Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Little Bit of This... and That

Goodness sakes.. we're having a big "weather week" here in Oregon.  First it was snow, a lot fell on Monday and Tuesday, but it didn't last even long enough for a good photo op.  I was hoping for a nice bit of white scenery on yesterday morning as a LOT of snow fell in the afternoon and evening -- but then at around 5 am I heard the dreaded rain on the skylight and knew the beautiful snow was to be turned to less than lovely slush soon.  Hubby surveyed the damage on the farm as he walked the dog to get the newspaper in the yesterday morning - and we lost an entire mature lilac - fallen over, roots pulled out of the ground, a victim of the heavy wet snow.  Several large branches were blown out of our Douglas Fir trees.  Now we're watching the news coverage of the flooding here.  Below is the pillow cover I'm crocheting, done is one side, now to do the other.  
Here is the pillow in front of the ripple.. you may be getting tired of seeing these. :-)
In today's mail was a tiny little Cairn Terrier figurine for my dollhouse's front porch. :-) 
Hubby made pumpkin muffins for us yesterday and I got out my Johnson Brothers "Margaret Rose" antique china set to take a photo of the muffins on the plate but they were too big and it didn't look right.. but I thought I'd show you my collection of these dishes that I found at an antique store at Depoe Bay many years ago.  I put my batik tablecloth on a few days ago. 
The set is pretty complete with plates, soup bowls, bread and dessert plates, tea cups and saucers and serving pieces such as sugar, cream, bowls and platters.  I love the rope border. 
I also collected a set of Mother of Pearl handled silverware... interestingly they only made the knives and forks with the MOP handles.. not very many spoons!  I must apologize as the silver needs shined.. but I love these old silverware pieces.  Isn't the floral pattern on the dishes pretty, too?
When I was photographing these, hubby said.. we have a box of those in the safe, remember?  And I go huh?  I said.. show me.. so he goes to the big safe and comes back with this box of a set of 12 - dessert set.  LOL!  I'd forgotten we'd gotten these a few years ago.  
What I love about these Mother of Pearl handles is their organic iridescent beauty.
The dessert forks.  
What vintage treasures have you collected?  We're staying home and by the fire.  My next project is crocheting 2 teddy bears for my granddaughters in Ohio.  The 7 year old wants a brown one and the 3 year old wants a YELLOW bear.  Ooooo kay.  :-)  
((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Those mother of pearl handles bring back fond memories. My mother had some and hubby and I received a set as a wedding present. Sadly they've all gone. Your plates are lovely too. Now you've got me thinking about what old 'treasures' I have around the place - must have a look and if I find anything interesting will have to do a blog post. Thanks for the idea.

    1. Dorothy, where did your pearl handled silverware go to?

    2. I'm not sure now Teresa. Guess time took its toll. I can recall some of the handles splitting so maybe they were thrown out or replaced by a new set. Perhaps way back then I didn't appreciate things or realize how 'special' they could become. I have a beautiful canteen of cutlery in silver which I never use - its carefully stored in its wooden box. It was a wedding gift from my dad and step-mother. Also (keeping it company in the cupboard) is my full set of Royal Doulton dinnerware which my late husband had bought to use as everyday crockery. Don't use that either. Stupid isn't it? I won't be able to take it with me and I don't think the young ones appreciate things like this.

  2. Teresa .. I forgot to say that I love your cushion cover. Those mandalas are such fun to make aren't they?

  3. I found this pattern on the internet and the person who put it up never put her name on it! But here it is:

    Slip knot onto hook and ch6. Join with a sl st to form a loop. OR use a magic circle to begin.

    Rnd 1: 18dc in loop (18)
    Rnd 2: 2 dc in each dc of previous round (36)
    Rnd 3: 2dc between each 2dc of previous round (36)
    Rnd 4: 3dc between each 2dc of previous round (54; 18 clusters of 3dc)
    Rnd 5: 3dc between each cluster of Rnd 4 (18dc clusters)
    Rnd 6: Increase by adding an extra set of 3dc between every other cluster of Rnd 5. (27dc clusters)
    Rnd 7: 3dc between each cluster (where there were 6dc or two clusters made by the previou round, form the
    new cluster between stitches 3 and 4 of that cluster) (27dc clusters)
    Rnd 8: Repeat Rnd 7.
    Rnd 9: *Increase in first space (6dc), then one cluster (3dc) in the next two spaces* around (36dc clusters)
    Rnds 10, 11 and 12: One cluster between each cluster of previous round (form cluster between stitches 3
    and 4 where there is an increase) (36dc clusters)
    Rnd 13: *Increase in the first space (6dc), then one cluster (3dc) in the next three spaces* around (45dc
    Rnds 14, 15, 16 and 17: One cluster between each cluster of previous round (form cluster between stitches 3
    and 4 where there is an increase) (45dc clusters)
    Rnd 18: *Increase in the first space (6dc), then one cluster (3dc) in the next four spaces* around (54dc
    Rnds 19, 20, 21 and 22: One cluster between each cluster of previous round (form cluster between stitches 3
    and 4 where there is an increase) (54dc clusters)
    Rnd 23: *Increase in the first space (6dc), then one cluster (3dc) in the next five spaces* around (63dc
    Rnd 24, 25 and 26: One cluster between each cluster of previous round (form cluster between stitches 3 and 4 where there is an increase) (63dc clusters)

    1. I have made a granny mandala Teresa and I think I got the pattern from Crochet with Raymond's blog. If you'd like to see mine ...

  4. Making bears for those cuties will warm your heart. Love the pillow and your ripple. I have promised myself not to make a ripple but it is getting hard holding out especially after seeing yours. Take care of yourself in your crazy weather.

  5. Nobody could get tired of seeing your ripple and cushion, they are perfect together! I love the miniature Buddy for the doll house, can't wait to see you getting started on the bears for the girls! :-) x

  6. What beautiful treasure you uncovered. You should pop over to Floss@Troc,Broc and Recoup to see the posts of other folks who are 'home shopping' and see what they've found so far (link on my sidebar). I never tire of seeing your pops of colour - it's still quite grey here!I found this teddy bear pattern which I've always been meaning to have a go at.I think his face is so cute. Good Luck with yours Teresa and have a good weekend.

  7. Lovely to see the blanket and cushion Teresa a lovely bright spot in what is another grey wet day here. Love your china and the mop cutlery. You have such lovely things. Anne x

  8. That silverware collection is absolutely beautiful! I can imagine why you keep it in a safe. What a treasure. I really don't know if I have any antique treasures yet at this point in my life. I hope to acquire a few though! Good luck with your teddy bears; I'm sure your granddaughters will love them :)

  9. Love the dishes! Wish we were snuggling by the fire all weekend, but it will be 78 degrees here today and was 71 yesterday.

  10. Hope you are all warm and safe! The cushion is looking lovely!

  11. I am DROOLING over those gorgeous dishes, and mother of pearl flatware!!! Mercy yummy. Stay in, stay warm, and stay safe my friend!

  12. I do so love rainbow colors and the pillow and afghan are gorgeous. :) stop by my crochet blog and post a comment for a chance to win in my give awat..

  13. I said on Ravelery but your cushion really is awesome :D I like the order you've used the colours in and it looks great with your ripple.

    P.S What lovely fancy cutlery you have!

  14. Love your bright crochet today, such cheering colours! I also love that beautiful mother of pearl handled cutlery! And the little dog for the doll's cute. I look forward very much to seeing those knitted bears before too long, Teresa!
    Have a happy, cosy weekend.
    Helen x

  15. Hi Teresa: What beautiful silverware and china! You have such lovely treasures. And your little dog, how cute!

    We still have snow here in Spokane. I drove to the grocery store a little while ago and had to help dig two cars out along the way. My little CRV chugged right along through over a foot of snow that hasn't been plowed. I'm so happy to have it.



  16. You really do some beautiful crochet work. I LOVE those dishes and the silverware.

  17. Oh what pretties today you share..your blanket and your pillow are so beautiful....stay cozy my friend.

  18. We've had the exact same weather here lately. Tons of snow, and now rain and mud and gross dreary days.
    Your crochet is absolutely gorgeous! Just the thing to brighten up these January days!

  19. I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of your Lilac in the awful weather you're having, that's heartbreaking. I don't think I ever tire of seeing beautiful crochet ripple blankets and gorgeous cushions, and yours a re gorgeous Teresa! As is that exquisite cutlery, mother of pearl is so beautiful. I hope your weather clears up soon, I know how it can get us all down, so I hope you get some sun soon. Love Vanessa xxx

  20. Well.... vintage Pyrex here and a few other goodies. Did you send that weather here. To hit on a Friday afternoon right a rush hour. Still digging out today. Yes, by the way, I have PaintShop Pro, but not as easy as Picnik was. Google is sure messing with us lately. First the whole Chrome thing with the blogs, now this with our pictures. Not a happy camper at all here. They do have the basics, but not the matting and framing with was great and easy. Mark my words they will be messing with Pinterest next.


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