinet! And cute findings! The brave ginger cat is garding all that small jadeite treassures! I have started my meadow blanket! Very tranquelising! Lots of love, Janneke.

  5. Mt Hood looks beautiful. BTW, the books"Discovery of Witches " is great. I loved them. I wish I had AMC to watch it.

  6. Teresa, you have earned the ultimate compliment, My husband asked If I had seen the images of Mt. Hood on your post. He flipped up my computer and saw I was on your page. It is pretty stunning. Dayle is looking healthy and very much at home
    My goodness I wish our spring was closer, but I can't complain. Word is we may get a 60 in the coming week. Those occasional warm days are so refreshing. GO away now snow

  7. Gorgeous photos of Mount Hood and the countryside around you. What a beautiful area that you live in. Lots of sock knitting here this evening :) B x

  8. I read those books and the series was wonderful. Enjoy your show and your beautiful mountain.

  9. Gorgeous Mt Hood and your decorations Teresa. My Mums birthday was 17th March ❤ We just had family celebrations for Jaylen One xoxo

  10. Thursday afternoon I drove out to Sandy to help charge the car battery and I stopped at the lookout and took some photos with my cell phone. I so appreciate the beautiful zoomed in views Dayle took! I enjoy seeing Spring coming to the Kasner farm! At home here I got out my green and white check tablecloth and some springier colored pillows on the couch...Spring Fever! πŸ˜ƒ Friday and today I worked on taxes and got them submitted, picked up some donated yarn, had a Zoom meeting and look forward to online worship services tomorrow. Hope you and yours are having a happy weekend!πŸ’žπŸ™

  11. Great photos! Your Jadeite collection is just perfect for St. Patrick's Day! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  12. I just love the photos of your beautiful countryside! I finished my meadow blanket yesterday, but I did the other version. I'm making some new masks because we've had ours for a while and they've been washed over and over, so I thought it was time for some new ones. Our daffodils are still in bud. I think it's too cold for them just yet. The silver cutlery in the drawer is adorable!!! Pleased you are getting your jabs, I get my first one next week, but DH had his a couple of weeks ago as he's older than me.
    Take care. xx

  13. Mt Hood looks so beautiful. I long to see the sea and other scenery. At the moment we cannot, still in Lockdown.Our youngest granddaughter and eldest grandson returned to school today, youngest g'son goes back tomorrow and eldest g'daughter returns on Friday. We might venture to a shop this week. Take care. Anne x

  14. hi teresa
    i had a few posts to catch up on. my thoughts:
    i love the teeny tiny silverware!
    i love to see your chickens!
    i'm interested in that lovely roast chicken and gravy.
    discovery of witches looks beautiful. i am a little late in the game but have started to watch SEAL Team and i LOVE IT SO VERY MUCH.
    praise god that your son is doing better. brushes with death for our children are traumatizing and it does take a while to feel "safe" again.
    love from pdx,


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