Saturday, March 31, 2012


Did that get your attention? :-)  This morning began EARLY at 6:30 am when hubby and I arose to have our coffee and then head off to Bonneville Dam for the Interpretive Volunteer Training Workshop for the Friends of Multnomah Falls (FOMF). We held the meeting in a wonderful historic Auditorium Building at the Dam.  Here is a photo I took of the spillway of the dam following the meeting.

The project's first powerhouse, spillway and navigation lock were completed in 1938 to provide hydropower to the Pacific NW.  A Public Works Administration project of President Franklin D. Roosevelt's New Deal. 
Here is the volunteer group listening intently to the information presented by the US Forest Service personnel and the Friends volunteers.. and me, the President of FOMF.
Here is the auditorium, a very nice building! 
Below is Tanner Creek, all salmon return to the same waters they were born in to lay their eggs and spawn.  The hatchery uses water from the creek to raise the fish in until they are big enough to release for their journey to the ocean, where they remain for a few years and then return to where they were born to spawn.
Beacon Rock is right below the dam and is very picturesque.  Here is some historical information on the rock. 
Beacon Rock.
When we volunteer at Multnomah Falls, we send many visitors on to the dam and tell them to see the Sturgeon pond where Herman the Sturgeon lives, an 8 foot specimen - there used to be a 12 foot sturgeon here until someone stole him from the pond!
Some sturgeon info - how about that one! 
Not so attractive up close, huh? :-) 
Here are some huge Rainbow Trout at the Fish Hatchery there at Bonneville Dam. 
Aren't they pretty?  These are about 2 feet long! 
Hubby and I drove all around the dam after the workshop, here are the huge gates of the locks at the dam.  We have gone through the locks here in our sailboat!  The barges that ply the river go through here regularly. 
Here is a photo of the electrical towers that transmit the electricity far and wide after it is generated by the giant turbines in the dam.  Note, the blue sky!   
After we left the Bonneville Dam complex, we headed to Cascade Locks for a look-about.. and.. there just so happens to be an ice cream shop there.  We each got one and then headed to the Cascade Locks Marine Park and parked our car near this marina and enjoyed the peaceful river while we licked our soft ice cream cones.  This is where we had our sailboat Stargazer moored for a few summers when we first got her many years ago.
Here is a relatively new sculpture of Sacajewea and Seaman, the dog on Lewis & Clarks Expedition.  Lewis & Clark's safe passage through many Indian territories can be attributed to this woman. The native people figured that if a woman and baby were with the explorers that they must be okay, she was actually related to some of the tribe members whose lands they passed through. 
Wild Rhododendrons were in bloom in the park! 
Ice cream! 
A shot of the Bridge of the Gods in Cascake Locks.  In September 1927, Charles Lindbergh flew up the gorge from Portland in his famous "Spirit of St. Louis", passing low over the bridge of the Gods, banked his plane and in a dramatic show, flew under the bridge and headed back to Portland.
This is a photo from under the bridge looking downriver towards Bonneville Dam which is right around the bend in the river.
The "Bridge of the Gods" legend has it that the sons of Old Coyote, "Wy'east" (Mt. Hood) and "Pahto" (Mt. Adams) were powerful braves both in love with a maiden (Mt. St. Helens). Because they crossed the "Bridge of the Gods" to fight over their love for her, Old Coyote collapsed the land bridge to keep his sons from fighting. 

Below is one of the barges that bring wheat and other commodities down the river to Portland.
On our way home, we passed by this pastoral farm with the magnificent cliffs of the Columbia River Gorge as it's backdrop. 
How would you like this scenery as your daily surroundings?  And now.. we are collapsed in our easy chairs recuperating from all this adventure.  :-)  I hope your weekend is bringing you joy.  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Loving the photos you have been sharing lately! The picture of the dam is beautiful!

  2. Thanks for sharing the great pictures and history! and sunshine!! <3

  3. LOVED this post Teresa! The Gorge is such an amazing place; I really love it there! It was great to see the dam and fish hatchery up close and through your eyes (and camera lens)! TY:)
    PS: I didn't know that fact about Lindbergh.

  4. Very interesting post! I love looking around in other parts of the world!

  5. I really would like to book my trip, when I win the lottery hey? Your photograph tour is really breathtaking, natural history and heritage with great commentary. Is it wrong to feel hungry when looking at Rainbow Trout? Yup I would have liked an ice cream too. :)

  6. So beautiful, I love looking at all your photos :)

  7. Such beautiful photos, Teresa. What a wonderful place to live. :)

  8. What an amazing day, so much beauty surrounding you. Beauty and history, perfect. My day wasn't so exciting, cleaning and laundry and trying to catch up from my trip before the week starts.
    Hugs to you as always,

  9. Oh Teresa...I know I say this all the time, and you are probably thinking me so boring or unoriginal...but your photos are just so lovely. You do the most interesting things, and always educate along the way with your postings! I read and LOVED the book Sacajawea by Anna Lee Waldo....many years ago. That picture of the bay of boats is just magnificent! The farm gorgeous!!!
    About my hens.... no fear of them not producing, because they are only in the coop at night. I let them out by noon each day, and they roam the property, going back inside to lay their eggs if they have not yet laid. They are so healthy and robust. I just love them!!!
    Happy Sunday friend!

  10. Happy Anniversary!!!!!! You two are so lucky to share so much love for each other. You are an inspiration to us all. Have a great day.

  11. Teresa, You did a wonderful job at the training this year! Everything went off without a hitch and was very informative! I love these pictures. Just love the gorge!! Joanne

  12. A great photo diary of your day! I love that last shot!

  13. Beautiful! Happy anniversary!

  14. So many interesting things in this post and lovely photos....the scenery is stunning and you capture it so well. Happy Anniversary to you both!! Have a wonderful week, Teresa.
    Helen x


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