Monday, March 29, 2021

Weekend Exploits

We had our grandsons for the weekend and wanted to take them on a fun jaunt as it's their Spring Break.  So, on a nice Saturday we headed off down the Columbia River Gorge to Cascade Locks to see the view and also to the East Wind Drive-In to get an ice cream.  After we get our cones we drive to this viewpoint to feast our eyes on the river and enjoy our ice cream.

Here is my waffle cone with chocolate soft ice cream.  :-P  The walk up window is closed but they have 2 drive thru areas and it moved along quickly.

I love their neon sign.  

The place where we have our ice cream is next to the yacht basin of the Cascade Locks Marine Park.  We kept our sailboat, Stargazer, there for 2 summers.  A great place to sail.

We then drive down to the boat launch to get a shot of the Bridge of the Gods.  :-)  This is where we put in our fishing boat and also where we launched our sailboat.

We pulled into the Multnomah Falls freeway parking lot so I could get this image of the falls.

When we pulled in at home I snapped a couple of images of the Star Magnolia as the blooms have begun to open.

Such pretty white flowers early in the Spring.

The farmhouse peeking out.

Dayle got one of those Ring doorbells that notifies you when someone is at the door.  Oh.. who is that there?  Extra security is a good thing.

Dayle made us a nice ham dinner for the boys and us on Friday.  They loved it.

Our Mt. Hood daffodil bloomed that we planted in the fall.  The trumpet part has lightened to a creamy white today.  

My friend Andrea who lives in Oklahoma sent me this card.  We met in Talk City, an internet chat community, years ago.  She lived in Hawaii, then moved to Australia and then to join her mother in OK.  She is so thoughtful and always sends seasonal cards to her friends.  I worked at Talk City as a paid host to keep the chat rooms safe and positive.  My name was TeresaCCC there.  I also was the community manager of the Local Forum where chat rooms were formed for many major cities in the US.  My job was to see that all of the rooms were hosted by fellow CCCs.  That is where I met Andrea, in Local-Phoenix.  She has actually visited us here at our home.  

Dayle baked the boys their birthday cake, my carrot cake recipe that I love.  Notice we used my jadeite baking pan?  :-)

This was our brunch yesterday for the boys and us.

The birthday boys - Hayden is turning 13 and Caleb 12 this week.  For 4 days they are the same age.  :-)

My job was to frost the cake.. cream cheese frosting of course, it has to be done just so.  I had to spread it evenly and then use the knife to create waves, just like my mom used to do.  :-)

Is it picture perfect?  LOL!

I didn't have birthday candles so used these, Caleb wondered if they were turning 2 years old, I told them no, each one gets one candle.  We sang happy birthday to them.  

I cut the cake and served them up and Dayle gave us each a scoop of vanilla ice cream to go along with it.  Yum!

They liked their gifts and I'd say we had a wonderful time with our dear grandsons.

How was your weekend?  Do share.  ((hugs)), Teresa :-)  


  1. Goodness me, they are growing fast. My youngest is between their ages - he will be 13 in the summer. The cake looks divine, I do love carrot cake, I often make it for my own birthday. Beautiful pictures from your drive, it's lovely down by the water. So nice that you could meet up and get out together and have ice-cream and things. It is the first day out of lockdown for us here. We're allowed to meet up outside in groups of 6 now. I hope you have a good week. CJ xx

  2. Happy Birthday to your darling grands! I love the cake and ice cream. I had to laugh at your candles as I have had to do something similar. I so enjoy seeing your area. It is so lovely. Topping it all odd with a big cone of ice cream, I'd say your weekend was perfect!

  3. What good days, for all, especially the birthday boys. And the carrot cake really is picture perfect!

  4. That ice cream cone!!! I've never seen anything look so yummy-well, maybe your cake. Your weekend looked wonderful. I can't wait to be able to spend time with the Grands again.

  5. ๐ŸŽถHappy Birthday, Hayden, and Caleb๐ŸŽถ Thanks for including us in some of the celebration, Teresa! I agree with Natalie that the cake is "picture perfect." I took advantage of the gorgeous weather Saturday and repotted some Primroses, and Pansies, and Dianthus out on the patio. Sunday morning I attended some online church services and in the afternoon a young friend took me to the Convention Center for my first shot of the vaccine. We had some windy rain over in our neck of the woods and our electric power was out from 7-10:30pm...a good night to go to bed early! ๐Ÿ˜ด ((hugs)) ๐Ÿ’ž

  6. Oh those boys are turning into men!! and good men they will be because of you and Dayle. Clearly they love you. I want the ham AND I must have the cake.
    The weekend felt lonely Teresa. we did talk to ALlsion at length on Sunday . I so enjoyed it. Zach sent us great photos of his tennis play and of his girlfriend. I miss my kiddos Teresa

  7. Your ice cream cone ๐Ÿฆ looks delicious. Nice drive you had with your grandsons. My oldest granddaughter will be 13 in May. Yeah time flies by fast. Nice cake and icing. I remember my mom teaching me that trick how to waves or swirls on cake icing. Looks nice!!

  8. Hayden is a teenager! Oh my goodness! Happy birthday to him and to Caleb too. How fun to get to enjoy your time with them so often. I also love seeing you use all of your jadeite. Guess what? My sister asked me if I would like to have our grandma's china! Yes! Yes! Yes! This is the grandma that taught me to crochet. I was so close to her and didn't get anything when she passed away. Somehow my sister ended up with the china and the silverware. I didn't even know it until this weekend and it was 42 years ago! My goodness. She thought I had things too. Neither of us know what happened but I'm thrilled to get it and she's happy to give it to me. I remember eating off of it with Grandma at special times.
    The view where you eat your ice cream is one of my favorites. I used to always pay the toll for the car behind me on the Bridge of the Gods. That was always fun as I could see their faces when they realized they didn't have to pay that dollar. :-)
    Thanks for all of the photos and fun in todays post Teresa. Life has taken on a hectic turn this week as I finish up all of the last minute things. And my arm really hurts tonight too. Did yours hurt too?
    Give Mocha kisses from me and tell Dayle hi from both Dennis and I. I sure wish I had time to come visit before leaving but Mom really needs me there ASAP. I was going to surprise you and Gracie with a visit this spring but I guess it wasn't meant to be. Love you both.
    Blessings and hugs,

  9. Those boys are getting BIG!!! Happy Birthday to them both. Looks like you had a lovely AND delicious weekend!! Love the water scenes. Do you miss going to the Falls on a regular basis and volunteering there?

  10. Goodness, the boys have grown! Happy Birthday to Hayden and Caleb. Carrot cake is my favourite birthday cake, I always ask for this on my own birthday.

  11. Look at those handsome, young men at that table! I know you enjoyed this time with them. Dayle seems like he is the best cook!

  12. Your handsome grand-sons look quite content about their weekend with you and the last picture mostly ! :-) What a lovely weekend for you. I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing these wonderful photos of your excursion to Cascades Lock and to the falls. A huge river, something you just don't see here! I was practically drooling when I saw that enormous ice-cream it looks delicious. The birthday cake looks marvellous;cream cheese frosting my favourite ... mmm :-) keep well Amanda x

  13. Those special grandsons so handsome happy birthday to them. Beautiful photos Teresa xoxo


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