Friday, September 9, 2016

Black Acorns & Fall is in the Air

Last week I showed you a black acorn that my sister Roberta found during our adventure in the gorge.  A few days ago Gracie and I went to lunch at Big T's and then went back to the same park to see if we could find any black acorns, and look what I found!  The windsurfers were there and one man saw me walking around looking on the ground and he asked me if I'd lost something, I told him no.. I found something and showed him.  :-)

The large one is darkening.. I hope it turns all black, too.

This is the day I found them.. isn't the one on the left neat, it's got two baby acorns on the top of it, too!

I *think* that the black acorns come from a Black Oak tree.

A plus was that the American Empress sternwheeler was at the dock again.

What a picturesque vessel.

As we drove away from the park I wanted to show you the pretty walkway down to the gangplank to the boat.

Kind of neat for the passengers to walk back and forth on this pretty pathway.

Then Gracie and I drove on to the hot springs where we had our one hour lap swim.. it was wonderful as there were very few other people in the pool and for a third of the time we had the pool to ourselves.. we grinned to each other.. and the sun was streaming through the big windows illuminating the water.. heaven.  After hitting the showers we sit on a bench in the beautiful courtyard garden and I brush my hair out there before we walk to the car to head out.

We plan to swim there  through the winter, it will be interesting to see how busy the pool is then.

After several cool cloudy and rainy days the sun has returned.. I just went outside to photograph my acorns on some moss in our Bonsai tree pot and enjoyed the sun streaming through the trees.

My succulent basket and the yellow begonia.

The Chinese Lantern looks appropriate for the Fall season.

Kristi's orange and white dahlia in bloom.

Heading back inside.. 

Our son Travis and Kristi are on a weeklong adventure to celebrate their anniversary - here is a photo they shared of Butchart Garden near Victoria BC, Canada.

I volunteered at Multnomah Falls yesterday with my younger sister and I'm off to lap swim at LA Fitness today.  We have no weekend plans.. which suits me fine.. how about you?  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Those black acorns are interesting. I like your Chinese Lantern plant...ours just has very pale, washed-out white/ivory blooms. Enjoy the weekend!

  2. I've never seen black acorns like the ones you and Roberta found. So neat! So glad that you and Gracie had fun swimming and get to look forward to it all winter too. It's warm and sunny here today too. So nice.

  3. We have some softball games this weekend. Whew! I like a weekend with no plans!

  4. Your photos are lovely, Teresa! I have enjoyed researching Black Oaks on the internet. Thanks for the mention. I am hoping to attend a Tea tomorrow at a home in Milwaukie. I am supposed to bring open-faced cucumber sandwiches, almond flour ginger spice cookies, and lemon sorbet, then at home I think we are going to celebrate Tim's birthday a little early since he plans to be salmon fishing on his birthday. Hope your weekend is a happy one! xx

  5. Gorgeous photos.
    It's nice to have no plans . . . relax and enjoy "Home" :)
    Happy weekend!

  6. OMG Kristi's flower is a stunner !! The black acorns are very cute - what are you going to do with them? Always love seeing your pretty flower baskets. Have a good weekend. xox

  7. Our acorns are so small. I tried to needle felt some fun acorns but the caps were so small it did not end up looking right.
    Hugs to you Teresa,

  8. wow amazing black acorns! Enjoy your weekend xx

  9. Hello Teresa. I am rather behind with blogging and commenting. Had a difficult August in some respects and it's been full on at start of September. I love those acorns - always incredible to think what grows from 'little acorns' That is a fine vessel. What really caught my eye was the photo of Butchart Gardens - DH and I visited back in 2009. They were amazing.Whilst there a choir from Japan gathered and sang- truly amazing and so moving. Hugs Anne x

  10. I love those black acorns, how interesting. I can tell from your photos that the light must be changing there, everything looks very golden and soft to me. Hope you're having a good weekend, Teresa.

  11. Good looking acorns. The boat looks beautiful, it would be exciting to have a cruise on it.

  12. Always beautiful photos Lady! Are the bees crazy on your flowers? They are maniacal on mine

  13. A beautiful post, I have never come across black acorns before they look amazing. You are certainly blessed living in such a beautiful area.


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