Friday, September 13, 2019

Friday the 13th and Full Moon

Be careful today.. it's a double whammy.. Friday the 13th AND a full moon!  Rain was forecast for today so I snuck this photo last night between clouds.  :-)

The moon was also pretty IN the clouds.

I couldn't decide which cloud/moon photo to share, so I put both here.. do you have a favorite?

Yesterday after I returned home from volunteering at Multnomah Falls, I joined Dayle to sit by the pond and watch the fish and birds at the feeder.  He'd done a bit more pond cleaning and it looks so nice.

Such soothing sounds.

The Kalanchoe flower keeps blooming bigger.. so pretty.

It rained this morning and the water drops were like diamonds on the pine tree and Japanese Lace leaf Maple so I tried to capture it.. but.. it didn't work too well.. :-)

The sparkling diamonds are hard to see.. 

When I first noticed the sparkling drops the sun was behind a cloud and I think the sun overexposed the shots.. 

If you look real hard you can see them.. :-)

I am heading to the pool soon.. and due to the full moon and being Friday the 13th.. we plan to stay home this evening.  :-)  No big weekend plans.. how about you?  
((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. So pretty out there, and Dayle has made a beautiful job of the pond. Mine needs some attention I think, you have reminded me. I think I like the second moon shot with the clouds the most, I love the moon against the dark sky. It's a clear night here and I've been enjoying looking at it. Weekend plans include dog walking and football here, but the weather should be glorious so I'm hoping it will be a good one. Hope you had a good swim and that the pool is nice and warm again now. CJ xx

  2. oh my lordy - students were mental at school! Then I realised why !!!!!!!! I was over them! Went home and did not an ounce of work!

  3. The water looks so serene and beautiful. What a perfect place to relax!

  4. Beautiful photos.

    No plans for us this weekend. I think we'll just WING IT.

    As a first responder, I'm guessing Steve will be heading out on calls this evening. LOL

  5. I've said it before, Teresa, your moon photos are quite special! I like them all! We've had a really overcast and cooler day today--no moon shots here. The diamonds on the pine and maple are lovely. We're visiting our younger grands tomorrow and then relaxing on Sunday. Have a great one, my friend.

  6. Gorgeous moon photos Teresa. I love the first one, but the clouds lend a very mysterious air to the others. I'm missing our little fountain and the sound of the water here at the lake. We have to find a new place to put it now that we have the new trailer so Dennis took it home a couple of weeks ago for winter storage.
    Our weekend plans are to stay here tonight. Our last overnight this summer. ***cry, cry, cry*** . Oh how I love my lake home. Tomorrow afternoon we'll go home and take care of things there,(mowing, etc.), and then Sunday after church we'll come back to the lake and winterize and cover the trailer. It makes me so sad. This is my favorite time of year and I really wish we could stay through October like in the past, but nope. The new management says all of us have to be out by the 1st. Since we're leaving for Omaha Tuesday, it has to be this weekend. Dennis will take care of Larry and Nita's trailer as soon as we return. Hopefully they won't have locked the gates on us. They want to stay here for the next few weeks and I can't blame them. However, they are physically unable to close up themselves so Dennis has to do it.
    That's probably way more than you wanted to know. Ha! We have a house-sitter coming to stay with Chloe while we're gone so I have to clean house before we go so I don't scare her off. Fun times.
    Have a great weekend and hi to Dayle.

  7. The first cloud moon photo is my favorite of the two. I had hoped to see the moon rise the last few nights and missed both, but heard that they were pretty. Yesterday I swam in the sun for an hour which was wonderful, but I am tired today :-) Hope you had a good swim. This weekend I plan to go to a covered dish dinner, go to church, a women's small group meeting, and then meet with family to celebrate Tim's birthday...busy! ((hugs))

  8. Yes love all of your moon pics but I have a thing for full moon and double plus Friday 13th 🦇🦇 Your pond is wonderful. And you know I have been busy with little people and about to blog....they have left now xoxo

  9. I was thinking about Friday the 13th too as we were on the road. Sadly no sign of a full moon as the weather is so awful and wet at the moment. Your fish pond is lovely. Have a good weekend. B x

  10. Your photos are always great! I especially like the moon by itself . . . you can see the bumpy craters at the top left edges! But even the cloud and moon photos are beautiful. // [Step]Granddaughter Nova's 4th birthday was Friday the 13th and it was an awesome day for her! My son and daughter-in-law sure made the day extra-special for her, plus they took her and little brother Aero (age 17 months) to the Kansas State Fair and had loads of fun. // Jerry and I love ponds with small waterfalls or just the little bubbling fountains... the sounds are so soothing. Blessings to you!! ♥

  11. Beautiful moon photos - I can't choose between the two :-) The pond is looking lovely. We've had a lovely relaxing weekend. Hugs Anne xx

  12. Nice full moon photos! Megan and I went outside for a bit and I came back in to get my camera. I did get a few good shots as well. There was a jet trail "close" to the moon but don't know if it got into the shot. Had to go check out a neighbors house as their lights were blinking on and off... not seen that before. Firefighters went over to check it out. Quite blinking....don't know!!! Be warm my friend. It's chilly and raining here today. Raincoats for sure to be warm/warn!!! xx

  13. Beautiful moon photos. Your garden is such a beautiful place to sit and relax. Dayle has done a great job on the pond the sound of it adding to the pleasure of sitting by it. Hope you had a wonderful weekend.

  14. Hope you had a relaxing weekend. Love seeing all your pictures Teresa!

    We had a nice weekend with a visit to a local Japanese Garden that was so beautiful and peaceful.

  15. I love the moon and cloud photos. Thanks for sharing them. I have a kalanchoe but it has never bloomed. I'm going to try repotting it and see if that makes a difference.

  16. I love your moon shots and think the second one has to be my favourite. xx Susan


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