Monday, May 21, 2018

Garden in Bloom, New Gazebo & Royal Wedding

We had a "constructive" weekend.  First I have to show you this massive Rhododendron.  I just love the polka dotted flowers on this one.  This is on the right of our front yard. (ETA - thanks to my friend Theresa, she identified this Rhodie as "Sappho"!)

We got this new gazebo last Fall and now the guys and Kristi are putting it together.  It has SO many parts, over 1200!

The instructions say it will take 4 people to build it, but our son Travis built each side on the deck and then Dayle and Kristi helped raise them while Travis fastened them together, just like an old fashioned barn raising!  Kristi is the organizer of parts and Dayle is the "supervisor" and Travis was the builder, adding the screws and bolts and nuts and generally the brawn of the outfit.  

I'm the recorder of history.  

This is the company's advertising photo of what it will look like when done.  The size of the gazebo is 12'x14'.  

My little cast iron gnome is keeping an eye on the building.

My purple Iris has 3 flowers in bloom on one stalk now.

Next to the Iris is my big Honeysuckle vine.  Unfortunately it always is covered with black fly or something and I may have to dig it out and burn it.  I am not a proponent of poisoning pests and this vine obviously is not strong enough to take care of itself which is a requirement to be a member of our garden.  :-)

This is our white Rhododendron that has yellow markings.  What is weird is that this is usually the first Rhodie to bloom and the red ones the last.. ever single year.. but this year this one is after the red and pink ones.  Hmmm.  (ETA - I googled this variety and it's name is "Catawbiense Album".)

My little Siberian Irises.  These were in a big bed up by the Apple tree, I dug some up and had a pot of them on my houseboat deck, then brought them back here and planted them at the top of the creek and waterfalls.. where they never bloomed.. so we moved them down in more sunlight by our walkway and here is where they've thrived.  34 years of moving these around.. nuts.

My beloved 4th of July rose bush is covered with buds and this is one of the first to burst forth.  

My barley twist candlestick collection grew from 2 pairs to 3 over the weekend.  Facebook's Marketplace is the culprit.  These ones are the smallest, have silver-plated top and bottoms and a little removable top bobeche.

I got my collection of polka dotted candles that I ordered from Cath Kidston in London and put them in the candlesticks for the table.

Kristi surprised me with a new Pioneer Woman tablecloth, so I put it on the table, freshened the roses we got for Mother's Day last week and arranged the candles.  The designs on this cloth remind me of crocheted mandalas, don't you agree?

I sure do love colorful things.  

I did not get up at 4:30 am to watch the Royal Wedding of Harry and Meghan - but on Sunday afternoon I watched a CNN showing of it all.  :-)

I absolutely loved it all and am so inspired by the positivity of their union.  While our own country is moving backward and spiraling downward into racism and bigotry - I am thrilled with the how England is showing us all the right way to behave.

*C*O*N*G*R*A*T*U*L*A*T*I*O*N*S*!* to Harry & Meghan!

Right before I began to work on this post I saw the official photo of the wedding.  How beautiful!  I love the way the Queen and Meghan's mother are wearing a similar spring green.  

I had sat outside watching the gazebo building for a long time and got thoroughly chilled, so this was me when I came back in to watch the wedding.  With my pink shawl and Woodland blanket making me cozy.  :-)

Kristi had gone to check out a new meat shop and came home with 5 Porterhouse steaks, 2 filet mignon and 4 marinated teriyaki kebabs.  This is our dinner on the pellet grill, Travis was the BBQ chef.  Kristi served it with twice baked potatoes and green beans and asparagus.  Yum!

I don't think I told you but our grandson Hayden had decided to be a vegetarian and was eating that way for almost 2 months.  But a few weeks ago we went out for Chinese dinner and Hayden was not pleased to miss out on having meat so he is once again a carnivore.  And no, he did not finish this.  :-)

So, that's all our news.  How was your weekend?  I hope it was a good one.  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. A lovely post, Teresa....all your garden flowers are looking amazing and the gazebo will be such a wonderful addition to your garden. Your family make a great team don't they? I loved the Royal Wedding too, and like you I felt the same uplifting positivity from it all. Have a happy week! XxX

  2. Your garden is always such a treat, always such beauty to be found. The rhododendrons and irises are gorgeous. The gazebo is going to be lovely, what a wonderful place it will be to sit and enjoy it all. Do you get to see any of the Chelsea Flower Show that's on in London at the moment? I think you would enjoy it. That image of Meghan walking up the steps on her own is my favourite of the day I think, beautiful. Have a lovely week. CJ xx

  3. Thanks for sharing all the gorgeous photos, Teresa! This really is a splendid season for the Kasner Farm, and I enjoyed your Historian view of your weekend...neat gazebo, tablecloth, candlesticks, yummy looking food and lovely glimpses of the pretty royal wedding, too. xx

  4. Your purple iris are wonderful. I’m looking forward to seeing that gazebo finished, It will look wonderful I think. Wasn’t the wedding wonderful. I caught the high lights today and loved every minute. B x

  5. I always enjoy seeing the lushness of your gardens, Teresa. The rhododendron are all spectacular. I don't have any luck with them, so I'm quite jealous! Your new gazebo is going to be nice on your deck. I imagine you will enjoy many hours there this summer.
    I've only watched little snippets of the Royal Wedding. My daughter and son-in-law were visiting from New England for a few days. We have it recorded and I can't wait to sit down and enjoy it! As you know I love Britain and can't wait to see it all. Have a lovely week ahead. ♥

  6. Wow so many gorgeous flowers at your place Teresa. That Gazebo will be awesome lucky you xoxoxo

  7. Your flowers are gorgeous... I am so envious!The polka dot candles are whimsical!

  8. Beautiful flowers as always. Lilacs are blooming profusely over here right now. I really like your new table all goes together very well. I’ve watched parts of the wedding as I didn’t get up that early either! It was gorgeous and as hope they will be as happy together as it seems William & Kate are. I see so much of Diana in both of those boys. :-). Mandy and I were at Windsor Castle a few years ago and actually walked in the church so it was great fun to see it again,

  9. Teresa, I totally envy you your wonderful garden!!! It must be a delight to sit out there relax with a cup of tea and some crochet. When you have your gazebo up a double delight I think :-)

    Keep well

    Amanda xx

  10. Your family and your flower images are a great way to start my morning. I Love your grands two month trial into a different diet. Its good for kids to show restraint and care about what they eat. WONDER where he got his motivation, grandma....

  11. As always a joy to take a stroll along with you around the garden, a feast for the eyes. Love the gazebo what a wonderful addition. I really did admire the new candlesticks and the candles were a joy. I enjoyed the wedding and all the coverage which led into a very nice afternoon tea.

  12. I watched the wedding on Saturday morning, but only after I awoke on my own! lol I hope their union is a long and happy one. You make me feel like a need a garden gnome :)

  13. Your garden is looking stunning Teresa - and the gazebo is going to be so amazing. Imagine sitting there on warm summer evenings, enjoying the beauty of the garden.

    I didn't watch the wedding, not my thing, but I did think it is good that there is a bit of a shake up in the crusty Royal family. There is a lot of bigotry and racism here in the UK, unfortunately it is not an equal and fair society, although it was good to forget about this for a weekend because of the royal intercultural, interracial and international wedding.

    The steaks sure look yummy!

    Have a wonderful week xx

  14. So many beautiful blooms in your garden. The gazebo is going to be a great addition. And those candlesticks are gorgeous.

  15. Hello Teresa. Your blooms are beautiful!!!! The garden looks glorious as is the gazebo - love it. The cloth and candlesticks are lovely - lucky you. I did watch the Royal Wedding and thoroughly enjoyed it all. It was a crafty morning here, I did a mini bunting, we wore a touch of red, white and blue and I served scones with butter and jam and we watched as we crafted. It was a delightful morning- had the feel good factor. Hugs Anne x

  16. As you know I loved the wedding so much, it was just what we needed to see after all the horrible things going on here. More shootings and the government taking us backward in history every single day. Hooray for Harry and Megan!


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