Friday, July 20, 2018

Puppy and Denise's Alaska Adventure

My daughter and my granddaughters are so excited as they finally convinced her husband and their dad to let them get a puppy and they found one and are just waiting a few weeks to pick it up!  I'm also excited as I will be there when it gets to come home!  Wahoo!

They've named her "Honey" which I think is awesome!  Her father is a Yorkshire Terrier and her mother is a Bichon Frise and Shih Tsu.  :-)

To say the girls are over the moon is an understatement!  Amy, too!  Me too!

These photos are a bit fuzzy but I am looking forward to taking more when I'm there.  :-)

The Dad.. can you believe how cute this guy is?

My sister Denise is in Alaska with her husband, son and a friend.  They started out on a cruise with some other friends, too.  Then they struck out on a further adventure, flying in a small plane and seeing more amazing things!

Isn't this gorgeous?

Their mode of transportation.. and they landed on this big sand dune and also on rocky shores.  

Can you imagine how bumpy of a landing this might be?

My wonderful and intrepid sister and yes, the plane landed right on this rocky shore.

When I saw the beach she was standing on I asked her if she picked up a rock to bring home and she told me it's against the law.. but she said each rock was AMAZING!  The two below are granite, I believe.

Can you imagine these polished up?

I just got off the phone with my daughter, we did some planning for my trip there.. we'll head to Lake Erie the day after I arrive for 3 nights and then head back home to get ready for the puppy's arrival and just hang out and be together.  I fly out on the 31st and back on the 9th.  I made a packing list.  :-) So, off to swim I go, then pick up something at my jeweler and then go get some yarn so I can crochet a hat for my niece's new baby boy.  She asked for it to be gray and navy, which I don't usually have on hand and I want it to be cotton.  I'll show you later what I find.  OK.. ciao for now.. have a super day!!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Your granddaughters are so beautiful! They look thrilled to have their new puppy. I'm sure you are super excited to see your family and spend a wonderful time together. Have fun. Hugs, Pat

  2. Oh my word!!! THAT PUPPY!!! Honey is the perfect name for her.

  3. great post! who would have thought of a sand dune in Alaska? certainly not me. thanks for sharing

  4. Oh so cute that puppy is and the girls look very happy and grown so much Teresa ♥ Can't wait for our Alaska bit of a trip and rockies too yay. Got to be warmer than here lol

  5. Honey is a little darling. I'm sure your grands are over the moon happy to be welcoming him soon to their home. Such cute little girls, Teresa. I know you must be getting excited about your visit. It will be here before you know it. Have a great weekend. ♥

  6. Oh, that puppy is adorable. No wonder you're all excited!

    Alaska looks amazing. My nephew and his wife were there last month and their photos were stunning too. They didn't fly their own plane though. :)

    Those rocks are gorgeous. (I love rocks.)

    Looking forward to seeing you next week!

  7. Honey is the cutest things ever and so are the girls faces. They tell the whole story of bliss. I just know you’re going to have a wonderful time. The Alaska photos are amazing. Your sister is quite the traveler isn’t she? I’m looking forward to seeing the yarn you chose. Pink or blue don’t seem very popular for babies anymore, do they?

  8. Honey looks gorgeous. You are going to have a wonderful time away caught up in your granddaughters excitement. Doesn’t Alaska look awesome. I’d love to travel there. Have a great weekend. B x

  9. I could feel your excitement as I was reading this post. You are blessed with beautiful Grandaughters and that puppy is adorable. What an amazing trip your sister is on, she certainly is an intrepid traveller.

  10. It will be very exciting for everyone when that precious puppy arrives. Have a great trip.

  11. Honey was my mom's nickname. THat puppy is going to be sweet as honey. HOw FUN for the family!!! SUmmer is awesome for a new pup!

  12. Naaaaww what a cute little puppy and how exciting for the girls (and you). You should make her a 'welcome home' blankie. I love that photo of the snow on the mountains in Alaska - afraid I wouldn't be able to cope with the cold there. We get up to minus 7 overnight but thanks goodness for central heating. I keep the house warm and comfy. Those stones look gorgeous and yes, they'd look amazing polished up. Shame you couldn't get a few. Enjoy your trip to visit your lovely family. xox

  13. Please give Honey some love pats from me. She truely looks like a sweetie who will live up to her name. I enjoyed seeing Denise’s Alaska photos. Thanks for posting! 🤗

  14. What a cute, cute puppy! I bet you cannot wait to get East!! What an adventure your sister is having. Love all the pictures. amazing that they can't bring even a single rock home!

  15. Oh my,Honey is soooo darn cute and her dad is too lol.What Awesome photos of your sisters trip,just jaw dropping scenery what a great experience.xx


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