Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Mosaic Table, Attic Progress and Sister Adventure

Hello!  Thanks for visiting my little corner of the internet.  I found the last piece to my deck "nest", a mosaic table from Pier 1 Imports.  The colors in this just spoke to me.  I'm already happy to have it by my chair while I'm out on the deck enjoying the sunshine and the sound of the waterfall splashing away.  The family spends a lot of time out on the deck.  If I want to be in the midst of the action, it's usually out there in fair weather.

This photo was taken yesterday which was lovely, but the days before were downpours of rain and today the rain has returned.  Wah.

I'm enjoying the way the colors in the chair cushions and the table play off of each other.

OK, attic remodel update.  I just went up and looked around before the builder arrived and was pleased to see the progress.  See the short wall and the openings for storage?  He built little doors and brought them today so the next photo will show those installed.  Some of you have asked what we plan to use the extra space for.  First of all it was pretty awful in there with nails sticking down all over the place and no insulation and unfinished floor.  So, when Kristi cleaned it out I wanted to get it improved.. I saw a notice on Facebook in the "Corbett Area" of a man who was looking for remodeling work, so I put a comment on his post that I'd like him to stop by and give us a bid, which he did and it was reasonable and we gave him the go ahead to begin.  Now we can have storage behind doors and either the boys can use the central space for hanging out and playing.  If they don't use it, it will be a much nicer place for storage bins.  :-)

Today they are working on adding the doors and more trim work and his friend came along to help with caulking.  

It's really amazing to me to see how much better it looks with just the bead-board panels up on the old dark wood rafters and walls.

There is sawdust on the walls which will be cleaned off.  The trim will hide all of those gaps!

Looking back towards the door.

It's a good thing I've gone up to check on the progress as I asked the builder to put a piece of bead-board over the raw wood that crosses the top of the door.  As you can see it's a bit of a difficult entrance to the attic but it is what it is.

I snapped some photos of my collection of limited edition embossed artworks to show you.  Richard Kohnstamm who ran Timberline Lodge for a long time had these commissioned.  The first one was Timberline Lodge, on the far right.  The second was Multnomah Falls in the center.  The one on the left is of a covered wagon on the Oregon Trail.  Not shown is one of the Heceta Head Lighthouse.  Ahem.. the wall needs washed.  LOL!

This one is really a treasure.

The whole print is embossed and Timberline Lodge is a coppery gold.  I think it's rather brilliant as all the embossed area is snow.

My sister Denise just returned from a trip to China.  She snapped a few really neat photos and shared them with me.

This was in Shanghai and they also visited Tibet.

When she returned she was thrilled to see that her son had done a good job of watering her garden beds and she had some beautiful lettuces ready to harvest!

It's a swim day, again, it's hard to go when it's raining but I will go, my heart thanks me.  What are your plans today?  Do you have fine weather or foul?  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. It is a brilliantly beautiful day today. 78, sunny a light breeze. The dirty porch screens were given a good scrubbing. The barbeque grill too. It was so greasy. The grease trap below the grates was embarrassingly gross. I scrubbed and scrubbed that thing. Hopefully keeping that trap clean will help keep flies away this year. All that work. Now to knit. We plan to watch the sunset over the lake tonight. which means I may manage my first snowcone down at the town riviera later!!

  2. Your new little table looks PERFECT to go alongside your beautiful chair for the deck. I really love that footstool as well. Will the banana leaves hold up in "weather?" And fun to see your attic progress. I love those little storage areas.

  3. Foul weather for us last night. But, we do need the rain. I love your deck and the attic is looking good. Nice prints and the walls always need washing at my house! lol

  4. Teresa, you attic is really coming along nicely. I really like your deck and the comfortable pieces you have chosen. The colorful table is darling.
    We've had humidity return today, so our AC is running again. The sun was shining so that made me happy as we've had quite a few gloomy days recently. ♥

  5. Beautiful weather here Teresa although cold but what can I is winter here lol Oh that attic is awesome reckon I would enjoy crocheting up there all by myself looking out the window. Love your little table, I am looking for one for our city place to put on the balcony xoxo

  6. Same as you enjoyed the colors me too enjoying the colors of the cushion and the table design.
    Amazing to see your embroidery work:)
    Beautiful photos of china. Love the lights in the building and the reflection of them in the water:)
    Nice to see the green garden of your friend:)

  7. Love the table!! And I really, really like your attic space. Beadboard is a big favorite of mine. I think I would lay claim to the space as my craft room. The light is beautiful up there. Alex’s girlfriend is from Shanghai and he spends several weeks a year there visiting her family. I think I would prefer Japan, but maybe because it’s more familiar to me. Hope swimming was fun.
    Blessings always,

  8. What a great idea to use the attic as a boys den! Imagine the fun they'll have up there :-)

  9. You are all set up with a pretty and comfy spot on the deck now! I am a fan of white bead-board, too. The embossings are trouble with artwork is there so much I enjoy viewing I need more walls, or maybe I can train myself to visit art galleries more frequently! Thanks for sharing some of the sights Denise saw, and a view of her successful garden. Yay for your swim! xx

  10. Hi,Deck nest what a great name,and I love that space soooo pretty and relaxing.Loving the Attic

  11. Love the table and chair on the deck, you are going to enjoy that space so much and the boys will enjoy the attic space too!


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