Monday, September 16, 2019

Canna Lily and Full Moon

We have a Tropicana Canna Lily in a pot in the creek above the pond.. the foliage has done nicely over the summer but it hadn't flowered.. until now.  It would have been thoughtful of the flower to bloom facing ME.. :-)

The plant is happy in a pot sitting in the water next to my art nouveau garden statue which is next to my "Blue Fountain" bamboo.  

Our weather is something.. we've had nice sunny days with pretty puffy clouds and an hour ago we had a massive downpour and now the sun is out.  :-)  These are the apples at the very top of our apple tree.. it's an old one and is 25 feet high or so.

I did manage to get a photo of the full moon on Friday night.  There was a fair bit of moisture in the air so the clarity isn't optimal, but it's still a pretty one.

My granddaughter Paige is enjoying being on the cheer team at her school and was the leader for her group at the last game.  I'm proud of her!

The seasons are turning for sure here.. how about in your neck of the woods?  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Love your moon picture. I hope I can get a reasonable image with my new camera the next time it's full. Thank you for your comments at mine. Congratulations to your granddaughter.
    Have a good week.
    Jacquie xx

  2. Beautiful photos on your blog posts. Those apples and that granddaughter. Congratulations to her. I hope you have a good week.

  3. I think we're having your same weather, just a day behind you. It was sunny this morning and I washed the car. One the way home from the car wash it started pouring down rain. Oh well, I got all of the dead bugs off the windshield and the sap from the lake cleaned off anyway. In just a little over a week we're in full blown fall. I just hope snow holds off on our trip this year.
    Paige looks great in her cheer uniform. She looks so happy.
    Wishing You a wonderful week Teresa. Not sure if I'll be able to comment until I get to Mandy's. I have to use my laptop and it depends on if the hotels have good internet. I'm going to try to keep up with blogs though. All of my blog friends mean so much to me. Especially you, Gracie and Becky. It truly makes a difference when you meet in person. We become "real" friends. Dennis says to tell Dayle hello for him. :-)
    Love and Blessings,
    Your Canna Lily is so pretty. It should have listened to you and turned your way.

  4. The creek above the pond looks very peaceful. Your granddaughter is a cutie. I totally forgot about the full moon, your photo is pretty.

  5. The canna lily is beautiful! It looks so nice next to the statue. Those apples look wonderful. Hopefully you can get some down to enjoy. Lovely moon shot, Teresa! And your grand is a cutie. Have a great week ahead.

  6. Even if your lily wouldn't cooperate ...........we can see that it is gorgeous.

    Fall is taking hold here. Yesterday the trees were ALL green, but today you can see they are starting to take on color.

    Good luck to Paige. She looks very cute in her cheer outfit.

  7. Hot here. I even have the aircons on as I write this and it's still supposed to be winter/ early spring! :( Congratulations to Paige, she looks so happy. xx Susan

  8. Yes seasons turning here finally a little warmth. Go Paige so tall too.
    Beautiful plants as always

  9. Over the pond in UK there's a definite feeling of Autumn. Damp, slightly misty mornings with a bit of a chill, but fortunately warming up a bit later on. My apples,pears and plums have been terrible this year, but my hazel tree is loaded with nuts. Hope that's not a sign of a bad winter! Loving the photo of Paige. She looks so happy and proud. x

  10. Your canna lily is gorgeous and a good colour for autumn too. Always love to see your amazing moon shots. Well done to Paige...she does look cute in her outfit and happy too! Have a good week dear Teresa XXX

  11. Paige looks like she is having a great time! Your apples and the lily look great (our apples are awful this year...small and damaged...every single one...but the deer are enjoying them). Nice pic of the moon Teresa!

  12. We are still roasting with high temps and no rain. Everything is drying up. I am ready for fall, along with everyone else. Paige looks like she is enjoying herself.

  13. As I looked at the photo of your statue, I was drawn to look again and again because at first I thought she was a real person sitting there...a neat view! I enjoyed all your photos and narrative this morning. I'm so glad Paige is enjoying cheering :-) Yesterday afternoon I was preparing to attend my first annual condo association meeting...reading through the owners manual and agenda to get more familiar with the requirements and process. The meeting was only a little over an hour and thankfully it was calm and informative. Autumn is definitely approaching us in my neck of the woods! ((hugs))

  14. I have been thinking of you today as I have just been to see the new Downton Abbey movie. You must go. It's really good.
    Autumn is holding off for a few more days. The sun is shining and I enjoyed my coffee in the sunshine. Make the most if these bonus days of summer.

  15. Autumn is well and truly here on our little Islands the Autumn storms have already started. We are now a little behind stocking up with logs and the store cupboard so I am certainly busy.


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