Monday, February 29, 2016

Sweet Violets

Every Spring our farmyard is sprinkled with wild sweet Violets.  It's very early this year but from the kitchen window I spied a huge patch of white Violets in bloom.  Kristi picked a bowl of them for me and I put together 2 little bouquets.  I used a vintage milk glass cream pitcher and another small green glass vase.  It is very fiddly to arrange a bouquet of Violets, they are tiny and you have to poke them down until the stems are in the water.  But oh my goodness, these flowers are FRAGRANT!  Have you ever smelled them fresh picked?  ::swoon::

Kristi also took the BGC (Big Girl Camera) up and took some shots of them "in the wild" to show you how they grow.  There are 3 colors of them.  White, lavender and DEEP purple that you see above.

Sweet little flowers.  

I also used the BGC to snap some shots of my little bouquets.. I'm still enjoying the tiny little Narcissus.

Another shot of them on the forest floor of our little woods.

Here are my 2 little bouquets added to my tablescape.  

With all my St. Patricks decorations.

Kristi has put the 2 new orchids and the bromeliad in our bay window behind our easy chairs.. and I wanted to show you how full and healthy the Christmas cactus is getting.

My sister Denise is in Costa Rica for a week, she texted me this photo of the place they're staying.  Doesn't this look wonderful?

Yesterday they visited a sloth sanctuary and sent this image.. isn't he cute?

Another shot.  What a face!

Have you been wondering how Simba is doing?  Well.. our little wild warrior leads a rough life, but he's free and gets food and love on our back deck.  But he's been coming "home" with bloody ears and the last wound is on his neck and was pretty big.  But he's healing up.  He's quite the scrapper.  We aren't sure who he's fighting with, but Kristi has spotted 2 other cats coming to check out his feed bowl, including a "pole cat" or otherwise known as a raccoon has crept up to eat Simba's food while Kristi has been sitting outside.  We also have coyotes and not far from here a cougar has killed a pet goat.  But Simba would not stand a chance with a cougar.. or a coyote.  

An update on Dayle's recovery from surgery.  He's getting around and getting better.  But he's in a lot of pain and moans and groans a bit, but I know I'd be doing the same thing.  But he's on the mend, that's the best part.  I'm off to swim soon, Kristi will be on duty while I'm gone.  :-)  Did you have a good weekend?  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Happy Monday Teresa! Love the violets. They are some of my favorite flowers. Poor little Simba. He seems to be finding someone who wants his territory. He sure looks content in this picture though. It's really good to hear that Dayle is recovering. I feel sorry that he has pain though and pray it goes away a soon. That sloth is really cute. I guess I've never really looked at one before. It surprised me how cute it is. What a fun trip for Denise. I hope you have a great swim. Is Gracie joining you?

  2. I loved seeing the flowers around the farm, especially your little bouquet of violets. I hope Simba stays safe, it sounds a little tricky for him around there. He'll probably learn to stick closer to home soon. I'm glad to hear that Dayle doing as well as can be expected. He's been through a lot. I hope his recovery continues to go smoothly.

  3. I am pleased to hear that your dear hubby is on the mend, lets hope for a full recovery soon. There is nothing worse than been in a lot of pain. Beautiful violets, I love this time of year with all the stunning spring bulbs poking through, such a delight. Looks like a great place your sister is staying. Take care.

  4. It is wonderful that you have such pretty violets growing around you...and I wonder why we don't have any growing here. I like Kristi's arrangement of plants in the bay window, and they should flourish there. I am glad Simba is surviving with the help of the care of your family. It does look like Denise is in a lovely spot, and the sloth is sweet looking...but I realize I do not know much about them and will have to look them up to learn more. I'm still cheering Dayle on to complete healing and am glad he is making good progress. Hope to see you at the pool soon, Teresa! xx

  5. Sweet Violets and they look so nice with your St. Patty's Day decorations.
    They're just the right size.
    Hang in there Dayle, it's all about healing from here on out. I had surgery on January 6th so I know a little about what you're going through. I can truthfully say it will get better. Just not as fast as wed like.
    Hugs for Simba. Makes you wonder what sort of animal would hurt such a sweet soul.
    Great photo's of the sloth. Have you seen Zootopia? Apparently the DMV or some such govenment office is staffed with sloths. Just like in real life. (smile)

  6. Your violets are lovely and yes I could almost smell them.I Like your St. Patricks little gathering, they look lovely.You will be enjoying the touches of spring. It has been relentlessly hot here in N.Z. but a cool southerly breeze has come with the humidity dropped and is much more comfortable.

  7. Gosh Teresa you have beautiful tiny flowers ♥♥ Glad Dayle is slightly improved, not an easy time at your st pat deco's, my mums birthday is that day....thanks for visiting my blog and commenting too.....Sloths are such funny looking creatures but they probably think the same of us lol Poor Simba, but he looks peaceful.....don't like the sound of coyotes and cougars hanging around lol

  8. Those Violets are so lovely and such a deep purple color. Glad to hear Dayle is on the mend. Recovery is never fun.

  9. Yikes .. isn't a cougar like a tiger? I wouldn't like to have those running around on the loose ! Poor Simba but doesn't he look content on his chair. You are so good giving him the opportunity of a good home. Love your pretty little violets and your St Patrick's Day decorations are wonderful. Good to hear Dayle is recovering albeit slowly - hope he gets relief from the pain soon. xox

  10. Poor Simba. He's lucky to have your home for refuge. Toms , who are not altered, are always scrappy and fighting. I hope he has the good sense to run from bigger/more harmful creatures.
    Your violets are darling. A prayer now for Dayle and his nurses!!!

  11. All your plants, indoors and out, look so healthy. Poor Simba. I also have a male cat who I've set up sleeping quarters for in our parking area. He has pretty much cleared this block as his own and has tons of scrapes and scars from fighting off bigger males even though he has limited use of his hind legs due to an injury when he was little. They know when they have it good and will do anything to protect it. I have friends here who are thinking to retire to either Costa Rica or Panama. Sloths really do have sweet faces. Glad to hear Dayle is recovering after surgery. He definitely needs to take it easy in order to heal properly. My husband had hernia surgery some years ago and was trying to go to work the next day. I had to call his best friend, who is a doctor, and his father, to tell them he had called a taxi and was waiting downstairs. Thankfully, they were able to talk some sense into him. Have a good day. Tammy

  12. HI Teresa! First of all wishing Dayle to get well soon and get rid of all the pain! Must be a tough time for your family, but you will get through together.

    The flowers on your farm look so pretty and welcoming, thanks for sharing. I have never seen a sloth before.. a little bit strange creature :)

  13. Glad to hear Dayle is recovering. Slow but steady wins the race when it comes to recovery from surgery, for sure. Loved the pictures of your violets. When I was little, we had a patch on the side of our house for years and years and I always loved them.

  14. Good news about Dayle, not so good about Simba. Life in the wild is rough. Love your flowers Teresa.


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