Friday, September 20, 2019

Turning Leaves and Sunflowers

I've been keeping an eye out for colored leaves as I travel to and fro and spotted this pretty little tree on my way home.  Do you recognize the leaves?  I'm guessing it's an Aspen.  The color change has not made it to the tips of the branches.

This little beauty is young and planted in a church grounds.

I'm seeing some trees begin to turn, but not a lot of them are fully in color yet.  I'm a certified "leaf peeper".

As we neared home we saw a flower stand in Springdale so we stopped to get some fresh flowers... they were $10 a bunch.  Hmm.. the other lady sells her sunflowers for $5 a bouquet.  So, we drove on and up around the countryside and back to the sunflower lady's stand.. and bought the last 2 for a nice full jar of flowers.  I used one of my old glass pickle jars this time.

Now that is a full jar of flowers!

I even lit the beeswax candles.  :-)

All the warm oranges, golds and yellows get me in the mood for the harvest season.

I took the photos above last evening and then this morning I noticed the light in the petals so snapped this one.

And I wanted to show you my old jar and it's lid.

I love the old gallon jars with twined rope embossed designs on them.

I am happy to say I've made reservations for Dayle and I to go Yosemite National Park next month!  This is where we'll stay.

I even made dinner reservations for the 2 nights we'll be there in this beautiful dining room.

This is the lodge in the winter, it's so pretty.  I'm excited!

I'm off to swim soon, Gracie is going to join me!  So, I'd better get my swim bag packed and get out the door.  I hope you have a wonderful weekend, dear readers.
((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. It used to be the Awahni. We couldn't stay there, we stayed at the wawona which also has a new name. Yosemite.....we just loved it. Lots of driving. Those amazing sequoias. You two will have a great time Is this your first????

  2. Your photos are lovely! I enjoyed seeing the Sunflowers, pretty changing leaves, the pickle jar, and the views of Yosemite. I have good memories of my visits to Yosemite and I hope you will make good memories there as well! ((hugs))

  3. Oh, I just know you and Gracie had a wonderful time together, swimming and chatting. I miss you both. Dennis and I have always wanted to go to Yosemite. It's such a beautiful park from what we've seen in videos and photos. I will be looking forward to seeing the pictures you take. How fun to stay at the lodge. We stayed in Yellowstones Old Faithful Lodge the weekend of the 100th anniversary celebration. Purely by accident. We had no idea about the celebration and happened to call for a last minute reservation. The lady laughed and said the rooms had been sold out for over 3 YEARS! Then she said, "I don't believe it. We just had a cancellation for 1 one for those 2 nights about 10 seconds ago. It's yours!" It was so exciting to be there that weekend. It snowed on us in the middle of summer!
    We made it to Omaha this afternoon. I got to help Piper with her bath and read with her before bed. Oh, how I've missed that. When they were in Portland, that was my nightly ritual with her every time I visited, which as you know, was pretty often.
    Well, I've rambled long enough my friend. Please tell Dayle hi for us.

  4. The sunflowers are beautiful and that lodge in Yosemite is gorgeous. I can't wait to hear about your stay there next month. xx Susan

  5. The sunflowers are so beautiful. Still in triple digits here during the day. Really looking forward to things cooling down so I can have nice walking weather again. Hope you had a nice time with Gracie. Take care.

  6. Oh I feel very autumnal looking at all your lovely photos. I can almost smell those beeswax candles from here. How exciting to be going to Yosemite. I look forward to reading all about it. And what a magnificent dining room. Have a lovely weekend ‘leaf peeping’. B x

  7. My daughter and I are both 'leaf peepers' too and we eagerly await the changes each Autumn which is our second favourite time of year....Winter is the first.
    I also have a bunch of sunflowers in the house....and guess what....mine are in a chunky glass jar too :)
    Oh your hotel at Yosemite looks amazing. I will really look forward to reading about your visit there.

  8. What an amazing place to visit, such an adventure and so much to look forward to. The glass jar you are using as vase is a real delight, along with the stunning sunflowers. A beautiful combination.

  9. Sunflowers are pretty in your old jar. I collect old jars too. I have a big one my mom canned dill pickles in years ago. Now it holds MnMs we get from Costco. Enjoy your trip next month. I've booked my airfare and hotel room for a convention for next June already in Salt Lake City for Young Living convention! Looking forward to it. Need to get some photos printed out this weekend for my calendars. Enjoy your weekend. 🍁🌰🍰

  10. The sunflowers and the lodge are beautiful. I don't know why there were no sunflowers in my garden this year. The birds usually plant them. They are expensive to buy in the florists.

  11. Your flowers are so beautiful and that lodge, oh my! I would love to stay there and explore the area. I miss Autumn so much, every year it seems I miss it even more. Enjoy every minute.

  12. Sunflowers always make such a cheerful display.

  13. Teresa, I love the look of your dining room all dressed in autumnal color. That old jar is gorgeous. I've never seen one like it. It is perfect for the sunflowers. We took a ride up to the mountains today and only saw a little yellow on some of the trees. It's still hot and quite dry here, so that doesn't help with the colors on the trees.

  14. I hope you enjoy your visit to "my neck of the woods"--We go to the Ahwahnee Hotel often and always enjoy the food in the dining room. We usually do our hike beforehand, thus giving us a clear conscience to enjoy their desserts too. DO NOT take a pass on dessert, you will regret it !! Enjoy your visit, and welcome to our neighborhood.

  15. That lodge looks awesome look forward to seeing when you are there.

  16. I love the leaf colours this time of year, too. Not much is showing yet in Wales. Although the leaves seem just to be be browning and falling off!!
    Looks a fantastic place to stay and eat!! Can I come too?!🤣🤣

  17. So exciting to wait for photos of your trip to yosimite.

  18. I don't know if I'm alone in this, but I believe that simple items, like your old pickle jar, where far more detailed, then the things they're churning out today.

    "Back in the day", everything was treated like a piece of art. Great care was taken to make the most simplest item attractive and pleasing to the eye.

    I tire of the plastic 'crap' and plain-jane items that are filling our oceans and land fills today. If everything was made of glass or a solid reusable material. It would go far to help our little planet. Sorry for the soapbox rant, but there, it needed to be said!

    That aside, I love your Autumn setting. It feels so comfy, cozy, very hygge! I'm happy our weather has finally turned comfortable and relaxing. I tire of the heat and blazing sun. I left CA to get away form all that, and the yearly fires. I'm a MI transplant who needs a cooler climate in order to function and be my best self. Oh dear, was that another rant. Again, sorry!

  19. Your sunflowers are just lovely. Yosemite looks to be a grand adventure!! Keep us posted!

  20. Yosemite is GORGEOUS! You will love it. Sunflowers are so bright, cheerful and sunny. Hope your week is a good one Teresa!

  21. Envy you your trip Teresa.My son visited there several years ago now, loved looking at his photos- look forward to yours . Hugs Anne X


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