Monday, October 21, 2019

Scarecrow, Mandalas and a Sailing Story

I found a fun place to put my scarecrow, I nestled him into my cotton boll wreath.  I made him many years ago, I dreamed up how to make a posable skeleton using rolled up aluminum foil and my sister Denise I worked together and made one for each of us.  

We cut out some denim jeans from an old pair she had, she sewed the seams on her sewing machine, she also sewed the little gingham shirt.  We cut out a circle of red felt and made the hat.  We cut out little patches and hand sewed them on.  We stuffed the muslin head, hands and feet and then the body and embroidered the face on.  It was a fun project and we did it all without patterns, just created as we went.

I brought out my Autumn inspired Lucy blanket I made last year to put on our guest chair.  The colors are just right for this time of year.  There is always something on that chair behind the plant that ruins my photos.. lol.. do you have a place where you toss things?  

I'm thinking I need to make a little crocheted pillow to go with this blanket.  Or get a furry pillow.. what do you recommend?

I got an Apple pencil when I updated my iPad and was experimenting what I could do with it.  I found a way to draw and write with it but had heard of others who used it for coloring on their device.  SO.. I did a search in the App Store and found this free app.  They have a whole bunch of Mandalas to color in so here are three I've done.  I really have fun with it!  Which is your favorite?  I'm curious.

Dayle decided to clean the fridge now that it's just us living here.  I'm so impressed with how nice it looks!  

I ran across this photo not long ago so I scanned it to share with you.  I was a member of Portland Yacht Club and had been the organizer of the Memorial Day Cruise to our out-station on Sauvie Island.  I sailed the 15 miles alone and here I am scrubbing up the hull so Stargazer looked pretty.  

I had a frightening experience when I was sailing back up the Columbia River to my houseboat where I lived for 5 years.  I was at the helm solo when I noticed smoke streaming out of the cabin below!!!  I left the helm and went below and grabbed the fire extinguisher and grabbed the tiller and kept going ready for action if I saw flames.  I will never forget that another sailboat came alongside, a man stepped on my boat as we moved along.  He assessed that I had a short in my wiring and so he cut the wires and told me.. do NOT turn off my motor until I got her safely home as I would not be able to start it again.  At which point he stepped back onto his boat (his wife was at the helm) and off they went.  I never even got his name.  (Later I realized that the burning electrical wire was very close to the fuel line.  The whole thing could have exploded and my boat and I would have been toast.)

I had 2 gas tanks and and the one I was using was getting lower.. imagine the nervous wreck I was hoping the gas would get me home as changing the line to the other one would have cut the motor.  One thing I'll never forget is two other sailboats from PYC fell in on either side of me and escorted me almost to my floating home.  They also took care of radioing the railroad bridge to raise to let us through.  I will tell you that when I managed to pull the boat into my slip in front of my houseboat and got her tied up I collapsed in a heap in the cockpit.  WHEW!

Dayle came and rewired the boat and fixed it all after this event.  

On that note.. lol.. I should bid you adieu.  I have errands to run today as there is much to do to get our place ready for departure.  My packing list is made.. now to start getting that done.  Do you have any trips to make this Autumn?  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Well done on sailing home safely. That must have been so scary. Love the mandalas particularly the first one. What a cute scarecrow. You are so clever with your crafting. B x

  2. It was fun to read about your adventures today! Thanks for the tip about using foil for the skeleton for your scarecrow. At a craft gathering this summer a friend had me use foil to form branches for a little tree I was making, but I would not have thought to use it for a skeleton for a figure. I am chagrin to see all you have done with your Apple pencil, because I have barely used mine which I bought when I got my iPad Pro several years ago. Did you buy any art apps for it and if so do you have a recommendation? I am torn between your second and third coloring projects...I really like the tulips best, I think for the overall symmetry and tulips prompt me to smile. However, the beautiful intensity and pairing of the fuchsia and purple colors remind me of fuchsia blossoms which also prompt me to smile :-) I am so glad you survived to tell us about your river adventure. May the Lord bless and protect you and Dayle as you prepare for and venture forth on your California trip. ((hugs)) :-)

  3. Wow Dayle, great job cleaning and organizing the frig! You must be a Libra like me. I love it when things are neat and organized.
    Love that cotton wreath. We once lived next door to a fellow that had a cotton plant. We'd pick the cotton boll's and make tiny wreaths. Fun times! FYI, Did you know the cotton plant is from the hibiscus family?
    Apple makes some really nice products. But they're much too expensive for the like's of me. LOL
    OMGoodness, what a harrowing experience. Thank heavens for that fellow, who happen to be there just at the right time. What an angel, to be sure.
    Safe journey and have a wonderful trip. Hugs ~ Lacy

  4. God Bless you guys on this trip! As Gracie says. Oh I don't like water disasters! Im reading Death in the Grand Canyon and Im just never going out on a trail again. Fireman is most displeased that HIS friend suggested I' read this. Its fascinating

  5. Teresa, didn't know you lived on a houseboat for five years - totally fascinating - would love to hear your life story sometime -I actually opened a google account just today so that I could tell you I find your blog so interesting and I share so many of your interests - have a good trip and now that I can - I will be checking in with you from time to time

  6. How fun to have the memory of making the scarecrows with Denise. He is such a cutie. I love it! My favorite, if I HAVE to choose a mandala would be the first, although I really like all of them. Your sailboat story had me on the edge of my seat. How scary was that? I'm so glad you had so many wonderful people that helped you on that day and bravo to Dayle for rewiring it and making everything safe again. And also, bravo to Dayle for cleaning the fridge. It looks great! I think you should crochet a matching pillow. I always prefer crochet over the fur. I just love the look of crochet.
    Teresa, take good care on the trip. I'll be praying for you both to stay safe and that angels will surround your car as you drive.
    Much love to you and Dayle.

  7. Love your scare crow makes and beautiful home style and blankets...such beautiful autumnal colours in this beautiful...
    love seeing other peoples homes and styles around halloween...Gone are the days i was pushed out on halloween night trick or treating in a bin bag! haha! didnt buy costumes back in the 80s we had to make do with what was in the cupboard...theres so many halloween decors and costumes you can buy in england daughter loves dressing up with her friends.
    p.s i have many corners in my home 'Mounds' where things end up...and with meaning to put away... ;)

  8. What an adventure! You were so lucky to have good help along the way to getting safely home. I love your little scarecrow, he is so cute. Your chair looks like the perfect place to curl up with a good book.

  9. I love the scarecrow he is very cute. What adventures on the water! not for the feint hearted.

  10. Dayle did a great job with the fridge, maybe you can send him my way? Our fridge needs him :-)
    I might download this Mandala app, colouring in is fun (I like the third one best). Thanks for the tip. The Halloween scarecrow is very cute and he looks very comfortable in his wreath chair.

    Your sailing adventure sounds quite terrifying, so glad you were ok xx

  11. Love your scarecrow and so special ❤❤ My goodness what an adventure you had so nerve wracking 🙄🙄 Can't wait to hear about your trip Teresa ❤❤

  12. Love the scarecrow.My favourite mandala is the middle one. I was never brave enough to have sailed a boat like that! So pleased you made it home in one piece!
    Hoping to visit mum, a journey that can take us two and a half hours plus. The last time it took three and a half hours home without a stop due to traffic- not an unusual occurrence. That is why I am not able to see her as often as I would like.
    Also hope to visit son and family in opposite direction, Yorkshire - another two - two& half hours if traffic kind. Take care on your travels. Anne X

  13. I love your cute scarecrow sitting on your cotton boll wreath, Theresa. Very clever of the two of you! Dayle is a good man to clean out the refrigerator! As good of a man my husband is, he would never think of doing that! LOL
    So glad you lived to tell the tale on the water! Sailors are the best people. So glad you were looked after that day!

  14. Your boating incident gave me the cold sweats. Thank goodness for Samaritans!

  15. What wonderful people to help you when you needed them on your sailing trip. I would've collapsed in a heap too! Love the scarecrow. xx Susan


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