Monday, April 5, 2021

Hidden Treasures

Dayle mentioned that there was a big pot behind the garage filled with daffodils.  OH?  So he picked a bouquet and brought them in.  They are so frilly and pretty, 2 toned yellow.  So, I decided to arrange them in my lovebird vase.  It's quite low so I had to trim the stems very short and carefully arrange them but it turned out so pretty!

The dining table looked very festive for Easter yesterday.  Today I will stow away the decorations.

A close-up.

A peep pie?

Mocha hopped up on my lap so I snapped a close-up.  :-)

Our little precious girl.  

Dayle needed a shopping list so I got this notepad out of my rack on the wall next to my chair and used my fountain pen to start a list.  We had frozen steaks defrosting but needed baking potatoes and things for a salad for our Easter dinner.

Chef Dayle made theeeeee most delicious dinner!  Broiled beef tenderloins done to perfection, he sprinkles them with Worcestershire, garlic powder, salt and pepper and this time put a little Irish butter on top when it came out of the oven.  He baked the potatoes in the microwave and we added salt, pepper, butter, crumbled bacon and some Uncle Dan's ranch dressing which is garlicky and herby.  We usually have hot vegetables with our steak but this time he made salads of butter lettuce, tiny tomatoes, sliced fresh mushrooms, Uncle Dan's dressing and a topper of nuts, crumbled bacon and dried cranberries.  Yum! 

I told him we couldn't have had a better meal at a super fancy steak house!  :-)

A neat image I found on FB.  That is Mt. Hood.

Did you have a good weekend?  I hope so!  
((hugs)), Teresa :-)  


  1. Your meal looks absolutely delicious, I've no doubt it's better than anything you might have eaten at a restaurant. The daffodils are lovely, prettier than the usual straight bright yellow ones. The blossom is all breaking here, it's been gorgeous out. My pear tree is in bloom, hopefully there will be some bees around to pollinate it. CJ xx

  2. Such pretty blooms! I've got some interesting daffodils that are just opening up now too that I don't remember planting. They are very different from the early yellow ones. I really need to remember to plant more bulbs in the fall because I am really enjoying seeing all the unusual things popping up.

  3. Dayle found a treasure behind the garage, didn't he! I enjoyed seeing the Daffodils in the lovebird pretty and I imagine they smelled sweet, too~~~ Your dinner looked yummy! We had turkey ham, little white potatoes, peas and salad, then cantaloupe and strawberries for dessert. Please give Mocha some love pats from me. The view of her in your lap is my favorite. The Mt. Hood view is so interesting! I think some of those cloud formations are lenticular. Gary and I worked on putting together a puzzle yesterday afternoon and Elisabeth cheered on our efforts. She had already put the edge pieces together on another visit here and Gary got a lot more pieces in place yesterday than I did.😊 ((hugs))

  4. These daffodils are very pretty, different from the usual ones in my garden. I like the frilly edges. Your dinner looks delicious. I had to look up what broiling means. Next I'll check if our oven can do it. I am a bit hungry.... have a lovely week x

  5. What a delicious looking meal Teresa! YUM!!! We had a good meal at Colin & Mailing's and a lovely day - warm enough that we ate outside. Your daffodils are so pretty. I have a small bud vase on the kitchen windowsill with some small daffodils - they bloom on the northside of our house and some are double-headed!!

  6. Looks like you had a very nice Easter. The daffs are lovely and Mocha sure is cute. Take care.

  7. Dear Teresa, Mocha is so, sΓ³ cute!! And she knoows it, I think! XX Your festive table and what's on it looks very inviting and promissing! Your surprise daffodils are very sweet! I love them! Still left a few in my garden, together with some hyacinth and forsithia. All very colorful in the snow! I wasn't dreamin' of a white easter! I almost finished the blanket! There will be some extra yarn arriving in the shop thursday, I thing my way of crocheting is a bit too loose, just short of two feet, the last two rounds. Yesterday I worked away 180 loose ends. I crocheted them in, but it wasn't neat, so I did hide them again! What a lovely shopping list you made for Dayle! You can keep it and use it again next week! :-) Stay safe, lots of love, Janneke.

  8. Those daffodils look exceptional... so soft and ruffled.
    We enjoyed a productive, happy weekend. Actually, I am glad you asked, because you have me actively reflecting and feeling content and grateful.

  9. Fabulous meal you had so delish. Wow moon and mount hood πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

  10. Oh my word, what a great looking meal, send Dayle over!!!

  11. That is the best choice of flowers for your lovebirds vase and the pale yellow goes so well with that gorgeous jadeite green. Fabulous full portrait of Mocha...I wonder if Mocha likes hugs because she certainly looks huggable to me :-) I do like your choice of writing paper and of course there is nothing better than a good fountain pen to write with. keep well Amanda x

  12. Oh your daffodils are beautiful. .I don't have near as many. I treasure each one. I have been reflecting and I'm having a hard time Teresa. A barn friend actually made time to come out and chat on our driveway , (masked) but I said before we are not going back. I'm worried I wont find another outlet. But we may have one grown child moving closer (8 hours) to home. If that happens I;ll be over the moon and will be making family trips often.


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