Friday, March 30, 2012

Antiquing & Dinner at Tad's

Our quiet day at home yesterday got a little more interesting in the afternoon when hubby and I went to the Troutdale Antique Mall to look for a little vintage surprise for someone.  I found the surprise and also some new little treasures for myself.  I got another green jadeite mug to so now I have a pair.  I found a little milk glass covered chicken dish to go with my turquoise one and a nut grater for hubby!  One thing I was looking for was a mommy bunny with baby bunnies that I'd seen there before -- I didn't find one so when I got home I was surfing eBay and found this little treasure.  A Beatrix Potter mommy bunny made by Royal Doulton.  And she's KNITTING!  Isn't she cute?  She'll arrive one day soon.
If you love vintage kitchen things you'd love this place.  Look at the old mixer with the jadeite green mixing bowl!   
I was bowled over (oh I made a funny) by these Fire King Tulip nesting bowls.  But they were way too much and where would I put them?   
They were in this display cabinet with a LOT of wonderful colored Pyrex refrigerator sets and bowls.. don't you just want them all? 
At each holiday the  owner puts a display of their own collectibles in the sales counter display cabinet.  
This cabinet is right as you come in, on the left and it is always stuffed to the brim with seasonal items to match the nearest holiday.  This time it was crammed with great Easter things. 
This is the section just to the right when you come in the door.   
After hubby paid for our new finds we headed to Tad's Chick'n 'n Dumpins to have dinner with our son Shawn, his wife Beth and their boys Michael and Gabriel.  Here is the original dining room with rock fireplace.
They have this great old juke box in the lobby. 
We were the very first people in the door as it opened at 5 pm.  So, I asked for the "best table in the house" in the old dining room and this was our view. :-)  That is the Sandy River.  Tad's is only 8 minutes away from our house.
I was happy to be able to give Gabe's Teddy Bear to him that I made.  He named it "Mr. Mint".  I also gave him "care and feeding" instructions.  No hitting his brother with it, no throwing him.  I asked him to take good care of it.  :-) 
Here is Tad's sign - notice that the sign is only lit partially?  That is how it got it's nickname as Tad's "Chic Dump".  That's what all the locals and those in the "know" call it.  :-)
I realize that you might have liked to see our yummy dinner - but I forgot to take a photo of it and before long it was gone.  Beth had the original chicken and dumplings and Shawn, Dayle and I had their crispy fried chicken cooked in a big cast iron frying pan. :-)
Last but not least, my daughter posted this photo of Paige, our granddaughter in Ohio.  This is what she wanted to wear when they went grocery shopping last week.  Our older granddaughter wondered why everyone was staring at them.  LOL! 

What are you doing on the weekend?  We are going to Bonneville Dam tomorrow for a volunteer training workshop for the Friends of Multnomah Falls.  I'm sure I will take some photos.  And Sunday we're invited for cake and ice cream at our youngest son's house to celebrate our youngest grandson's birthday - Caleb will turn 3!  His brother will turn 4 in 5 days - for those 5 days each year they're the same age.  Have fun and thanks for visiting!!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-)  


  1. My mom had one of those tulip bowls...she got it as a wedding present, I think. It was one of the things we threw away because so much of the tulip design had worn off (sigh). I did take a pic of it though...
    LOVE that view of the Sandy River--maybe my DH will have to take me on another field trip (that is if our current monsoon type weather stops anytime soon). I am making headway on my house cleaning tho:)
    I LOVE Mr Mint--love the color, love the bow, love the name!
    Funny story about Paige...
    Have a great weekend, wish your grandson Caleb a happy bday from me:)

  2. That knitting bunny mummy is so cute, I hope it arrives soon! Tad's looks like a very cosy place, great location near the river. Aww, Paige's picture made me giggle :-) Happy birthday to Caleb! :-) xxxx

  3. happy birthday to all the little people!

  4. Teresa!! Love this post especially the Antique Place!!
    I would take everything in that first cupboard and put it in my Kitchen!!
    Thanks so much for sharing it with us!


  5. I love it when I see kids in dressed up in costumes to accompany parents on mundane errands. Lets them enjoy childhood. She is a very cute Supergirl. The Teddy Bears have all been so cute. Nice work.

  6. What a lovely little eating place that Chic Dump is !! Beautiful view too. Gabe's teddy turned out lovely, as all the others did and he looks very pleased with it. Hope you're enjoying your (busy) weekend. xoxox

  7. Ooooh, I wish I could have come 'vintage' mooching! Supergirl looks absolutely adorable doesn't she? I want an outfit like that to wear when I do the housework and the shopping...seriously I mean I want one! Happy Birthday to the birthday boys, how cute that they are the same age for only five days. My boys have theri birthday 10 days apart in July, all Henry wanted was for the babies birthday to be after his, Euan was due in September, but put in an early arrival in July, 10 days before Henry's birthday. Henry is still sore about it and Euan has not stopped being 'first' to get everything, a seat, in through the front door, a cup cake, you catch my drift?

  8. That is a gorgeous shop Teresa I'm glad it's not near me as I would spend far too much time and money in there. I loved your dining spot, what a great view. It looks like I share my birthday with your youngest grandson as it is my birthday tomorrow...we are both April Fool's ;0)
    Have a lovely time,
    Jane x

  9. ooh!! I love antiques all these look soooo cute!! love the rabbit!

  10. Teresa! That mixer looks like the one my mom had while I was young, sans the pretty bowl. I love your knitting bunny, and Mr. Mint. [your care instructions made me chuckle] The Chic Dump has been on my to go list for years since my kids enjoyed a great meal there years ago. Your pictures encourage me to go soon! So glad you can enjoy your Grands near and far!

  11. Morning Teresa! I am here to catch up! I have been so ding dang busy this week, and am way behind in my blogging! You found some great things this week. That bunny knitting is precious! And your hanging baskets of flowers for your doll house are just precious! The place you ate at looked wonderful. And Mr. Mint is darling! After EAster, I am going to attempt to make one too. Have a great weekend my friend!!
    XO Kris

  12. The face you created for Mr. Mint is adorable! It's all in the face...I always get nervous when it gets to those details!

    Love all the goodies in that shop! The tulip bowls...they look very familiar to me!

    Have a great weekend!

  13. Sounds like my kind of day! Antiquing and food!


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