Monday, October 7, 2013

Fire, Fall and Finds

Autumn around our old farm place means finally getting to put a match to your "burn pile" that stacks up all summer.  Here is Dayle on his beloved Kubota tractor, scooping blackberries to dump on the burning part.  

Kristi brought Dayle a cold Dr. Pepper as he was getting pretty hot working the fire.

The boys ran in the house to tell me about the big fire, they were VERY excited about it.  So I grabbed my Lumix and off I went.  Dayle gets way too close to the fire on his tractor and I'm always worried about the tractor catching on fire.  Tsk, tsk.

I walked into the barn looking for my Great Grandfather's apple butter stirrer, which I did not find, but snapped a photo of our 1927 Chevy that we hope to one day restore and be able to ride around in.  

They cleared the barn out so good that Travis can park his 1966 Mustang GT Fastback in there instead of our car shed, so they could put Dayle's T-Bird in the shed, so they could clean out the garage, so they can fix it up.  Lot's of changes around here.  GOOD ones!

I snapped a photo of our chestnut tree covered with prickly nut hulls.  We don't know exactly what to do with these.. and if they are worth preparing.  I had some roasted ones a few years ago and was not particularly impressed.

These things are dangerous to handle, to say the least!

Kristi found these outdoor Halloween decorations when doing the initial organizing in my studio, so we hung them up.  I know it's early, but I enjoy having them up.  :-)

And look what else Kristi found when putting my yarn in the pie safe?  Two more skeins of lime berry and lemon berry yarn for Caleb's blanket!!  Woohoo!

I just love this yarn and cannot believe they stopped making it.  It's soft and fun to crochet with and I've used it for all the baby blankets I've made over the last 15 years or so.  Dang Bernat.

I think I've contracted the cold our two little guys have - so today I'm going to rest and crochet on that blanket.  No swimming when I feel this way.  We think we're going to make homemade split pea soup with bacon and fresh thyme.  I'll let you know how it turns out.  Enjoy your week!!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. I hope you feel better soon, Teresa. That fire would make me a little nervous too! I'm so glad you're all settling into your new household life together, it sounds like it's working out really well.

  2. Whoa! Dayle looks like he's having way too much fun playi g with that fire. :-). Congrats on finding more yarn...too bad the blue wasn't there too. I know you wanted more of that color. I'm sorry you're not feeling well. I've been under the weather today too. By the time we got home last night I had a temp of 102. What on earth did I catch in Portland? I'm feeling a bit better this afternoon but still not up to par. Hopefully we'll both be better by tomorrow. Have fun crocheting that beautiful blanket.

  3. It always feels so good to get things organized and cleaned up. It sounds like Kristi is quite the busy one!!! How nice to have the help!
    That old cool!
    I have had my grandson's bugs that he brought home to me. But am feeling better now. You rest, and take care!!
    xo KRis

  4. Looks like you have lots of things going on...I love the trash burning looks like you could roast some marshmallows...and that tractor does look a little the spook you've got going too...

  5. Have you ever noticed how men for some reason always think they are a bit of a dare devil. Like my husband last year when he brought home that huge load of mulch on the back of his pick-up. This year it was the big brush fire in the middle of the garden. My brother asked me if I had gasoline to start the thing and I about flipped right out! It was a horribly hot and humid day and the brush pile was HUGE! Then after all was burned down I saw singed branches on our row of Norway Spruce pine trees between us and the next door neighbor. The neighbors have a row of Scotch Pines right behind our trees. The guys could have caught the whole tree row ablaze, not to mention the next door neighbor's house. Pine trees burn in a flash. My friend in Florida says her hubby is the same way on their hunting land they have in Georgia, the bigger the fire the more the guys love it. All I can say is that the "caveman" still must dwell in the modern day male. Oh I am so glad Kristi found more of your yarn. I bet you were thrilled :) Google search chestnuts and see what else you can do with them besides roasting them. You never know, you might run across something you would like. Hope you get to feeling better. Our days now are crisp fall days. The wind was blowing too and it felt just like football weather. Have a good week.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

  6. So sorry you have a cold :( but I am so excited Kristi found your yarn!!! Awesome!!! I love all the organizing that is being done around you, and love seeing the 1927 Chevy! I can imagine the fun your guys could have restoring it so you all can enjoy riding in it :) The chestnuts do look scary, but kind of beautiful, too. Did you get a good crop of pears this year. We still have some apples we have not picked and a few more cherry tomatoes, and the basil is still yummy. Be well, my friend.
    Gracie xx

  7. What is it with men and fires anyway?! My hubby is the same way. It's downright nerve wracking. Mine has actually burned holes in his gloves and shoes. Caleb's blanket looks so soft. Love those colors! Hope your feeling better soon!

  8. Ah! Split pea soup sounds heavenly! Love your old '27! We had a 1949 car at one time that I hated. Now, I wish-wish-wish we still had it!
    Like to hear you sounding SO happy:)

  9. Amazing what you find when having a sort out! I love that car, I have always been into cars, what with having a brother 13 years older than me.

    Never too early to put Halloween decs out once autumn is here.

    Hope you soon feel better, two of my sons have colds at the moment, just when college starts, typical.


  10. It is lovely to drop in on you again after so long and what a lovely time of year. Ch ch ch changes! All good. Your post is so full of colour and love. I have missed you and yours. I still have the Tor painting you did for me, it is beautiful, I will remember to give it to my Dad to scan and will send you the file. They are the 'Chestnuts' roasting by an open fire' in the song! We used to stick them on a fork and hold them in the flames and peel them as children. The inner white pith is very bitter, once roasted it peels off easily. The chestnut flesh is like sweet potato ish in flavour. In Victorian England there were 'Hot Chestnut' sellers in big cities. Warning chestnuts can pop in a fire or oven, or when taken out of the oven...I mean explode! Chestnut Stuffing is part of the traditional Christmas meal here, a labour of love but well worth it! Get Dayle on the case to make stuffing.. When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade...when life gives you chestnuts...? xxx

  11. Hope the resting helps your cold. Yay to the yarn find.

  12. Honestly Teresa, men and fires eh. Glad nothing else burnt down. You are getting so beautifully organized, you must be so thrilled to have your family helping. Put your feet up and get over that cold soon, that's the only downside of little ones! x

  13. I am so enjoying all your stories of life with you all. Such brilliant things going on. My friend says it's only people who come into a new environment see it as it really is. I don't know about that but yours is having a very good shake up just now. That car is gorgeous. I think the boys could learn so much from that project. Skills that will stay with them for the rest of their days and memories that will last forever. We had a Skype with our William last night and he is getting confident with his colours and numbers.... So sweet x

  14. Hi there Teresa, Now that is what I call a brush fire!!! I can see why the little guys ran to get you!. How nice it must be to have them all there. They will keep you young! Dayle needs to be careful though, tell him we don't want him to get hurt, as I'm sure you tell him everyday!
    Great all the clean up and out you have been up to. Kristi is a big help and get finder, your favorite yarn, now that's a good find. Sure hope you are feeling better and can enjoy some rest.
    Take care my friend, xoRobin

  15. Oh glad you found more Cottontots! I love that stuff too! Why Bernat, why?

  16. Feel better soon.
    What a huge pile of brush to burn! I bet the boys were excited! Bet tit was hard to get them to come in! You are always doing such interesting things.

  17. Hello Teresa, I hope you get over your cold quickly.. It looks like you all are fast getting ready for Winter.. Glad you found some more of the yarn you needed.. It will be great to see the restoration of the old chevy... Hugs to you Judy

  18. I think your blogging friends should be able to rent Saint Kristi out, she could fly where she is needed and help us all organize. Hope you feel better and it is never too early for Halloween decorations because they are so much fun.

  19. 1966 was a very good year indeed! :) I hope you get to fix that old Chevy up one day. Amazing what you can find when you organize! Halloween will be here before you know it. Must be cold season as my cousin in Michigan texted me the other day that she had a cold. And then yesterday my husband comes home with one. What's up with that? He needs to get well quick as we are travelling early Friday morning. Get well! Best wishes, Tammy

  20. Hello Teresa I am a little behind with comments on your posts at the moment. Also with my own blog :-) all is well though.
    I do hope you will feel better soon. How wonderful that Kristi found that yarn. She has certainly been busy!!! I love the yarn stored in your pie safe.
    The apple pie you made certainly looked delicious.
    Loved seeing you ladies 'that lunch' you certainly do have a wonderful time.
    Take care. Hugs Anne x

  21. Great shots!!
    Feel better!!
    xo Kris

  22. I'm really scared of fire getting out of hand, DH is only allowed the tiniest of fires.
    I hope you get to restore that Chevy one day.
    Now that is a first, yarn stored in a pie safe!
    Carol xx


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