Friday, June 8, 2018

Flora, Fauna and Swearing In

Hello!  I'm glad to have you drop in for a visit.  Isn't this new Lupine amazing?  We discussed where to plant it and will do that soon.

I found just the right footstool for my new deck chair.  It's from Ikea and is called an Alseda and it's made of woven banana fiber over a steel frame.  Although I found this online the shipping was not good so I drove to Ikea after our Portland Women's Forum meeting yesterday and walked in and found it. It's just the right height for putting your feet up a bit.  The last part of the puzzle will be a small table where I can set my drink, camera and iPhone.  :-)

The hanging basket will be showing up in this blog for a while.  :-)

I will also show this Begonia as the flowers open and the plant fills out.  I love wintered over plants!

Richard, our attic remodeler, installing a new window.  This will be so much nicer up there with more light and ventilation.  Today he's taking white bead board up and nailing it to the walls.  Last will be the laminate flooring.  Yay!

The 4th of July rose is showing off right now!

We had our last Portland Women's Forum meeting of the year yesterday.  Our wonderful out-going president, Bev, gave her officers a gift for our hard work during her 4 years service as the leader of our group.  How nice!

We each got this cute tea towel!  Sweet!

We have such a nice group of people that belong to our organization!

Our officers for the next 2 years and outgoing president.  From left, me, Kerry, Mo, Bonnie and Bev.

I took my big camera out to capture photos of some Cedar Waxwings but they did not cooperate so you'll have to settle for a Goldfinch.  LOL!

Kristi decided to put the baby rabbits back out where she found them, inside the play house.  They are gone now so hopefully their mother took them back, although I hear that if their eyes are open they should be self-sufficient, thanks Kathy B!

Good old Facebook.. there is a Corbett Group and someone put up a notice that they are growing Peonies and would deliver, so we just got this gorgeous bouquet, cut the stems and put them in the cut glass pitcher I found not long ago.. on Facebook Marketplace.  :-)

I asked for mixed colors so she brought red, pink and white ones.  *love*

They smell wonderful, too!

 It's a swim day.. I will have to force myself to go.. I'm not in the mood.. :-)  Have a fabulous weekend.  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Gorgeous peonies. I always love seeing bouquets of them. They remind me of my mother who loved them so. I like your new footstool for your chair. I have a rocker I use at the lake all the time and I have a little table next to it. I hope you have a wonderful weekend Teresa.
    Blessings, Betsy

  2. Some days it's hard to stay motivated, isn't it? I'm sure you enjoyed your swim in spite of being "not in the mood." We walk for exercise and some days we both look at each other for encouragement.
    I love your July 4th roses--outstanding near your deck. And those peonies--lovely! Have a great weekend. ♥

  3. Enjoy that swim lol and your weekend too Teresa. Lovely that the bunnys have gone on to live their lives (that is what I hope too) beautiful plants again and you sure do have some lovely times with all the groups you are with xoxo

  4. Hi Teresa, I loved reading about your activities. The bunny is so cute but I can understand why it's back to nature. What a lovely bouquet of peonies. I found a similar cut glass pitcher the other day at a Resale shop. I don't purchase it only to find it was gone next time I visited. Your outside living area is simply lovely with the new cabana, chairs and flowers! Pat

  5. Oh my, I'm glad you had a lovely PWF meeting...that I totally forgot about...sigh. Our two Peonies are raspberry and white and just at the end of their pretty blooming time. Your bouquet is gorgeous! Good for you going to swim...even if reluctantly. I hope I can get back into the swim of things after the painters have finished their work during the first part of the week. We have two of Gary's cousins coming tomorrow morning to move a freezer, two desks and at least some boxes out to the spite of the rain 😓 Hope you and yours have a happy weekend 💞☔

  6. Oh those peonies!!! I love them! Hope other swim was refreshing hot here. Not ready for that!!
    XO Kris

  7. Hello Teresa just love all your photos- such beautiful blooms everywhere. Adore peonies tried to grow Lupins but no success. Glad bunnies were let go. Did you enjoy your swim? I'm not feeling very motivated re anything at the moment! :-( Take care. Hugs Anne x

  8. Loved the new footstool and those peonies were a real delight. Hope your swim went well despite not wanting to go. Have a wonderful weekend.

  9. Hi Teresa, I have missed you! I think I am all caught up. The bunnies are adorable, I so hope Mom got them back to the nest. I see a little brown bunny around my house sometimes early in the morning before I leave for work. I always tell it to stay away from the coyotes. Your back porch area looks amazing, I want to sit back there with you and gaze at the fish and flowers while we chat. By the way I had seen those bracelets but did not know about the green one, I just ordered two for myself. Thanks for the link.

  10. Bunnies are thriving! I betcha! I love peonies. You use your time very wisely Teresa. Everything you join seems to have great folks working along side you! Happy Weekend. Just came from garage sailing....(sale + ing) I spent 5 dollars. :)

  11. Loved seeing all your wonderful colourful flowers! And I loved seeing the bunny here (I was drawing one for my work just yesterday!!) You live in such a lovely place Teresa...and how comfortable your new chair and footstool look. Hope your swimming was's hard to make yourself go when you don't feel like are doing really well! Have a wonderful weekend xox

  12. All your flowers are beautiful! Peonies are in bloom here as well. They do smell amazing.

    Love your new footstool, and that bunny photo is too sweet for words.

  13. Wonderful pictures Teresa! The goldfinch is gorgeous and such a sweet bunny!! Love your new footstool - looks perfect with your chair.


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