Friday, October 2, 2015

A Moment of Silence and Driving the Gorge

I will begin my post today asking for a moment of silence for the families and friends of 9 students that were slain by an armed man in Roseburg, Oregon yesterday.  This happened on the Umpqua Community College campus - the town where my brother and sister-in-law raised their five good children.  We are saddened by this.  An Army veteran at the school that day was a hero, he pulled all the alarms in the hall, shouted at the other students to run, then as the gunman tried to enter the room that he was in he charged him and tried to keep him from coming in and was shot 7 times.  He is still alive and the gunman is not.  For that I am grateful.  

When I was volunteering at Multnomah Falls last week a young man and woman came in and asked about how to find Oneonta Gorge.  We gave him directions and told him that they would have to do some wading in the water to get to the back of the narrow gorge to see the waterfall.  I asked him if he'd share a photo with me if he got one.  Yesterday I got a text and there was the image!  His name is David Blanco.  Thanks, David!  I love Oneonta Gorge and have hiked back into it on a hot day.  There are mosses and lichens there that grow no where else in the world.  

My treasurer's report went well and we had a good meeting of the Portland Women's Forum.  After the meeting I drove my friends Sally and Bev across the Columbia River to Washougal, Washington to visit the Pendleton Woolen Mill Company Store.  I love the display of Chief Joseph pattern blankets.. so many colors.  Which one would you choose?  I'm drawn to the ones with turquoise in them.

These are the big blankets.  Sally found a pretty bag to buy in a cobalt blue pattern.  Bev got a black sweater.  I didn't buy anything.  Yes, shock and disbelief.  But the trip was for Sally who was given a gift of money as a thank you for her years of service as the Volunteer Coordinator for the Friends of Vista House.

Sally asked if we could drive further up the gorge and I had no afternoon time constraints so we headed East on Route 14 in Washington and enjoyed the views of the river.  I pulled into the Beacon Rock State Park and feasted my eyes on this gorgeous stone monolith.

There is actually a hiking trail to the top of this rock.. I've never climbed this.. would you do it?  :-)

We drove up a forested road to see the campground and were rewarded with this flaming tree.

This creek through the park is usually roaring with water but right now it's pretty meek.

We visited the Little Viking Drive-In in Stevenson and each ordered an ice cream cone.  I drove us to the park by the river while we had our cones.  Say, what is that I see beyond the big oak tree?

So, after we were done with our ice cream I walked down to get a better view.  OH.. wow.. look at that big beautiful sternwheeler!  

It's the American Empress.  What I wouldn't give to look inside!

You can book passage on this vessel for several different cruises.  I think of how nice that would be.

This is a beautiful vessel.

Standing on the grass of the park there I looked West to see the Bridge of the Gods.  Can you see it way down there?  It was a hazy day.  This park is where the wind and kite surfers launch from the beach to ply the waters.

There is the bridge in the hazy air.

I looked down and saw a branch of the oak tree that had blown down.

And many cute little acorns were on the ground.

I drove East a ways to try to capture an image of the paddle wheel.  

The light wasn't good for this shot.. but it's still neat to see it from the stern.

We then headed to the Bridge of the Gods to pass over back to Oregon.  

I drove through Cascade Locks and into the Port of Cascade Locks Marine Park. I took us down to the new brew pub to show Sally - and while there we saw a BIG boat.. it was National Geographic "Sea Star".  You can also book passage on it for quite the adventures.

I then drove us to the marina end of the park and we enjoyed looking over the river and the marina where I told the girls of some of our adventures when we had our sailboat "Stargazer" there for several years.  I then snapped an image of the Sternwheeler Columbia Gorge.  If you've read my blog for a while you'll recognize this boat which I've sailed upon many times.

It's a swimming day.  I am going.. yes I am.. but I'm a bit tired out.  But I'm going.  I am.  Do you have any fun plans for the day?  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. The day is almost over here, so no, no fun plans, just a nice sit down with a hot drink. The shooting was so very sad, so many lives changed forever.

    What a beautiful area you live near, it really is quite breathtaking. I hope you have a good swim, well done you for going despite being tired. I'm yawning just thinking about it. Wishing you a good weekend. CJ xx

  2. What a great tour you have taken us on you certainly live in a very beautiful part of the world. I certainly would climb the trail, I have no head for heights. I love all of the blankets, I was drawn to the blue such a beautiful colour. I have my daughter and her little family visiting this weekend so I have no doubt I will be out and about somewhere with Wilbur. Have a good weekend.

  3. How sad that more lives have been taken by a gunman, such madness. On a brighter note your photos are beautiful Teresa, you live in such a beautiful spot. Enjoy your weekend x

  4. Thank you for your prayers for our Community in Roseburg. Thank you for sharing God's beauty in your trip. HUGS!

  5. What a beautiful photo of that gorge!

  6. I hope you are having a good swim as I type this, Teresa. I am cheering you on! I felt better and ran some errands yesterday but came home feeling soon to be out and about, I guess. I bought more boxes of tissues and am using them :( Thanks for honoring the lives lost and those who are in shock and mourning because of the shootings in Roseburg; and thanks that in spite of this horrific event you documented and shared views of so much beauty the Lord created, and the creative goodness you shared with friends. xx

  7. Beautiful fall photo's.
    Such a nice little drive on the Washington side of the river.
    I gravitate toward the greens, creams & light blue colors - love the two folded blankets on the bottom shelf - lovely and so expensive!
    Hope you & yours are doing well. ((Hugs))

  8. I love your images one and all. love the strangers share of a photo. Prayers for all involved and struck by the Oregon tradgedy.
    Tons of acorns on the paths in Door County Wisconsin too
    Fun plan today: met some other retired Rn's for a delicious breakfast. Started a new shawl in an old yarn

  9. Yes indeed. Yesterday was a tragic day for us all. Senseless killing and now to hear he targeted Christians makes me wonder yet again what is happening to our young people especially. But the beauty in the rest of your photos gives me hope that things aren't as dark as they sometimes seem. Enjoy your weekend Teresa. I'm enjoying a last full weekend at the lake for the year.

  10. Pretty pictures! I love the acorns and fall leaves!

  11. I always enjoy going on virtual adventures with you, you go to some really great places. The picture of the falls that the man sent you is lovely isn't it, how kind of him. xx

  12. That was such a shocking thing to happen, but it is becoming all to common of a story. I feel bad for all the quiet people out there because it seems like these shooters are all quiet people who keep to themselves. Your photos are beautiful as always my friend.

  13. OMG, the colours in those blankets are absolutely amazing. I'd have a hard job choosing between them. Can't imagine climbing that stone monolith - looks way to steep and I imagine would be quite dangerous. The photos in today's post are beautifrul and I especially like the ones of the American Empress. Wouldn't it be relaxing just sitting on one of those balconies and cruising up the river? xox

  14. I'm so sorry about what happened there. It does seem like a very nice community. I really just don't know what to say. I keep saying to my husband that I'm going to build a bunker and live in it like a hermit. I'm so tired of what goes on. Thanks for sharing the photos of the gorge. It looks like a beautiful place. I'm intrigued to know it's named Oneonta because that's a place name in NY and I didn't know there was another one. There's even a state university college by that name there. Hope you had a good swim and are enjoying your weekend.

  15. I always love the beautiful pictures you share with us Teresa....the gorge is such an amazing place. Love the river shots and those beautiful blankets.
    There are no words for the tragedy of yet another heart breaking. x
    Wishing you a happy and relaxing weekend.
    Helen xox

  16. Dear Teresa,

    Please forgive me for not visiting you sooner. My little life has been turned topsy-turvy this year but hopefully things will ease up more and more as autumn passes.

    Your pictures are absolutely stunning and reflect the majesty of Mother Nature in your corner of the world. You seem to lead such a rich and rewarding life. It's a joy to read your words.

    Warmest wishes,

    Stephanie x

  17. Gorge-ous photos! We were just up there a couple of weeks ago, mid-week, and Viking was closed! Ack! We didn't get to see any sternwheelers, so really enjoyed your photos. Years ago we climbed to the top of Beacon was quite the adventure, and the view from the top was wonderful. Please tell Sally "hi" for me...I remember all our Vista House years together so fondly. And thanks for the wonderful photos.

  18. Some amazing photos! There's no way I'd hike to the top of that rock.

  19. Oh Teresa, how sad this shooting. I know our country is once again sickened by what has happened. I always enjoy the pictures you take. They are very interesting and make me realize that living in farm country can often be boring. The blankets are so colorful. I agree, the turquoise ones are prettiest. I am so behind with blogs and blogging. Since my mom is doing so poorly we have been spending more time with her. One never knows when when this will come to an end.
    (((Hugs))) Susanne :)

  20. I could live thousand years and I would still fail to grasp what makes people do such evils.
    Thank you for wonderful pictures, my son enjoyed the ones with ships very much.

  21. You said it much better than I did, in terms of the awfulness that happened not that far from where we live.

  22. I will never understand what goes on in some people's brains to make them do such things. Just horrible. The beginning of college classes for some and now shattered because of one crazy person. It looks like you had an absolutely wonderful day of wandering such beautiful areas of two states. So sweet of the hikers to send you a photo of the gorge.


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