Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Sumi Ink Painting While it Snows

I have made some great friends on Ravelry in the "We Love Lucy" group - and from the readers of my blog.  You know who you are! :-)  Not long ago I showed you that I had an order for 4 of my hand painted watercolor cards using the Sumi Ink Chinese style of painting.  And then last week I got an order from my good friend in Australia, DeeDownUnder, for 6 cards.  She hand picked them from my card online store.  Yesterday was the perfect day to paint - it was snowing and the fire was warm.  So, I gathered all my supplies together and began painting.
A group of 3. 
Iris with Hummingbird. 
Iris with Ant. 
And I did two extra to send to my granddaughters. :-)  I had to show you the Christmas Cactus that is blooming.. again!
And my Hibiscus bloomed again!
And I had to show you my latest acquisition for my dollhouse -- this is tiny, only 2 inches tall - it's called "Guardian Angel" and I've hung it on the wall in the nursery.  I have one here somewhere that I got from my mother.  So many people love this print and have memories of it hanging in their house or their grandmother's house.  Sweet.  
Our snowstorm has been disappointing.. pretty big flakes yesterday, and it was piling up nicely when we went to bed.  Then, in the early morning I heard rain drops on the skylights.  Wah.  It's still pretty outside, but it's gloppy and wet.  Oh well.  We're cozy in our house and all is well.  I hope you're enjoying your week!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Hello Teresa,
    I'm sorry that I haven't found enough time to comment for too long, look what I've been missing! Hope you are keeping well. What a super snowy scene in your blog header. Your watercolour cards are beautiful, I especially like the goldfish. Keep warm! (I'd like to be a cosy kitty too!)
    Hen x

  2. Teresa you have such a talent with your sumi ink painting. As you know I am the proud owner of one! Your latest creations are stunning, I love the goldfish especially. What a sweet guardian angel you have to look over your dolls' house. Keep snug.
    Jane x

  3. Such beautiful painting I really love the Fuchsia. xxx

  4. I can't pick one. I just love them all. Are you still getting snow out there? Sound bad for you all. Stay home and stay warm that's my snow motto.

  5. It looks like we posted at the same time today! (: I had been wondering what was happening out your way...we have quite a few downed branches and the branches that didn't break were bowed down low in honor of the snow...which is rapidly being washed away by the rain. I love your latest paintings, and your doll house Guardian Angel print and your cactus bloom. <3

  6. So clever, your cards are beautiful. What a lovely way to fill a slushy day.

  7. Beautiful cards Teresa. You are a woman of many talents and you are sweet to share with all of us. Thank you!

    We're getting the snow now. So far about 6 inches in the past 4 hours. The weatherman is saying maybe 12-14 before it's all done. So I'm sitting cozy by the fire and crocheting. No better place to be.



  8. The cards are lovely Teresa, and I am looking forward to receiving them. I am sure your granddaughters will love them too.

  9. Teresa, your paintings are amazing, I am so in awe of your talent. I read in the paper today that your lovely state was going to be hit by a big snow storm, I have been thinking about you all day just to find out that it has rained. Bummer.
    Hugs to you and Dayle,

  10. You are so very talented!!Each time you amaze me!!Beautiful paintings!!

  11. You are very talented!!! So pretty those cards are! And what fun to have the picture for your doll house!!

  12. Your cards, ripple & cushion are all amazing! Sorry the snow got washed away, I bet it was so cozy, snuggled up inside while it fell. Loving all the things you are getting for the dollshouse, its going to be even more beautiful when its done. Although, will it ever be done, or will it always be a work in progress? As that seems more fun, lol. xxx

  13. Your ink paintings are beautiful, well done! The tiny Guardian Angel painting for the doll house is so sweet. I hope you have a wonderful week, stay warm! :) xxxx

  14. Your cards are gorgeous! You are such a talented lady.

  15. I love your cards! They are so beautiful! I'm envious of your snow right now. We've finally gotten some cold weather but it still doesn't seem like winter until I see some snow.

  16. Your cards are beautiful! I also watercolour (self taught) and enjoy it very much :)

  17. Hello Teresa...You cards are are clearly a lady of many talents!...and it is lovely to see your beautiful plants continuing to flower..they are clearly in a very happy place....We have a dolls' house too...I'm hoping to renovate it in the Summer...
    Susan x
    P.S Thanks too for adding me to your blog roll....I feel privileged!... you are added to mine too lovely friend...

  18. Hi Teresa, your cards are so beautiful, you are a very talented lady. Love the new painting for the Dolls House ((hugs)) Joanna xx


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