Friday, April 2, 2021

Trillium Time!

I've been keeping my eye out for the first bloom of Trilliums in our woods and yesterday spied the first one opening up.  So, my dear husband trekked up behind our creek and snapped a few photos for me.  Isn't this beautiful?  Now I know it's Springtime.  

The purple flowers are creeping myrtle and have spread all around our woods but it's pretty.

He snapped this of the Mt. Hood white daffodils that we planted in this pot in the autumn.

This is a different perspective of our creek and waterfalls that spill into the koi pond.  At the top a Chinese soldier stands guard.

He thought this lone daffodil next to the trunk of our Pin Oak was cute.

Then my dear husband picked me this bouquet of wild violets!  I put them in my vintage Devon Violet perfume bottle made of hand-thrown red clay.

This vase arrived today - let's call it my anniversary gift - that I got on eBay and Dayle did not know about.  :-D  I was drawn to it by the little love birds.  My sister that passed away summer before last was named Roberta, but I always called her "Bird".  So this is in her honor.  I can't wait to fill it with Lilacs, Roses and Dahlias.

Sweet little love birds.

Here is my intrepid husband nailing up the trellises that were dislodged when they put on the new metal roof.. they are straight now.  Good boy.

CJ wins the color of the chair contest!  She thought yellow, it's more of a gold but close enough to yellow.  I've always gone with the safe chair color of brown but they had it in this glorious gold that reminds me of a palomino or buckskin horse.  I was visiting my aunt and uncle that were managers of Roman Nose State Park in Oklahoma when I was 15 years old and my uncle asked me if I wanted to ride his horse around the park.  YES!!  So, he saddled it up with his black parade saddle with all kinds of silver on it and I spent a glorious day riding all around the huge park.  I even ended up on the top of a mesa!  I remember being scared of riding down the steep sides but the horse and I made it down safely.

Last but not least - we celebrated our 51st anniversary yesterday.  We did not do anything in the least exciting and we made egg  salad sandwiches for dinner.  We met when I was a 14 year old high school freshman and he was a 15 year old junior.  Here we are when we got married in Louisiana in 1970.  I couldn't have picked a better partner to spend my life with.  

This will be a different kind of Easter for us.  Our son and his family have chosen to spend the day with her sister.  We usually have a nice dinner and give the kids some Easter goodies.  Maybe next year.  Do you have any big plans?  Do share!  
((hugs)), Teresa :-)  

.••..••. Happy Easter! .••..••. 


  1. Beautiful flowers and that new vase is so unusual and pretty. I really can't believe how many flowers you have over on that side. We still don't have any. Your new chair looks really comfortable and cushy and the yellow looks great in that space.
    Finally, Happy, Happy Anniversary a bit late. Your day sounds like how we spend most of our birthdays and anniversaries. This year we'll be having Easter dinner with our friends, Alicia & Jeremy and the boys after going to church for the first time in a year. My Dr. said 7 days after my second shot I could be in group settings with a mask on so I'm going. I want to see my church family and say goodbye.
    Neal is coming to get me in a few minutes and we're going out the the families property to get me some rhubarb to take to Omaha and plant. That's where I got the rhubarb for the old house too! The plants are really, really old and the taste is wonderful.
    Take care and Happy Easter!

  2. Congratulations Teresa...oh! my 51 years absolutely wonderful! Your wedding photograph is marvellous. Such a lovely new vase for your collections and I like the birds on it too. I look forward to seeing it full of flowers. Happy Easter Amanda x

  3. What a beautiful bride you were! I wore a crown of flowers and had a bouquet very similar to yours when I was married the first time. Sadly my Prince Charming didn't turn out to be as charming as yours.
    I only have a family Zoom planned for Sunday. I am so sad and depressed with these lonely Covid holidays but by the end of the month we should all have our second dose. I am lucky that all my kids work in jobs where they are required so they went to the head of the line. Araignee

  4. I really enjoyed reading your blog, Teresa! How lovely--the trilliums, daffodils, and vinca, all blooming!

  5. Thanks for the photos of the beautiful flowers, you two, and Happy Anniversary!! I enjoyed your remembrance of riding the palomino, Teresa. I plan to attend church service online on Sunday then Lis and Gary plan to come over to have lunch here. Happy Easter!!! ((hugs))

  6. No plans here just us but thats ok. Loved seeing your "bird" Jadiete Teresa simply special. Happy anniversary I got to 22yrs and then......but with Paul now 14yrs ❤❤ maybe 15 lol

  7. Fifty-one years is a wonderful achievement, congratulations to you both. Your wedding photo is beautiful, and you look so cool and stylish. Honestly gorgeous. Love the new chair, glad I guessed correctly! That corner looks very welcoming for a spot of reading or crochet, the lamp is lovely too. I hope you have a good Easter even if you won't be seeing your grandchildren. No big plans here, but we are tiptoeing out of lockdown, so there is a little more freedom to go a bit further ahead for a dog walk. The dog hasn't been in the car for months! CJ xx

  8. Happy Anniversary to you and Dayle! Enjoy a restful Easter:) I have to say that the vase you just purchased as an anniversary gift to yourself is absolutely lovely.

  9. Your new chair looks so comfy and goes so well with your colors in there. Happy Anniversary to you and Dayle. You do sound like the perfect match for each other! Here's to many more happy years together!

  10. Teresa, Happy Anniversary. You guys are still deeply in love. I have always thoughts your wedding photo is one of the best I've ever seen. Both serious. Epic hair. Things have been on the back burner all year for us with COVID. We almost are ignoring Easter, sans the prayers, because we are not able to see anyone yet. WE get our second shots monday and that is as much a rebirth as anything . I can't wait. Its been long and lonely without seeing Zach and Al much. I want that to change. The bunny is brining Fireman a reseese egg and jelly beans. I'm back on weight watchers and I don't want temptation here. The joy we get this weekend is also knowing that Allison loves her Will and it is his birthday. We so hope they move closer.
    Oh and your Bird purchase and your sister .....well that's all just perfect. It is so lovely

  11. So enjoyed your post--flowers, beauty, love.

  12. Dear Teresa, what a lovely wedding picture of a beautifull couple! You realy look like "flower power" , which was, ofcourse, The thing in that time! I was only twelf but I do remember! You were, and still are, a lovely couple!! The flowers around your hair are so nice! I love your new jadeite vase! A good memory to your sister who died too early! And how colorful and comfortable does your chair look! What a special flower, the trillium! I always thought it was a fairytale flower. :-) But it does exsist! ! In the Netherlands easter will be freezing cold, even snow forecasted for second easter day. In the Netherlands all the Christian celebrations are for two days! Usually we can visit zoo's, parks, vintagemarkets, goatmarkets etc. at 2nd easterday, but not this year. we can get coffee to go, like in the rest of the world. I am so glad I do have my own small garden! And my family lives close by! Have a lovely weekend, lots of love, Janneke.

    1. Not a white Christmas, but a white Easter! And not for the first time! :-) Nice and comfy at home!

  13. Hello Teresa. Happy Easter and Happy Anniversary. This year will be our 50th Wedding Anniversary. Where did those years go? We have been blesses though in so many ways.
    That chair looks so comfy. Love the flowers and your new acquisitions. Take care. Anne x

  14. Happy Anniversary! I love your new pieces and a happy birthday to the boys. Spring has sprung!

  15. I just love your wedding photo. Beautiful and 51 years together wow! Love the flowers in your neighbourhood especially the trilliums. We don’t have those here. Lots of gorse though. I bet your new chair is super comfy. Enjoy the rest of Easter. B x

  16. Happy Anniversary....51 years....we are 3 years behind you.You look beautiful in the photo...hope you have many more.

  17. OMG I had the same coronet/wreath of roses and baby's breath for my wedding in 1973. :) Glad you have trilliums. My parents had a couple of acres of land outside of town (Illinois) and they always had the red trillium in the woods.


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