Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Daffodil Bonanza

More varieties of daffodils have bloomed.  I need to count how many different ones I have.  These have a pink hue.

I remember buying a package of pink ones, this is one that was in that group.  Reminds me of salmon.

And this one with the darker rimmed trumpet.

This one was also in the pink group, a doubled one.  I've decided I'm not a fan of the overly ruffled ones as they don't look like daffodils

I keep track of the lilacs, this is my white bush, the bloom will be soon!

And the dark purple one.

Our first tulip bloomed.. we actually don't have many of them, I might need to remedy that.

Here is our dining table with no holiday decorations on it.  LOL!  

Dayle brought home a potted lily before Easter and it just bloomed.  So pretty.

When my daughter moved to Ohio I adopted a couple plants, this Bird of Paradise did not thrive where I had it for years and was in very poor condition, so we put it out on the deck a few years ago to see if it would rally and that is just what it did.  When we brought it back in we put it in a sunny window and it has continued to flourish.

This is the newest leaf.  I would love it if it bloomed!

And here I am in my easy chair, blogging on my laptop and enjoying my view of the dining room.

That's my latest.. what's new with you?
((hugs)), Teresa :-)  


  1. Such a lovely variety of daffodils! I've got some ruffly white ones that just opened up and they are very unusual. I also don't remember planting them but there is quite a herd out there so I must have at some time.

  2. This morning I had some leaves poking up but no flowers yet. Yours are lovely, thank you for sharing springtime with us!

  3. Nice daffodils you have. I have a few that are still blooming. I was going to take care of plants outside today but it was cold. So much different than Tues. I didn't even need to wear a coat at all while out and about. I think I did get side tracked as I goofed off too much then went to do a couple things. Newest thing for me is that this my first month of retirement. A way to get month every month, as we need it. Roofs on house and garage need taken care of. Pay down credit card bills to zero!!! Take care and be happy!!! :-} x******x

  4. Fabulous view from that chair Teresa. Lovely garden

  5. You have a beautiful living room, dear Teresa. And spring is well advanced with you ... a joy to see. We got snow again, but in a few days spring will start with us ... :-)) with warmth, sun, color! This is how I make myself nice inside - now - bake cakes and bread and sew on the sewing machine with beautiful colorful fabrics :-))
    Greetings to you. Thanks for the beautiful daffodils and I look forward to when my lilacs bloom - dark purple and double :-) - I'm looking forward to seeing yours in bloom beforehand. Viola

  6. Dear Teresa, thank you for the lovely pictures of your daffodils, they are so happy! Good thing you could safe your daughters' Bird of Paradise! Here the snow has gone, but it is still very chilly! I still feed the birds, it is so nice in the garden, it is a coming and going of little birds! My kitten is watching them with interest, but is not allowed outside and the birds know, they take no notice of her! :-) No ill teachers this week, so I am home and sorting out some stuff. Step by step I have to declutter my home, after 44 years of kindergardnering. But I cannot give everything away, for I still might need stuff when a school calls me in. I have been working a lot last couple of months, so I don't mind some quiet for a while. But not for too long! :-) Say hello to Dayle for me, lots of love, Janneke.

    1. Wow, my jp. just phoned me to invite me for the vaccin for tomorrow night! What a nice surprise!

  7. My daffodils have been really lovely this year, altho, I do not have many varieties like you. It is great to have Spring blooms to lighten our spirits!

  8. Your daffs are lovely. I must confess I love the double ones, and that one you have there is gorgeous. I had a lot of daffs in my birthday bouquets. I am lucky. Take care, stay say. Anne x

  9. I just read they symbolize domestic happiness!!!! Certainly that it true for you and your dear Dayle! All of your photos bring me joy!

  10. Thanks for the lovely photo bouquet of pretty Daffodils, Teresa! It is encouraging to see your Lilacs budding as well! Yesterday I was so surprised to see a peach hued bloom on a Sweet Pea vine in one of my rectangular planters on my chilly patio! On a Zoom call this morning one of the ladies was complaining of it being too hot (95degrees) yesterday in AZ! :-) ((hugs))

  11. Your flowers are so gorgeous Teresa. Enjoy!

  12. Wow 5 blog posts to catchup on. Been offline bit Lovely plants


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