Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Saving Our Oceans & Al Fresco Dining

Recently on Facebook an ad popped up that caught my eye.  A group called 4Ocean is raising $$ to pay for boats, fuel and people to clean debris out of our oceans!  They recycle the glass and plastics that they haul out and make bracelets.  For each bracelet you buy they will make sure and pull a pound of trash for your donation.  Click HERE to learn more.

I actually bought 3 of these to support this project. In 2 years they have pulled up 780,821 lbs. of refuse due to the support of people like you and I who want to help.

The beads are smooth glass and the cord is recycled plastic and there is a stainless steel 4Ocean charm on each one.  Of course, these are waterproof and you can wear them swimming.  :-)

They have a new color, green, for saving the sea turtle.  What do you think of the idea?

Our patio table arrived on Monday and Dayle and Kristi got it put together.

Even Hayden helped with the project.


The table actually matches our old chairs quite well so I don't need new chairs.  :-)

The reason I wanted an openwork table is that now the dust will go right through the holes.. right?  The glass table was ALWAYS dusty and yucky.. even 5 minutes after I would clean the glass.

I foresee many meals out on the deck enjoying the birdsong and the sound of the waterfalls and all the green growing things.

And we have a lot of green here!

 Kristi arrived home from shopping with some surprises - some pretty stripy carnations, a new variety of lilac, a mosquito plant and a tomato!

Aren't these pretty?

Such a fine little lilac flower!  It has a slight aroma.

Some of the flowers in one of our hanging baskets.

Kristi brought home a crate of strawberries, aren't they pretty?  They are locally grown and so sweet and juicy.

Just FYI - I did not enhance the color on these photos!

Look what Kristi found while weeding around the play structure.  The big discussion is do we put it back where she found it or keep it and raise it up.. she wants to keep it as a pet.  To be honest, if we put it back it will likely get eaten by a coyote, hawk or owl.  Decisions, decisions.

It's a pool day, my back strain got better so I'm back in the "swim of things".  Did I tell you we have a guy doing finish work in the attic?  He's adding a window today!  We'll have white bead-board walls and oak colored laminate flooring.  I'll be sure and take an "after" photo for you.  BREAKING NEWS!  "Peter" has a sibling, "Mopsy"?  Both are currently in a box in the middle of the dining room table.  Oy vey.  Stay tuned for an update on Friday.  :-)

LATE BREAKING NEWS -- Kristi put the baby bunnies back out in the play house and hope that their mother finds them.

((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Awww...such a sweet little bunny--love his name and glad to hear he has a sibling. Your table is perfect on your deck and with your chairs makes a great set. I'm sure you are going to love it out there.
    I'm going to check out the 4 Ocean group. It's so concerning that there is so much trash in our oceans. If we don't do something about it soon we are in for a heap of trouble. We need to do what the UK is doing and try to limit our use of plastic. They use a lot less of it than we do already! I'm refusing to use plastic straws as my small way of bringing attention to this issue. It was not my idea, but I liked just the small thought of it! ♥

  2. I think glass topped tables are a pain, inside or out! lol Your new table looks perfect, like it has always been there.

  3. Love the new table Teresa, it looks beautiful under your gazebo. I think you made the right decision popping the bunnies back outside for Mum to find. My strawberries are quite pale compared to those beauties, but we've had a lot of rain and they swelled fast so slightly less taste, sadly. Can't wait to see the attic! xx

  4. The table and setting are beautiful. Fingers crossed the mama rabbit will come back for her babies, they are adorable.

  5. A lot of beautiful things in your post today Teresa. That group sounds like it’s doing wonderful work cleaning up our oceans. Good for you in supporting them so well. I love the pretty new flowers that Kristi found and the strawberries look good enough to eat! Ha! Your table is absolutely beautiful and I’m sure you’ll have many family times of fun sitting around it. And what sweet little bunnies. I sure hope their Mommy finds them and takes good care of them. I hate to think of a coyote or raccoon getting them. i’m glad you’re feeling better and hope you had fun swimming.
    Blessings, Betsy

  6. Beautiful carnation flowers. Reminds me of the rose of Sharon bush. The strawberries oh my look scrumptious!!

  7. What a great cause Teresa , the world is waking up to all the pollution at last! Those bunnies are just so sweet but I agree that they are wild and I hope their Mummy finds them soon. Hugs xxx

  8. How cute are those bunnies.....hope Mum finds them. That garden of yours is always wonderful to see and love that new patio table and the old chairs look great with it too and still envious of your chair lol.....I had to go hunting for comments again today for blog.....oh well at least we have fun writing our blogs xoxoxo

  9. In our area, they say if the babies have their eyes open they are good to go. Perhaps you could enclose them in something for a few days till they are a bit bigger and then let them go?

  10. Life is hopping with interesting news in your household, Teresa!! 4Ocean has a wonderful goal and is an organization of which I was unaware. Thanks for the introduction to them. I can imagine you all having many wonderful meals together outside using your pretty and practical new setting. As hard as it was to let them go, at least you gave your little bunnies a loving catch and release to make it on their own. Yesterday I bought some locally grown strawberries at a farm along Foster Road and they were pretty yummy, too :-) Great idea to finish off the attic space for your expanding family! xx

  11. I likw your new patio table and chairs! I bought something from save our was free but paid shipping..old world map in a necklace. I really like it! I don't buy much off of facebook. The baby bunnies are cute and hopefully they will be reconnected with their mommy! Yummy strawberries this year. I didn't buy alot and did freeze some to make strawberry bread which is good. Happy weekend!

  12. Oh those bunnies - too cute. I hope they are ok now. I tried to comment yesterday from my phone, but it never went through.....

    Those bracelets are a great idea!

    Love your new table - so pretty under your gazebo. What did you end up doing with the strawberries?


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