Friday, August 17, 2018

At The Lake

We're here but not here.  It's an unusual year for us for the Annual Shaklee Family Reunion Camp-out and Frog Hunt.  Instead of bringing our travel trailer we're staying in a hotel in Oakridge, Oregon and driving up each day to hang out with the family. Dayle has had a hard year with back pain, then surgery, and recently he's been having cardiac issues.  SO.. he is seeing a cardiologist to try to get things smoothed out for him.  So, the scrubbing of the whole trailer and packing everything and setting up the whole camp this year wasn't in the cards.  

The air quality is bad due to all the fires still burning in California, Oregon, Washington, Montana and Canada.  See the rock heart on the shore?  It's been there for several years now, I love it.  The water is low this year too due to our drought.

This is the boat launch area.  One of the only places where you can drive to see the water, all the rest you have to hike in a ways to see the lake.

Dayle took my camera and got some photos for me.

Everything looks so different with the smoky haze.

Several of my brother's kids and grandkids are arriving each day.  My older sister is here too, but my younger sister could not join us this year.  

I waited for him.. :-)

The next day while I visited with the family around their campsite, Dayle took the camera to "the point" for a few more photos. This is the island in the Shadow Bay campground swim area.

We love to boat out to this island, it has a little rock fort on it, if you look close you can see it.

The swimming bay.

We've spent many a year kayaking and sailing and swimming here.  This year I will just swim, no boating.. we did not bring one.  :-(

Such a pretty place, even with the haze.. but I sure do prefer it crystal clear.

We will be heading back up there in a bit.  One more family will be arriving today.  There will 11 of my brother's grandchildren there and 3 of his kids and 3 of their spouses.  22 of us altogether.  

Waldo Lake is the 2nd largest natural lake in Oregon with a visibility depth of 120 feet and the water has been said to be more pure than distilled water.  :-)

I love the time of day when the sun glints off the water.

Sometimes when we've come earlier there has been Bear Grass in bloom, also Shooting Stars and Huckleberries ready to pick.

Buddy stayed home this year but I have fond memories of seeing him scamper amongst the rocks in this spot.

Well.. time to head up the mountain to the lake.  We head home on Sunday.  I hope you're enjoying the last days of summer.  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. I can tell it's beautiful where you are, Teresa. I'm so sorry that the haze of fires is affecting your views. How wonderful your family comes there for a reunion. I hope you continue to enjoy yourself. I'm wondering about that lovely lake that has the pure water--how special. ♥

  2. Wow! Such a beautiful place! I'm glad you could go even if you couldn't camp.

    Have a wonderful weekend with your family!

  3. Hope that you have a super time despite all the 'differences ' to your reunion this year. Hope that Dayle will get things' smoothed out when he sees the Cardiologist. Hugs Anne x

  4. It's such a beautiful spot Teresa, I'm glad you're there with lots of family members. Lots of memories being made no doubt. Sad to see all the smoke haze from the fires though, I hope they end soon. Best wishes to Dayle, I hope he's been able to take it easy and enjoy the break. CJ xx

  5. Teresa, Im so sorry to hear Dayle is having some heart issues. But the medical world is SO GOOD at heart situations. I believe that medicine has catered to men for years in their studies. So much knowledge after the wars, gleaned from soldiers and the VA. So if you have to pick an issue, I always say pick HEART! Im glad you are all gathering despite the complications. HUGS

  6. Gosh Teresa how different it looks this year. I hope you still have fun and I hope Dayle feels better soon. Hugs xxx

  7. What a beautiful stone heart near the lake and you have such a big gathering of family. The smoke haze in the air is awful in many areas like where you were. I am glad the ocean area rolls in fresh all the time where I live.

  8. I was wondering if the smoke was bothering you as well. It is unsettling to me to have it so hazy, but today our air is better and the temp is cooler for which I am grateful. I made it swimming twice this week! Today I had the whole pool and spa to myself for about 45 minutes! I miss you! Thanks to you and Dayle for the Waldo photos and narrative. I know your experience is different this year, but I hope you will come home with dear memories. xx

  9. I hope the mosquitos have gone away!

  10. I know you miss having your trailer with you Teresa but I’m also glad you are enjoying your family time and the gorgeous views of the lake. I’m sorry Dayle is have cardiac issues. They aren’t fun at all. Thank you for sharing your lake views with us, even with the smoke. Our air is terrible over here.

  11. What a beautiful place for a reunion, creating lots of wonderful memories to treasure. Such a shame about the haze from the fires. My heart goes out to all those affected by these terrible fires. So sorry to hear about Dayle, hope all goes well with the Cardiologist.

  12. What a perfect place to have a family camp out. Hope Dayle is feeling better soon. How sad that you have had yet more fires this year. Hope you enjoy your special days. B x

  13. Gah - the smoke. We had an awesome day Friday with the smoke leaving and cool temps = perfect for my day at the fair. I was getting a headache from the smoke. My son is here this weekend for a flying visit. Up to cooper Spur to check on wedding arrangements sunday. Hope you and Dayle are taking it easy.

  14. Shame with all the smoke and plenty of that happening in nsw for Oz....Looks like you all will be having loads of family fun. We fly in as the Summer ends ☺☺

  15. Oh WOW,what Awesome scenery I would never want to leave it,Beautiful photos thank you.Dayle has really been through it hasn't he.Good Luck with the Cardiologist,Glyn has had 3 heart attacks he's doing really well now though.We have had Sea Mist all day today,but it has been a real calm day too.I have posted my finished Baby Blanket for lil Amelie.Hugs xxx

  16. All the fires burning is just devastating. Sorry to hear about Dayle's back and heart problems. I'm sure you enjoyed your family time. Take care of yourselves.

  17. Glad you could get away, even if conditions were not ideal or normal. Hoping Dayle feels better. And, my gosh! The fires are just so bad in so many places. Always enjoy seeing your pictures of this special place. I love that little island.


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