Monday, March 7, 2016

A Violet Story, Antiques and Blanket Progress

Greetings from Oregon!  I have a story to tell you.  Gracie and I swim together and have made other friends with the regulars at the pool.  One guy is named David and he's a nice man.  While we were swimming and chatting I told him that I'd brought Gracie some Violets that Kristi dug for her that morning.  He told me that he had lots of wild Violets in his yard too, all colors of them he'd collected out in nature.  Then he told me of this neat little vase he'd found at a garage sale, made in England with a little violet painted on it.  I was intrigued.  Later he called across the water and told me he remembered it was Devonshire.  So.. naturally when I was home again I googled "Devonshire violet vase and found all sorts of them, one of which was on eBay and it was only $8, so I bought it!  It arrived very fast and yesterday Kristi and Caleb picked a little bouquet of the dark purple violets for me.  Isn't this sweet and wonderful?  It originally held Violet perfume!

It's really small, about 3 and a half inches tall.  Here is what is on the back.  It's quite vintage, red-ware pottery and has a crackled glaze.  I now have my little bit of English violet history!

My little Irish children with the violets - do you see that the little girl is holding a copper bucket this time?  I made that bucket using PMC (precious metal clay) and have worn it as a necklace with some tiny flowers in it.

Do you remember the little pink booties I made last for my niece's new baby daughter?  Well, I'm going to visit her tomorrow to see her and the baby and give her the booties.  And I thought.. hmm.. I think a little hat would be nice to go with the booties.. so yesterday I crocheted this little hat and flower.  :-)

And added a pink button from the gift of buttons Gracie gave me some time ago.  I hope it fits the little darling girl!

Last week at the Portland Women's Forum meeting our program was an antique appraiser and we also asked our members to bring in one of their antique items to show and tell about and they could also get them appraised.  This pair of moccasins were brought by my sister Roberta.  Our grandparents had them made for her when she was to ride a horse dressed as an Indian in a local parade.  They also sent her a beaded headband and necklace.  Aren't they neat?

I took in this inkwell made by Pairpoint.  I have a bit of an antique inkwell collection.  I should show you more of them sometime.

I love the fact that you can see how much this inkwell was used is by the underside of the brass lid.

The other thing I brought in to share was my antique oak wood writing box.  I got this many years ago at an antique booth at a fair.  I just love this old box, it has two old inkwells and I've added some sealing wax, wax stamps and two of my dip pens.  

In the tiny drawers are some sealing wax and pen nibs.

Hayden was in a similar program about bugs last week, I stayed home to take care of Dayle but asked my son to get a photo for me.  Isn't he growing up?

I added 6 more "Flowers" to my blanket project.  I think this is going to be a beloved blanket in our home.  

We watched the final episode of Downton Abbey last night.  I have loved this show for years now and I'm really sorry to see it end.  :-(  I'm going to pack my swim bag and head to the pool soon.  I sure hope some of the new people get tired of coming.. lol.  We always have a crowded pool now and lot's of splashy people.  Have a great week!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Gosh what's not to love about this post Teresa? I love, love, love that little vase. My favorite color. You find the neatest things. Those moccasins are beautiful and what a wonderful Memory to have for Roberta. I always enjoy seeing your collections of things too. The inkwell and writing desk are beautiful. We have cloudy skies today and it's a little chilly, but for the beginning of March I'll take it. Have fun swimming with Gracie.
    Blessings always, Betsy

  2. I really love your new violet vase Teresa. How cool that a fellow swimmer gave you the tip! I keep collecting live cats these days....hee hee. I used to have a bride and groom collection but they were very fragile cake toppers and the slightest thing broke them....or Divorced them I would say!
    Happy swim time.

  3. Antique's Road Show is so much fun to watch when they uncover the history of the objects brought in, and this post reminds me of the show :) Interesting! The hat is cute, and I'm glad the button was just right for the flower center. Hayden is growing more handsome by the day. I hope we have a good swim today, too, with no tidal waves! xx

  4. Love your inkwell, I'm a big fan of them, and the writing box is lovely too. The vase is a great find, so pretty. And clever you making that little bucket, it's perfect, I can't imagine how fiddly it must have been to make! Wishing you a good week Teresa. CJ xx

  5. Hi Gracie how lovely to see your Devon Violets vase and your violets in it. The hat is so cute and that button is perfect.
    The blanket is going to be gorgeous. Hayden is certainly growing up and looking very handsome!
    The inkwell is gorgeous and I would love to see more.
    I loved Downton Abbey and am so sad that it is now finished. have you seen the final episode - the Christmas one? I've also been enjoying Mr Selfridge but that ends this week after several series :-(
    I went swimming today and had hoped to avoid a bust session but there were more people than I thought there would be, also told that it will be closed from Thursday for approx a week for refurbishment - it does need it but I shall miss going.
    Hugs Anne x

  6. I don't like splashy people at pools! Yuk! I adore your writing box. What a fantastic treasure and all of the inkwells.

  7. I LOVE the inkwell, my husband has a similar collection of paperweights like that

  8. What lovely treasures Teresa. Glad you found a piece of Devonshire pottery....many pieces have old sayings on husband keeps his cufflinks in one of their pots and we have a few other pieces too.They are very sweet. I agree re the splashy swimmers...LOl. Enjoy your week x

  9. That's a gorgeous little vase you've got there Teresa and your table decorations look so pretty. You must have oodles of space to store all your little nick nacks - lucky you. I'm seriously de-stashing here (still) but I must admit I'm feeling good about it. Just wish it would happen a bit more quickly. Hayden sure is looking quite grown up now - time flies and they're all grown up before you know it. I love all your old ink thingies. The flower blanket is coming along nicely - seems rather appropriate for you as you love your garden and flowers so much. xox

  10. Love your little vase, Teresa. Am going to keep this short as I am sick. Fever, coughing, etc. Enjoyed your post, as always, though. :)

  11. Glad you enjoyed Downton! It ended well didn't it. Lovely new vase for the violets! xx

  12. It was fun to read your post and see your treasures new and old.I love the violet vase. I too was sad to see Downton end. My best to you, Pat

  13. Loved the vase... I like all English style things, would like to have such vase as well.
    The blanket is really promising to be very nice...
    Take care and happy swimming!

  14. I loved the reversal that Mary was helping Anna with her clothes and into bed. That made a lump in my throat as you saw how times had changed and that the series was at an end. I shall probably watch all from the beginning in the future again, but not too soon.

  15. I love all your treasures! The little violet pot is so teensy and sweet. I love the addition of the button on your baby niece's cap. And...the pen & ink box...oh, I would love that on my antique desk.

  16. I love all that you have been up to, both boys are growing up so fast. I watched the last episode too, but our dish was acting up so I missed the first 40 minutes!!! At least I caught the rest of it.
    Hugs to you,

  17. Looking for violet vases now at am estate sales.


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