Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Dollhouse Re-Do

Hello my friends.. how is your week going?  When I posted on Monday I told you that we were staying home and I might knit a bit.  Well.. I got the notion that I should take that free time and clean house.. 3 floors worth.. dusting, floor waxing.. re-arranging EvErYtHiNg!  In my dollhouse, that is.  When my darling granddaughters were here I invited them to go check out my dollhouse.. when I looked in later after they were done I saw that they had rearranged literally every. single. thing.  :-)  Oh well.. it needed dusting anyway.

SO.. I knew I had a job ahead of me but haven't had the time or the inclination.. until on Labor Day.  I took some spray wax, a roll of paper towels, a chair to sit on in front of the dollhouse and got to work.  This is the living room after hours of removing everything, waxing the floor, dusting each piece of furniture and putting everything back where it belonged.  Victorian mom and dad are sitting on the sofa together and mom is holding the family Cairn Terrier.  There is a pie on the table for the family's dessert and a cake on the sideboard.  The spinning wheel is ready to use by the fire, a basket of knitting by the wheel.

One of the most amazing things about this antique dollhouse is the inlaid wood floors.

The kitchen is a tiny room.. I wish it was bigger so I could fit it out fancier, but it's not.. :-)

The master bedroom has a fourposter bed, a washstand, a highboy and a wonderful dresser and an upholstered rocking chair for when mother rocks her baby.

The well-appointed nursery is next to the master.  The nanny is caring for the baby and the young master of the house.

The eldest child is playing the piano and the music floats around the house for all to enjoy.

I found a trunk for the attic and a box of "Shiny Brite" xmas ornaments, among other things in storage.

The bathroom.. I wish I had one this big in my old turn-of-the-century farmhouse!  I've been wanting to paint the linen cabinet.. should I do it white or stain it?  Plus, I need to fold up some "linens" to put in it.  Did you know we have the same kind of vintage toilet as this one in our real house?

The 3rd floor tower room.. there is a sewing box, books to read and a cupcake for dessert and a darling rattan table and two chairs.

All the rooms at once.

On our real house is a porch swing, so I got a cute little wooden swing for my dollhouse.  I also found a tiny crocheted granny square afghan and pillows.  I thought it was fun that our real forest is showing through the window beyond the dollhouse in this photo.

I also found a hanging basket of geraniums.. I had a 2nd basket with colorful flowers but it has gone missing.  

My dollhouse has this brass plaque on the base, I've googled this company and it must be long gone as I cannot find a thing about it on the internet.

The house has it's own lights and we ordered a part that was missing to make them work.  It's so pretty all lit up.

I hope you enjoyed a tour of my tidied up dollhouse.  Now for some reason my husband thinks I should do a similar dusting and tidy up of our real house.  HA!  I'm off to the hot springs to swim with Gracie today.. in an hour actually.  I hope you have a lovely day!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. First of all, before I forget, have a fun swim with Gracie. Now as for that gorgeous doll house. I know I've told you before how much I like it. Some of my favorites? The spinning wheel and yarn basket of course. The quilt and pillows on the bed and the crocheted afghan and pillows on the swing. Although I adore everything. And yes, I knew you had a toilet like that. I've had the pleasure of using it! Ha!Ha! Was that indelicate? :-). Have a fun day my sweet friend.
    Blessings always,

  2. Your dollhouse is fantastic, Teresa! I love it. I just showed all the photos to my daughter, who couldn't believe that it wasn't a real house. I'm so glad you shared it. I think the porch swing is my favorite part. :)

  3. You have such a wonderfully luxurious doll's house Teresa! Lots of lovely things inside too.... how sweet is the porch swing with its little crochet throw. And what a lot of housework you have been doing :)
    Helen xox

  4. Wow Teresa, it's amazing. Those floors! And it's absolutely beautiful with the lights on. I love the porch swing. Perfect. CJ xx

  5. You really had me thinking you had done all that to your real house Teresa...LOL...such a gorgeous doll's house. SO many sweet details and I love that you can turn the lights on! xx

  6. Well I did not know I was helping you escape cleaning your house by going swimming today, but I sure am glad we went and had such a fantastic swim! It is fun to see your doll house after you did so much housework on it. I especially enjoy seeing it all lit up. xx

  7. Hello Teresa, this is such a beautiful house you have! Wow, I really enjoyed the tour you gave us. Such fine detail. Here's a link to something I found after reading your post:,3245432&hl=en
    Maybe your house came from this shop? Have fun, Pat xx

  8. Well done Teresa! The dollhouse looks gorgeous now :) I love the light lit windows! :)) All the tiny details and decor pieces are so cute and precious!

  9. What a gorgeous dolls' house. I love it! I found a tiny bit of information about the Victorian Pearl - the shop used to be in Pearl Street, Eugene, OR. I found an advertisement for them in the Eugene Register-Guard of April 19 1986 :)

  10. My, my, my what a beautiful dollhouse. I was most impressed with the inlaid floors. The detail on those floors is amazing and at such a small scale. I do have a suggestion . . . why not turn one of those upstairs rooms, even the attic, into a maids quarters . . . no more dusting, LOL.
    Have a great weekend!
    Connie :)

  11. I vote white for the cabinet in the bathroom. What a doll house. Absolutely amazing with fascinating details. I LOVE THE LIGHTS

  12. Your dollhouse is absolutely gorgeous! Love every detail in it!


  13. I also subscribe to get your blog through my e-mail. I sent you a reply. I hope you got it.
    I love your dollhouse and have some things that I would like to send you for yours. I have 5 dollhouses. Your floors are great! So pretty.
    I haven't posted for awhile (need to get back into it). My blog is:

  14. Always enjoy a look through your doll house. Love it. xox

  15. I never thought about having to keep that house clean as well as your own! It is a beautiful doll house Teresa.

  16. So lovely to get a peek into your Dolls House again Teresa - it is adorable. Hugs Anne x

  17. Gasp, a beautiful dolls house.The lighting looks beautiful from the outside. Amazing furnishings.


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