Monday, January 23, 2012

I Need Some Eyes, Ears & a Nose!

Did you have a good weekend?  We did.  I swam on Friday while hubby ran some errands and did some grocery shopping.  Oh yes.  He's a dear.  We watched the rain fall on Saturday and I got some work done on Teddy Bear #1.  Yellow.  For the 3 year old granddaughter in Ohio.  I need to crochet some ears and sew on the legs and ears.  And the eyes.  I need me some real good Teddy Bear eyes.  I hope Michaels can help me.  I wonder if they sell noses?  
This was Saturday when Buddy was helping me crochet.  We went to visit at our older son's house yesterday afternoon and our younger son joined us with his two boys.  I asked our older grandsons if they wanted me to make them a bear and both said yes.  I have orders for a "mint green" and "dark blue" bear.  Then both of the little boys climbed on my lap to see what I was doing and I showed them the bear and that I was crocheting some legs and how they'd fit on the body.  I asked them if they'd like a bear and they said yes.  I'll have to show them colors when I get to that point and let them choose.  :-)  I guess I'm in the bear business now. :-D  It was fun to see the boys playing and having a good time with each other.  Lots of wrestling and roaring and running up and down stairs. Fun stuff.
We took these photos of the Sandy River on the way home on Friday.  We have been having terrible flooding in our state this past week.  Whole neighborhoods have flooded.  Terrible stories such as a young man accidentally driving into a creek and a young woman and her baby were drowned.. just yesterday a woman took her daughter up to see the flooded waters and her daughter fell into the water and was swept away.  Awful stuff.
During the other seasons there are beaches along this river. 
What's amazing is this is the boat landing at Dabney State Park and it wasn't even as flooded as the last time I showed it to you.  Also - during the other seasons the water is pretty clear. 
It's been so dark and rainy and gloomy for quite a while now and today when we opened our eyes and looked up through our skylights.. the sky was blue and we could see sunshine on the trees in our woods out the French doors of our bedroom.  I had to shoot a photo of the sun gleaming through the crystal candelabra, although the photo does not come close to the bright sparkle I saw. 
Sunny sparkly bright loveliness.   And as quick as a blink of an eye, the fog closes in around us and there is now a weak sun glowing through the clouds.   
We've got some trips planned for the upcoming year!  In April we have 5 days at our favorite seaside RV park for my birthday.  In June we have an 8 day trip to Washington DC!  In late Summer our family camp-out at the lake.  Early Autumn a week at another beach with our youngest son's family and in October a week at our seaside place in our RV for Dayle's birthday.  Do you have some travel plans set up for the year?
((hugs)), Teresa :-)  


  1. Hi Teresa,
    Love your teddies, they are really great. It must be fun to make them all have their own personality with the faces. I think you can get eyes and noses at JoAnnes and Michaels, but you could also embroider them too.
    That is really sad able the flooding and the death. Such a horrible thing to happen.
    Love all your travel plans, We need to start planning our travels soon. Hope you have a good week. xoRobin❤

  2. We are still in the planning/discussion stage for this year's trips. But, we do hope to have some confirmations soon. I use to live in the DC suburbs, so if you haven't been, the history of the area is a treat. Make sure to visit Mt. Vernon. I love it.

  3. Your bear is so pretty even with out the face he is still cute. :) I can see why you would be getting orders. Love the outside photos...but sad on the flooding and death... :( DC is on my bucket list...have fun planning...Debb
    PS: Do stop by my crochet blog and enter my give away...

  4. Your teddy bear is wonderful!! I can hardly wait to see all of the finished bears! ) I really, really like the colors you are using--so springlike, so beautiful!
    Very sad about the loss of life because of the flooding--I hope we will see drier weather soon.
    In terms of trips--planning several to shoot photos of Oregon waterfalls (coast range, Gorge), some to various sites in Washington (Mt Rainier, Puget Sound, Olympic Peninsula, coast)and maybe, possibly, hopefully a trip in the Rockies to see family. Your plans for travel sound great--looking forward to seeing the awesome photos I know you will post:)
    PS: Ah yes--that elusive 'bright sparkle' we see but can't quite capture on photos...I know it well.

  5. The teddy bear is adorable. Also, I LOVE your table clothe! Beautiful!

    1. The teddy is adorable! I've lived close to DC all my life and it makes me wonder what a person would do there for 8 days?? Can't wait to hear about your trip! From my past trips I'd recommend walking as much as possible or taking the train, the traffic is just terrible, it really ruins your time. I replied under Melissa because I wanted to tell her I've been trying to leave comments on her page for days and they won't show up! :)

  6. Oh how I love crocheted teddy bears!!! There is just something so special about them. I have a teddy bear (not crocheted) that my mom bought me when I was 2 years old. His name is George and he has helped each of my 4 kids when they are sick or scared. George is a very special bear!!!!!

    I know just how you feel with the gloomy weather. We are not as flooded as you all are but lots of rain and gray skies :( Makes me feel sad...I need sunshine!!!

  7. I am very sorry to hear about that terrible flooding :(
    The bear is looking great, can't wait to see him and the other ones all finished! As for travel plans - Spain is on the list twice a year as usual, visiting my boyfriend's parents and family in Alicante, and only yesterday we mentioned visiting England and Scotland in summer! Wishing you a dry week full of sunshine! xxxx

  8. I have some bear noses - somewhere.
    I'll look tonight when I get home from work.
    If you haven't found them at Michael's give me a shout out and I will be reminded to go look.
    Kathy airplanes(at)web-ster(dot)com

    It was nice and sunny yesterday - hard to stomach the news of that little girl falling in and getting swept away.

    Have fun on all your trips and I will look forward to more of your lake photos. Stump me with some wildflowers!

  9. Love the bear...and if you have to be in a business, I guess the "bear" business is a good one to be in. Just think of all those smiles when they get their bears. :)

    The pictures are very sad about so many people loosing their lives because of the flood. Very sad.

    Looking forward to more "bear business" pictures.

    Blessings always

  10. Wow. This is coming along so nicely. I didn't know you had even started it. What fun. Glad you had a nice weekend. What a treat to have the hubby do the shopping.

  11. When I crochet bears (or other animals with similar faces) I crochet the nose in black as the first 2 or 3 rounds of the snout piece. Too late to be of any help for this bear, but just a tip for the future, maybe? Also Michael's in Gresham has plastic noses, cute ones almost like an upside down heart.
    Susan C

  12. I love the crocheted bear, especially with his bow. Buddy looks like a fun helper!

    1. Your crochet bear looks great - can't wait to see him finished. Very sad to hear about the people lost in the floods and hope they go down soon.

      We are having a trip over to Ireland in the summer to visit my brother and have just booked the ferry tickets. Usually we fly over but I thought it would be fun to take our car over on the ferry - all part of the adventure :-)

      Have a great week ((hugs)) Joanna

  13. Hi there Teresa. What sad stories re the flooding. It has been grey here a lot rcently but no flooding as such.
    The bears are gorgeous your work is beautiful.
    I know I've seen your crystal candelabra but just love it. We are talking trips but nothing definite planned as yet- mainly because I can't decide. Anne x

  14. Your teddy is going to be adorable in that yellow! I started one in purple last weekend. I'm using the free pattern on the Lion Brand site. I saw a cute white one on Ravelry too. I only got the head finished. Who knows if I will ever finish. I am so bad. Maybe you will inspire me to keep going.

  15. Your pictures of the yellow teddy and sunshine on your candelabra are very cheery in this mostly dreary weather. I am so glad I found your blog! You inspire me in many ways <3 I just got home from swimming 14 laps at the pool!

  16. What a lovely bear, I do like his solid shape! I hope you find a lovely nose and pair of eyes for him..or her! Good luck on the hunt! Your glass candelabra looks so pretty sparkling in the sunshine. Hope you have lots of sunshine today to keep it really sparkly!
    Helen x

  17. Hi Teresa, what fun bears you are making. I hope you find some noses and eyes! The flooding looks dreadful out there, how tragic that people are losing their lives. Hope the sunshine shines on you and your family. Hugs.
    Jane x

  18. What great pictures!!! Those falls are amazing! Love the yellow bear too! The grand girls will love them!!1


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