Friday, October 18, 2019

Autumn Woods

Our weather is perfect for the season.. chilly, a bit rainy off and on.  I just took the Lumix out to capture the Vine Maple in our woods.  It felt good to come back in the warm house and sit by the fire and download the images I'd captured.  :-)

See it back there.. the hydrangea has turned colors and so is the Japanese red maple.  It's leaves have turned a brilliant magenta!

It's nice to have a tree that turns colors against the evergreen Douglas Firs and Cedars.. and some of the trees leaves fall off while still green, such as the Alder.

This house is over 100 years old and I am sure the trees growing in our woods were harvested by the early inhabitants to cut up and use for firewood.. for the wood cookstove and the fireplace.  

The red maple leaves are falling into the creek and pond now.. kind of pretty.

As I headed inside I snapped a photo of my life-size skeleton Dayle surprised me with a few years ago.  

Back in the warmth.. 

When I was decorating the dining table for the Halloween time I took all the little pumpkins and put them on the tv cabinet.  Some of them are candle holders and I light tea light candles in them for the evening.

My orchid bloomed again.. it really amazes me that it blooms like it does.  

Mocha is enjoying her little furry cuddle bed.  I'm so happy she took to it.  I thought it might be too small for her but it looks to me to be just right.  Oh.. the cast iron doorstop that I thought was a West Highland White Terrier but my blog reader LacyKnitsDaily told me it's a white Scottie.  Neat! Click on her name to visit her Etsy shop where she sells her really cute stitch markers!

I'm feeling a bit funky today so no swimming.  But I have plenty to do to get ready for our trip next week.  I hope you have a wonderful weekend.. any fun plans?

((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. ☔️showers off and on over here, too. I had planned to go to the Great Pumpkin Regatta in Tualatin with a group of ladies tomorrow morning, but if steady rain comes as expected it is unlikely we will go. Hope your trip preparations go smoothly. The plants around your waterfall are especially pretty now. Thanks to you I put the Shamrock plant out on my patio like you did with yours and it recovered! I recently brought it back in. Lovely that your Orchid is blooming again. The Dianthus plants on the patio are still blooming much to my delight...I did not know they could bloom Spring-Fall. Thanks for posting! ((hugs)) PS Love seeing Mocha enjoy her new bed :)

  2. I do love seeing all the autumn colors on your farm. They're so spectacular!
    Mocha looks so snugly in her new fluffy bed, she is so very precious.
    Teresa, thank you for mentioning my little shop. That was very,very kind of you. Hugs!!!!
    BTW: The Wheaten colored Scottie's can be anything from the color of straw to white. Our Hamish is more toward the cream/straw end of the Wheaten spectrum. If anyone would like, here's more info on Scottish Terriers.
    Also, hope Dayle is doing well. I thought of him when I saw my endocrinologist, yesterday. It's always a balancing act when you take levothyroxine. (smile)

  3. Fantastic Teresa so many beautiful autumn colours. Mocha sure looks comfy. Here Paul has replaced our stove in van and sink drain all damaged on our Oz adventure lol

  4. Everything looks beautiful, such a warm and comforting space you’ve created,, it’s just perfect,, I hope you feel better soon,, be happy,,

  5. So many lovely Autumn colors in your garden, Teresa. The little pumpkins are darling on your tv cabinet. I hope you are feeling better soon.

  6. Your farmyard is looking so beautiful and full of autumn color Teresa. Thank you for sharing with us. I just poked my head out the patio door and it's raining steadily here. It is supposed to rain all weekend. Originally we had planned to go to Leavenworth, WA today for Octoberfest but Dennis had some clients come rather unexpectedly so our day away was canceled. I don't think we'll be going tomorrow either because the rain would definitely put a "damper" on walking around outside. Oh well, we're going to breakfast tomorrow with friends and maybe some Christmas shopping later. I'm almost done!
    I hope you start feeling better Teresa. I'm sorry you didn't go swimming but now you can get more done for your trip. Have a great weekend and tell Dayle hello for us.

  7. Beautiful fall colors and what a cozy cute home you have. I love all the pumpkins and I think I might be ordering from your friend. I hope you feel better and have a nice trip!

  8. So pretty! I especially like the photo of the warmth in your home. The pretty golden walls and the sweet added touches make your home so welcoming and cozy! Thanks for sharing the beauty you have inside and out!

  9. The fun was the barn fun run walk today . Costumes and horses and laughing people. I love your red leaves. I spoke to two young people from your area visiting their mom in Wisconsin today. I told them to say hi to you the next time they go to the FALLS!!!!!! They were so proud of living there and love that area too

  10. Your home and garden always looks so cosy. I'd love to sit and chat and crochet a while with you there, (and give Mocha a quick tickle too!) Hope you feel better soon. xx

  11. Autumn is sure looking beautiful at your house. Hope you are feeling better today. I am glad you stayed home to rest.

  12. Such beautiful autumn colours! You take gorgeous photos. Looks like you are all ready for Halloween there too! Hope you feel better after a rest, and have a great trip. Enjoy yourselves! XXX

  13. Love all those Autumnal colours. Hope you feeling better. Anne X

  14. Your garden's looking beautiful and the jolt of seeing the skeleton in the middle of all that loveliness cracked me up. xx Susan


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