Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Flowers and Gazebo

Hello!  Thanks for stopping by.  Are you in the mood for some flower photos?  I hope so!  I have 2 different varieties of purple Clematis planted together on the right side trellis on our garden shed, this one is an eye popper.

And my 4th of July climbing rose is covered with buds and they are opening.. *love*.  I think this rose is aptly named as the variegated red and white certainly does look like fireworks bursting in the sky with a fire-y yellow center.

We had a glitch on the gazebo construction project and found we needed to move it to do some final trim work - so Dayle bought 4 car wheel dollies and Travis jacked each side up and we placed the dollies under the columns, then the other side, and then the guys rolled it away from the house roof and did the finishing touches, then rolled the whole thing back into place, jacked it up again, slid the dollies out and "ta-da" it's done!  LOL!

Then on Memorial Day we had a BBQ dinner!  We had friends over, 5 of us sat under the gazebo and we set up a 2nd table nearby where 6 more of our party dined.  I snapped this one photo of our alfresco dinner party.  :-)  The guys BBQed hotdogs, bratwursts and hamburgers while I made a big pot of orange baked beans and macaroni salad and Kristi cut up a very sweet watermelon, too.

The Lantana that we potted up are doing very well and I just adore them.  I got 4 different varieties, here you see a pastel one and the other is a bright yellow, orange and hot pink!

The 4th of July rose bush, the brown in the back is my white Lilacs which are done.. wah.

I sure have enjoyed this rose which will bloom most of the summer.

This rose is called Scentimental and it's highly scented, love it.

You probably noticed that I have a thing for striped roses.

Kristi has been working in the garden, I so appreciate it.  She did battle with some blackberry vines that had intruded into my beloved rosebud azalea, it looks so much nicer now!

The yellow centered white Rhododendron and a red rose over our old arbor.  It needs replaced as it's old and falling apart but I can't bear to lose it as I just love it.

And the Double Delight rose is in bloom!  Dayle did a good job of trimming our roses and they are all bushy and healthy looking.  My sister Denise's MIL did rose testing for Jackson & Perkins and tested this one for them and got to name it!  It's not only pretty but extremely fragrant.  I've read that if you can only have one rose, this should be the one.  :-)

They are creamy ivory colored with red where the sun hits it as it opens.  

And this pink rose, I have no idea of it's name but it's also fragrant.  Kristi had dug these out of the garden at their last house and Travis came home to see them in the refuse bin - so he brought them out here and planted them for us here.  :-)  They are loved.

Here is the pink one opened up.. do you know the name of it?

Here is a snap of the gazebo on the deck from the circular driveway with our woodland behind.

The Clematis vine on the garden shed.

Gorgeous things.

The chickens clucked up a storm when I was photographing the Clematis.. pawwwwwk pawk.

I ordered a new bigger patio table which will arrive in a week or two, I can't wait to show you.

A few more photos of the Lantana.

Which is your favorite color?

Dayle is off to get some plant hanging brackets today so we can hang the two flower baskets that Kristi gave me for Mother's Day.  :-)  Now I need to find some new chairs as these aren't all that comfortable.  

Kristi and her sister spent a "sister's day" at a terrarium shop and did a class and she brought home this super cool garden in a jar.. isn't it neat?

OK.. gotta dash.. pack swim bag and head to the pool.  How is your week going?  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Teresa. how green your thumbs grow! WOW. I love roses. As you know we have hungry deer here so are minimal. But my bridal wreath bushes are so lovely. The lilacs fragrance wafts through my kitchen window! WE have 4 clematis blooms.....nothing compared to yours, but we are so happy they survived the winter. Fireman and I kayaked on the Lake today! So fun

  2. Oh wow Teresa your garden is looking gorgeous. The Lantana are my favourite but the clematis are swoon worthy too. Bet you had a wonderful time at that bbq. Make the most of that garden. B x

  3. Wow! I posted pictures today of my little tiny marigold garden. Next to all of your flowers they don’t look like much. Ha ha! Love that new gazebo. We were eyeing them at Costco to put one at the lake, but not knowing what our future holds there we decided not to invest the money. The little gazebo that we have now works well. Thank you for all the beautiful pictures. Your flowers are eye candy. I hope you had a Great time swimming.
    Blessings, Betsy

  4. Teresa, all I can say is Wow! Your garden is fabulous! The roses are so lovely. I'm wondering if the pink one is Queen Elizabeth. I used to have one and this looks like her. Our garden is so shaded that roses don't do too well here. Knockouts are about the only ones that do okay, but nothing like yours. And that first clematis is gorgeous! Your new pergola is looking great and I'm sure you will enjoy more lovely dinners there in the future. ♥

  5. Well it sure all looks fabulous and I must say that gazebo I would love. So many many beautiful flowers......I love lantans but allergic to them but like the pink with the orange ones and allergic to many other flowers lol

  6. Love all your flower pictures Teresa. Gorgeous! Some of your roses look like they were painted. Also love your gazebo. What a great place to dine!

  7. The new gazebo is wonderful, I imagine you and your family will have many happy meals under it. The red and white splashed roses are sensational, as is that clematis on the garden building. You've been working hard out there I think! CJ xx

  8. Your wooden gazebo looks so much nicer than our portable tent style one :-) I can imagine a great many summer evenings spent in the shade of your gazebo, and maybe even some warm rainy days. Bliss! xx

  9. Lovely flowers. My favorite time of year, wandering around the yard and stopping to smell the roses...

  10. Your roses are delightful Teresa, you have so much lovely space at yours. The gazebo is an amazing's bigger than my garden! Enjoy all your outside entertaining, there is nothing quite like it. Hugs xxx

  11. All is spendid ! Thank you so much.
    The nature is so beautifull.

  12. Love that gazebo! It makes my little summerhouse (a mere 6ft by 8t) look like a chicken coop!
    I love all your roses and also the deep red of the houses in your area, they look stunning. I don't know Lantana, but they look gorgeous, too!
    Margaret P

  13. Your flowers are just to die for. I also love the gazebo. Nice to see that you, and friends, were able to enjoy it with a BBQ. Nothing like having friends over!

  14. Lovely photos! That clematis and your roses are amazing!

  15. Of the Lantana my favorite is the deep raspberry and orange combination....soooo pretty! Thanks for sharing all the gorgeous photos. Did I get a sneak peek of the chairs you chose :-) xx

  16. Your flowers are always stunning Teresa!! Love the new gazebo! And that little planter in the jar is so sweet!!! Happy summer!!
    XO Kris

  17. Beautiful blooms ! Really love the garden in a jar! Anne x


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