Monday, June 4, 2018

A Glorious Weekend - Home and River Boating

Hello! Did you have a good weekend?  We did. Saturday was spent doing things at home.  I got all the cushions on the deck chairs and tied them on with bows and got them around the table.  Dayle got some nice plant brackets and installed them on the new gazebo and hung up the beautiful hanging planters that Travis and Kristi got me for Mother's Day.

Dayle wintered over this gorgeous "Bonfire Orange" Begonia and it sprouted up and has buds on it!

Dayle started the burn pile after it had been added to all winter and boy did the flames shoot up high!

Shawn, our older son, hoisted the heavy pots of Jasmine back onto the deck for me and moved them into place in front of the new gazebo pillars.  I must tell you that I felt a huge sense of relief to have things back in tidy shape on the deck after a year of deck construction and then gazebo construction.  

Meanwhile on the side of the house younger son Travis is getting the boat cleaned up and ready for a Summer of fishing, crabbing and (for me) cruising.  Shawn is on the other side of the boat waxing it and then moved all around the boat getting it shined up.

We have a bunch of yellow iris bulbs around the base of the black bamboo patch but they don't get enough sun to bloom.. except this ONE.  :-)  We need to move those bulbs to a sunnier place.

I just *love* the black bamboo - it starts out green and then takes 1 to 3 years for it to turn black.  

See how much smaller the burn pile is?

Kristi was tired of weeding around this old stump so she got on the tractor and went into battle and she was successful!

And she happily drove that stump down and dumped it on the burn pile.  :-)

I charged up the battery of my Lumix bridge camera so I could see if I could get some better photos.. I like this one of the koi in the pond.

And look at this amazing Petunia!  It looks like a starry night sky.

And our new patio table was delivered this morning so Kristi and Dayle are out on the deck putting it together.  I'm so excited to see it all done.  It's longer than our 14 year old glass topped table so will seat more of us.  

Dayle has 4 thistle socks on our bird feeder hanger and we love to see how many are there at the same time.  Dayle keeps a running tally.. lol.

Sunday was full of activity!  Dayle, Travis, his BFF Ernie and Ernie's adorable little boy Diego, went fishing on the Columbia River.  Our grandsons were at their aunt and uncle's house for a few days so didn't get to go fishing.  This is Beacon Rock from the water.

They planned to bring Ernie and Diego in at around 4 pm and by then the boys were home so the 3 of us met them at Rooster Rock State Park.  I told the boys to keep an eye out for the boat and soon they told me it was coming our way.

Soon they were zooming past us to get to the entrance to the boat ramp, see Dayle waving to us?

We went on down to the dock to wait for them to arrive, this is the view from the dock, Vista House is up there on the rock bluff 733 feet up there!

It wasn't long before they came around the corner from the west up the boat harbor towards the dock.

Our C-Dory is named Sea Wolf, Travis at the helm...

... Ernie ready to jump on the dock with the dock-lines.

And Grandpa?  Well.. he was holding a sleeping Diego who'd worn himself out fishing all day.  :-)

How adorable is this darling little boy?  He has a new little brother who I look forward to meeting some day.

Their catch of Shad.  Apparently it's a very bony fish which they have frozen and will use to catch crab.  

The boys and I climbed aboard after they helped Ernie load his gear into his truck - and off we headed for a scenic cruise.  See the dock back there?

The trees have engulfed Rooster Rock and are growing so tall that soon you won't be able to hardly see it!  Time for some judicious pruning or removal, wouldn't you say?  Apparently this rock is part of a slide from the rock edifice that Vista House stands on now.

Hitting the open Columbia River, heading West.  Dayle and I were comfortably ensconced in two folding chairs in the stern of the boat - looking East up the gorge.

From this vantage point you can see Vista House on Crown Point, kind of fuzzy.. but you get the idea.

Travis at the helm, Hayden and Caleb being boys.

We passed a beautiful Grand Banks yacht, we waved and I snapped a photo. Dang, wish we could afford one of these beauties!

One of my favorite scenes, "sun pennies" sparkling on the water. We cruised along for a few hours and I'm so happy, I wasn't able to go boating all last summer as we were so busy building the new deck and painting the house and out-buildings.  It was a "home improvement" summer.  This one I'm hoping to get out on the water more.  

Our crew holding the boat while Travis brought the truck and trailer to the boat launch to load the boat and head home.

While the guys went home and cleaned up the boat, I took the boys to Cascade Locks for an ice cream, let them run on the pebbly beach by the yacht basin then took them to the playground where they burned off some energy climbing on the sternwheeler shaped play structure and then spent some time playing hide and seek.  :-)

The Sternwheeler Columbia Gorge went by while I was watching the boys play.. so I snapped a shot of it.  Then it was time to head home.  A very good day.

And so.. today no swimming as I tweaked some back muscles yesterday pulling some weeds out of a pot.  I hope you're having a good day and the whole week ahead.  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. What beautiful pictures Teresa! That petunia is something! Can't wait to see your new table out in the gazebo. Meals out there will be so nice. I am so curious about the black bamboo. We have a lot of bamboo at the edge of our property (some of which we have harvested and used for various a ladder, etc.), but I don't think I've ever seen black bamboo. Very pretty.

  2. Your gazebo area is just beautiful. I am doing some home improvement this summer, so I share your feeling of relief when it all gets put back together.

  3. WOW,what Awesome photos,I just LOVE where you live,can I come and stay.that Gazebo area really is soooo wonderful,I would never want to leave it.Love your hanging basket,we have our Mothers Day in March in UK.Hugs xx

  4. Yay for getting out on the water! The photo of Dayle and Diego is precious. I'm sorry you tweaked you back muscles and hope they heal rapidly. I made a trip to Home Depot this morning and am recovering before heading out to weed some more. I've found moving a camping chair around from spot to spot helps me to be able to keep at the process longer. I really enjoyed all your gorgeous photos, my friend. Thanks for posting! xx

  5. What a beautiful post it’s gorgeous photos Teresa! I loved everyone of them. I so miss our trips along the Columbia to (Portland). Dennis and I are planning on making the drive later in the summer so maybe we can all get together then. I’m loving your deck and gazebo in the boat in the water in the pictures of the Vista house, etc. etc. A wonderful post all together. But my very favorite picture is the one of Dale holding a sleeping baby

  6. I hit the publish button by accident. And I didn’t proofread first. :-( Sorry if it sounds like a jumbled mess. But thank you for the absolutely wonderful post today Teresa.
    Blessings always my friend, Betsy

  7. Oh the whole pictorial was wonderful. The deck looks amazing. You sure know how to pull it all together . WOW. The starry petunia....perfect description. The sleeping lil boy! OMG Diego! Your family does interesting FUN things! Thanks Teresa, hope your back heals quickly!

  8. Teresa, you live in paradise!! I love seeing the scenes of the Vista House from the river. What a wonderful day you all enjoyed. The Sea Wolf looks like a wonderful vessel to enjoy the water. I love your term "sun pennies". My sister and I always call that look diamonds on the water. Whatever it's gorgeous! And your deck and gazebo look lovely all full of beautiful plants! I bet I know where I will find you! ♥

  9. How fun to see the boat again! And your new chair looks so comfy! The Gazebo is looking grand, and all ready for a season of sitting outside to enjoy it!
    We went to our lake yesterday and spent the day on the boat too. I only took photos with my phone.
    xo Kris

  10. Oh my your gazebo and new table so wonderful to have and many lovely gatherings together under it for sure. So much fun over in your part of the world for the boys and so cute Grandpa with that sweet tired little boy xo

  11. Everything is looking wonderful over here Teresa! Your gazebo is gorgeous and all the plants look stunning. I loved the picture of Dayle with the little boy asleep on his sweet. Lovely to see the boat again...and the sun pennies on the water, something I always love to see too. Sending hugs xox

  12. Goodness, what a busy weekend. I love that picture of the river with the 'sun pennies' - so pretty. Also love your hanging baskets. Wish I could grow flowers like that. Everything I get doesn't manage to last very long - no green fingers in this household !! I didn't realise Vista House was so high up - you wouldn't want to go to close to the edge. Hope your back is feeling better soon. xox

  13. Hello Teresa!! looks like you are off to a good summer!!! I love your gazebo it looks so cozy id be reading my books and having coffee there.. your hanging baskets are so beautiful and how lucky are you to live by the water...

  14. What a wonderful time you have had Teresa.Hugs Anne x

  15. What a great weekend Teresa, the boys must love their adventures xxx


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