Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The Spice of Life

Hello!  I want to show you my early birthday present from my DIL Kristi.  I had a little spice rack that my stepfather made for me when I was first married and it wasn't quite doing the trick to hold all my spices - and Kristi loves spices too.  So, she saw this BIG spice rack and decided to surprise me with it.  She also got 40 little spice jars and then set out to clean them all, make labels for all the spices and fill the little jars... AND.. put them in the rack in alphabetical order.  TA-DAH!!!!  Isn't it wonderful?

This is what it looked like before she did all the little jars - we had spices from a lot of different companies and it wasn't cohesive.

For example, Spice Islands, McCormicks, Schilling, etc.

Here is Kristi working on labeling the jars.  :-)

And here they all in matching jars.

She hand cut out each round label, wrote out all the spice names and embellished each jar with a cute little paper flower!  How cute are these?

Smoked paprika is a new favorite spice of mine.. have you tried it?  It's amazing!  What is YOUR favorite spice?  Mine may very well be CINNAMON.

Since I finished the wedding blanket, the booties, the little girl hat, I have picked up my Hitchhiker scarf.  Friends.. this one is rather excruciating.  The yarn is THIN and it's taking FOR. EV. ER.  And it's in BIG color blocks.. so I've been doing LIME.. forever.  But I can see that it won't be too long until I get to the next color.. peach?  I WILL finish this.  Meanwhile my knitting friend Meredith has started and finished like 800 of these.  LOL!  But Buddy keeps me company and warm while I knit.. tiny threads.. 

I goofed and made one of my "points" a row too long.. but there ain't no way I'm pulling any of this bugger out and trying to put it back on a needle.  :-)

I am enjoying using the vintage faux tortoise shell knitting needles on this scarf although I may have to move the project onto the circular needles I bought for this.  I gave up using them when I started out as there was too much cable getting in my way.  

Yesterday I went out and used a pruning shear to cut a bouquet of Daphne Odora - oh my goodness these flowers are fragrant.  I remembered I had a vintage green glass cream pitcher and they look good on the table.

Isn't this a neat little glass pitcher?  

A close-up of the little Daphne buds in a cluster.  Have you ever smelled one?

My changing flower bouquets.

I stepped outside to see what was blooming.. here are two different colors of Hyacinths in one big pot.

It's chilly outside and the flowers seem to hold their scent until they warm up.

I heard a large jet in the sky and it was a huge plane, slowing down to land at the Portland International Airport just 15 or so miles away.  Yay, they're bringing me some more stuff!  LOL!  Speaking of which I have some new yarn for a new project to show you.. next time.  

We have tulips in bloom!  Can you believe it?  Aren't these pretty?

Gracie and I are meeting for a crab salad for lunch and then off to swim.  I hope your day is going well.  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Teresa, I must tell you, this entire post made me smile! The spices look wonderful. Actually your "before" looks better than my "right now". lol Flowers are gorgeous, as is your knitting. That green pitcher...well, it's just heavenly! <3

  2. Wow, what a nice spice rack. I have racks on the insides of two of my cabinets. I've been happy to finally at least be using mostly spice jars of the same basic size, but it will be a while before I have finished them all. I feel badly throwing anything out food-wise, even spices before I'm done with them. Haha. Someday, I'll try for uniformity. Your flowers are looking lovely. I hope you're having a good week.

  3. I am in awe of that spice rack, you are truly blessed with a wonderful daughter in law. I seem to use a lot of cinnamon and mixed spice. You certainly have a wide variety. I love the green vase, such a delight. Take care.

  4. Gorgeous spice rack and you friend is a sweetie to find and label all those jars. We adore smoked paprika too, especially on popcorn.

  5. I'll say it again. Kristi, will you come stay at my house for awhile? I love that spice rack. I've tried alphabetically storing my spices but all the different size jars makes it fairly impossible. Yours is so cool and the labels are darling.

    I know what you mean about the thin yarn. When I made my sock yarn blanket last summer I felt I wasn't making any progress. Your scarf is so pretty. I know it will be worth it when you're finished, buddy looks like he's enjoying helping you.

    We have nothing blooming yet so I really like seeing your pretty blooms, inside and out. That pitcher is perfect. Have fun at lunch and swimming. Love ya Teresa!
    Blessings always,

  6. Love your spice rack Teresa. I had one I bought back from a holiday in Malta- it got toosmall- but sadly my spices are now hidden away in a cupboard :-(Hugs Anne x

  7. Gorgeous flowers Teresa, I bet they smell wonderful. Flowers this early in the year are always so much more appreciated I think. Kristi has made an amazing job of the spice rack, it's phenomenal. I love cinnamon too, I have some cinnamon tea bags at the moment, they're brilliant. It's great for keeping blood sugar stable as well which is something I need. Hope you had a good lunch and a nice swim. CJ xx

  8. Your post has so many scents today! I saw the amazing spice rack (fabulous job Kristi!) and could smell my own modest collection. You mentioned cinnamon and I could smell cinnamon. And you asked whats our favouritr. Mine is Chinese Five Spice and thinking of it brought the memory of that scent too! Then the pictures of that wonderous Daphne! Delicious!

  9. Wow that Kristi is awesome can I borrow her? Fantastic array of herbs and now so easy to choose, lucky you.....I am usually scratching around in the back of my pantry lol Lovely plants growing and good luck with the knitting ☺ Oh I would love to have big planes like that flying over!!! xoxoox

  10. What a lovely gift from Kristi. I'm sure you'll enjoy it. My tulips haven't bloomed yet. I bought some yarn a couple weeks ago to make a small afghan for a wedding gift. Got a few weddings this year so need to make something. I found a yarn store in Silverton that has lots of ideas and yarn!! Have a good week!!

  11. Awesome photo of the UPS 757. I haven't tried Smoked paprika yet. I have heard it really makes hummus amazing.
    Kristi made those spices into a pretty display.

  12. Your birthday gift is a practical work of art! Well done, Kristi. I can not see your mistake on your scarf and I bet no one will notice it while you wear it. It is so exciting to see the new flowers popping open around us, isn't it. It is only a little after 8PM and I am already thinking of going to bed. I loved our visit today and am still recovering from our turbulent hour of swimming :) xx

  13. I think that DIL Kristi is a keeper. Seems she is always doing something really nice for you. Have a great weekend.


  14. Looks wonderful now Teresa! She is so sweet to do it for you :) the rack definitely is more organized now. Enjoy!!!
    Loved the scarf color... looking forward to see the finished project!!!

  15. Your spices look great, what a kind gesture. Enjoy your daphne that fragrance is so beautiful x

  16. What a thoughtful gift for you! Kristi certainly is industrious! I love the large spice rack! I have never seen one that big! I have quite a mish mash of spices in my drawers. Smoked paprika is also a favorite of mine. Also, Sezchuan sp? Peppercorns! Try those!!
    The blooms are all lovely! I do love that pretty pitcher too! A house isn't a home unless there are fresh flowers in it!
    Your scarf is pretty, but I hear ya when you say it is thin and taking a loooong time. I am itching to have a yarny project, but I have been so darn busy!
    How is our dear Dayle?????? Good wishes your way for him! And do tell Gracie hello. Have a good time my friend!
    XO Kris

  17. What a nice gift from your DIL!

  18. goof Goof? what goof? I see nothing but a gorgeous hitchhiker. I love the green glass pitcher.
    Your DIL is just so wonderful. can you loan her to me?

  19. I'll tell you, you had an angel come into your family when Kristi arrived, but you don't need me to tell you that. She's a sweetie.
    Happy Birthday, dear blogging sister :)

  20. Well 800 might be a slight exaggeration, how about 750! I love yours and you will be thrilled to have it done. Next time, if there is a next time, you need to make it with much thicker yarn. BY the way Kristi is the best, that spice rack is a great idea.
    Hugs to you Teresa,


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