Monday, June 18, 2018

Father's Day and Attic Ta-Dah

We had quite an interesting Father's Day yesterday - Mother Nature put on quite the show!  Thunder, lightning, downpours of rain, it went from 92 deg to 68 within a few hours.  Dayle got lots of cards and a phone call from our daughter in Ohio and got to talk a bit to our two granddaughters.  Plus Amy sent him 2 new Carhartt t-shirts and a fun card.  I remembered my own father who was a sweet man and loved us.  

I just snapped a photo of our family photo that was taken at Dayle's sister's wedding when the kids were young.  Dayle has been an exceptional father to our kids.  Supportive and loving.  

I got him a tin full of licorice Allsorts - which I've always thought was a peculiar thing to like.. but now I've gotten to like them somewhat.  Do you like them?  Do tell.

I snapped a photo of the floor project in the attic mid-installment.  The remodeler had trouble with the laminate flooring and instead of it snapping together and "floating", he had to saw off the edge and nail them down.  He was unhappy how it went but we told him it's fine.  

Yesterday he finally finished and I went up to take a last look before we wrote the last check and I'm just so pleased with how it turned out.  I told him we'd definitely like to have him do a few more things once he's finished with a job he's moving onto tomorrow.  He left 2 holes in the ceiling under the roof vents, I just ordered two covers for the holes.  We'll add some screening to it so it looks better.

And he did indeed paint the old door on the inside and the door frame, too.  Much better!

Kristi did some final cleaning in there this morning and has put some of my seasonal decorations in their bins in the storage areas.  :-)

The boys are already enjoying spending some time in here, it's right over our family room so we can hear every footstep but that's okay!

It really is amazing to me how much nicer the space is with a window instead of an old slatted vent.

Looking back.

For nailed down laminate I think it looks pretty neat!

I'm still amazed at the difference, I wish I'd taken a "before" photo.  But it was pretty dismal.

Kristi's sister and BIL got these light sabers for the boys for their birthday - they're pretty cool - they buzz and hum just like the real ones.  Hayden's is red and Caleb's is blue which mixed together makes purple light!  It's a bit frightening when they're sword fighting in the living room by my glass-doored china cabinet.  LOL!

No swimming today as I have some reports to write for our Friends of Multnomah Falls board meeting this evening.  

I want to take a moment to tell you that I am very upset by the current administration of our country who are taking children and babies away from their families who are trying to get asylum here in our country, who are fleeing countries where they are being threatened by violence and death.  I'm proud of my state's politicians who are bringing this to light and fighting for the children to be returned to their families.  I've seen photos of the current situations where people are being kept in huge cages and lying on the concrete floor and only given plastic "space blankets" to keep warm.  Nursing babies have been ripped from their mother's arms.  Tiny children are crying in cages alone.  This must stop now.  I will be calling my congressmen and women and writing letters.  I also want to get some real blankets to these people.  Please do what you can to help.  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Sounds like you had a nice Father's Day (despite - or in spite of the weather). And I love those licorice allsorts! The attic looks fabulous Teresa - love it. I have no words for the way the deplorable one is acting...beyond my worst fears.

  2. The attic is absolutely lovely, I'm glad it turned out so well for you. And how good to have a whole new room to play with. Boys do love light sabers don't they.

    The situation with the immigrants is horrendous. I can't imagine what sort of person sanctions that sort of thing. It's heartbreaking. But good to see so many standing up and saying it must stop. Let us hope that goodness and right prevails. Well done for doing your bit my friend. CJ xx

  3. What an amazing transformation of the attic Teresa. I’m sure that gentleman has all the work he can handle if he does as good a job everywhere. Good handymen are hard to find.
    Glad Father’s Day weekend was good for your family. We’re looking forward to a house alive with kids this week. I can’t wait.
    Many Blessings,

  4. Your new attic is absolutely beautiful, I love to warm glow of the floor, very cosy. I can imagine the boys having many hours of fun up there. Plenty of space for a good light sabre fight I should think.

    I just watched a statement by Mr Trump on the awful awful situation of children being forcefully separated from the parents. He said absolutely nothing, which took quite a while. It is unbelievably sad and upsetting. Please do continue to write to your congress men and women. Your country needs people like you, more than ever. xx

    P.S. I am not a fan of liquorice all sorts but the rest of my family love them.

  5. Teresa, the attic looks wonderful. The flooring is quite lovely. I imagine it will be a great spot for the dueling light sabers!
    I'm a huge fan of licorice, but have never had your kind.
    I'm beside myself with worry about our country! It's a shame the current administration is so heartless! And our Congress is not doing a thing about it either! I can't imagine the deplorable conditions these poor children are in. What is wrong with us? I've reached out to our representatives, but don't know when they are going to stand up against this ridiculous administration! Apparently we need to take the Statue of Liberty down!

  6. Heartbroken and angry at the same time that our government is allowing this horrific situation. I'll be calling mine too!
    I love the attic finish. VERY Nice work he did

  7. I like your finished attic. Just have the grandsons fight up there with their light sabers! Tee hee! China cabinet too close for comfort. We had some wind here but I was napping when it happened and Phil was out walking. He said he needed a mask for his face with all the dust! Lovely rainbow later! Take care!

  8. I love Allsorts my favorite are the round coconut ones.

  9. Hmmm lost my comment; if I send two delete one please :-) I enjoyed your family photos, including the light fight that might I think be safer up in the great newly refurbished attic. My mom would have wanted to share Dayle's treat since she was a fan of licorice. I sent off an email to WDC about the current immigration policy. xx

  10. Lovely family photos! The attic space looks very light and airy. I have no doubt it is a huge improvement from how it was. Utterly unbelievable what is happening at the border and all the lies being trumped up by political fools!

  11. Your licorice allsorts story amused me - they were my dear late husband's favorite too. Also, last Christmas I was gifted a 1kg box of them by the outgoing President of our CWA (Country Womens Association) - I've been Treasurer for 9 years now and will probably be taking it on again next year. I love the look of your attic - I too wish you'd taken a 'before' photo - its always great to be able to compare them and appreciate the new look. I don't know much about the politics of your country but the situation you wrote about sounds absolutely terrible. I do hope things improve for those poor people very soon.

  12. My sister and I love Allsorts and we often buy them for each other! I am sick over what is happening to immigrants! I can hardly believe this is happening in our country...I have no words for how horrible it is!

  13. Querida Teresa, nunca te he escrito pero si sigo tu blog, me encanta ese bosque donde vives. Felicidades por el Atico, quedo muy lindo. He visto muchas noticias sobre los inmigrantes en U.S.A., es muy lastimoso lo que el Presidente hace, ojala pueda recapacitar. Aqui en mi pais (Costa Rica) nos sucede con los compatriotas Nicaraguenses, pero nunca les hacemos eso. Saludos y Pura Vida¡¡¡¡

    1. I translated this for myself and my readers:

      Dear Teresa, I have never written to you but if I follow your blog, I love that forest where you live. Congratulations for the Penthouse, I am very nice. I have seen many news about immigrants in U.S.A., what the President does is very sad, I hope I can reconsider. Here in my country (Costa Rica) happens to Nicaraguan compatriots, but we never do that to them. Greetings and Pura Vida¡¡¡¡

  14. Sounds like a great Father's Day. I do not like those allsorts! Your attic space turned out great and I am sure it will get much more use now. Our current administration is horrible. Hard to believe some of the vile things that have already happened and now he is involving children. He needs to go.

  15. Lovely fathers Day and I like licorice allsorts but now low carb very rare lol
    Love that attic as you know.
    Yes I have no words for what is happening.....I burn incense in the hope of sending my heart felt wishes out there ♥♥

  16. The news is horrifying every single day. I wear I am so depressed that anyone can think this is okay. You get what you vote for that is for sure. Love the family photos and the beautiful attic space.


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