Friday, October 11, 2019

Squirrels and Cabbage

We have grey squirrels here and I was relaxing in my easy chair and looked out the kitchen window and saw this guy on the top of our play structure roof.  It's 75 feet away.. I pulled out my Lumix and zoomed in and snapped this shot.  I just googled and this might be an Eastern Fox Squirrel.  Hmm.  What kind of squirrels do YOU have?

I volunteered at Multnomah Falls yesterday with my friend Shirley.  The best part of our time there is meeting interesting new people.  Jacob Looper came in yesterday and we started chatting and he showed me this nice photo he'd taken with his phone using the panorama feature.  I asked him if he could text it to me and if I could share it on my blog and he said yes.  Isn't this a great shot?  He is a musician and singer so it was a fun conversation.  He'd bought a flute in the gift shop and I asked him to play a tune on it and he did!!  What fun!!

Dayle came to pick me up and on our way home I pulled over by this big cabbage field on the south side of the road.  It's there every year.  I think it's beautiful in it's symmetry and blue-green color.

Sometimes they put in rows of red cabbage too.. but the green must be their best cash crop.  Soon we'll see cabbages on the side of the road as they fall off the trailer they use to haul the cabbage to market.  :-)  I have often thought that they sell it to a local sauerkraut cannery.  I might have to get to the bottom of this!  

Aren't they beautiful!  I often wish they'd sell some to us locals as I'd love to make some home made cole slaw with it.  I might have to find out about that.. too!  

When we neared home I pulled over for Dayle to hop out of the car to get the mail.. and used my iPhone to snap a photo of the barn.  Our son who has moved into his own home has left his car hauler trailer in our pasture.  I've asked him to move it.. it simply does not look scenic in front of our pretty barn.  LOL!

Meantime, I'll just crop it out.  HA!  That big tree you see is a Walnut and the ones on the right are Birch.  The two little ones on the left are green Japanese Maples which were a gift from my blog friend Kathy who no longer blogs.  The big green thing behind them are black bamboo.

I'm not swimming today as we have our housekeeper coming and Dayle will be gone to his annual physical.  I will burn calories doing some tidying and decorating for Halloween.  :-)  What are you up to today?

((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Such pretty pictures Teresa! All those cabbages - lol. We have some squirrels...not sure what species they are, but they love to raid our bird feeders. Thankful it's Friday - I am ready for the weekend!

  2. Those cabbages look wonderful. I would definitely want to find out about purchasing a couple of fresh ones if you can. Kraut cabbages are usually pretty large - I used to buy them in the valley in the fall. Cut myself really bad trying to make kraut one year - it takes a big knife! I sure do miss The Barn near PDX since they closed. I got fall veggies and fruits there for many years. Beets, kohrabi and brussel sprouts fresh from the fields - yum!

  3. love the falls pic and cabbages. we have a stuffed cabbage recipe that is delicious. we have 5 species in Pennsylvania and grey ones are most common in south central PA where I live.

  4. I know lots of people think they are nuisances, but I love watching the squirrels - as do all the cats. We have both gray and red squirrels here. The photos of the cabbages are beautiful. Pete is of Polish heritage, and he makes a huge pan of stuffed cabbage every year for my birthday. We eat them for a week and then are sad when they're gone!

  5. We have plenty of gray squirrels around here. They are a lot of fun to watch.

  6. No squirrels here but sure loved seeing them on our Canada trip last year 😀😀

  7. We have squirrels just like in your the lake. They were the ones that caused all of us so much trouble. They would actually throw pine cones at people. Aiming for them. It sounds funny, but they really hurt some people. There were a couple that had to wear bowls or pots on their heads whenever they went in or out of their trailers because of the squirrels. And they chewed on our old trailer trying to get inside. It ruined any warm fuzzy feelings I used to have for them. Now I think of them as furry rats!
    Love the cabbage fields and seeing your farm again.
    We just walked in the door a few minutes ago. I spent the day with Jenny again today and Dennis came over after work and we had pizza with them. Tomorrow we're moving a bookstore that Nita has managed for a non-profit. She's finally retiring and turning it over to someone else. The shelves and books all have to be moved. I'll just be supervising since I can't lift anything. Ha!
    In the afternoon we have the tree to cut up and get to the recycling center. They're accepting clean green for free this weekend because of the storm damage. Our entire 20 foot patio is covered with branches. We got it cut up enough to move off the grass in the dark the other night. Now we have to get it all into lengths that will fit in the truck. Fun times! We need some kids to help with these jobs. We're getting too old for this stuff.
    Have a great weekend Teresa.

  8. My condo squirrels look like yours :-) The MF visitor did get a good photo of the falls and thanks to you I admired it and your photos of the cabbage field, and your farm! This morning I met a friend at the Freddie's cafe on 172nd, and got a few groceries. Then this afternoon I managed to exercise at LAF pool for almost 20minutes. BMike was there. I enjoyed the FOMF newsletter and sent in my membership renewal, did some laundry and now am typing to you. Happy Weekend to you and yours!
    ((hugs)) :-)

  9. Looks like you had a glorious day. I agree the cabbage fields look magnificent. Red squirrels here, we don’t want the greys to arrive as that would be the end of the reds. Sometimes they look almost reddy/ black which I think is a sign that they originate from France. Have a lovely weekend. B x

  10. We have gray squirrels here in the Ozarks but not sure what kind. Wonderful photo of Multnomah. I have a Multnomah shawl in the works. I could sure use a housekeeper here! LOL! Fall finally arrived...I thought it would never cool off. Our colors are just starting to change. Enjoy your beautiful farm and Fall!

  11. Love the cabbages. We have ornamental ones popping up in Fall displays round here. I have seen some black squirrels in Illinois! Have a good weekend. CN x

  12. We have red squirrels near us, but the greys have moved in and are spreading squirrel pox. It doesn't affect the greys but kills the reds. There is a "squirrel watch" where you can report sightings of red squirrels - either well or diseased (lesions around their eyes/mouth). It's so sad - I love seeing the reds leaping from tree to tree. Nature can be so cruel at times. xx

  13. My cousin has grey squirrels and they have caused a lot of damage on her property. We have a couple who visit our birdfeeders and last year they chewed through our cellar window casings trying to get into the house. I like watching them when we go camping but I'm not a fan of them around the house!

  14. Oh Teresa. What lovely photos!!! all of them. Asking for your flute players photo was genius woman!!!
    Friday seems like a decade ago. It was YESTERDAY. We have a heart ache in our family right now. I can't share, but someone has lots of very sad tears and she is very far away.
    But, now I remember , we had a beautiful time at the charity event Halloween Trail walk. :)

  15. Your farm is just so beautiful Teresa. I love how you find so much beauty in everything around you. By the way we have smaller squirrels here, they do not have huge bushy tails like those up in the north.

  16. We don't get squirrels here, just possums. I remember I was so excited when I went to the UK and saw squirrels for the first time. That's a decent amount of cabbages! xx Susan


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