Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Foggy Day

Yesterday dawned with the farm shrouded in fog, which usually burns off by noon.. but it did not and stayed this way all day.  It was kind of neat for a change from the sunny days we've been having.

I went out to record the scene in my stocking feet on the deck.. you couldn't see the pasture and the neighbors trees at all.

Look.. only one car parked out there?  :-)  Mine is in the carport next to the garage-barn.

Glancing up at the big Pin Oak, the low light darkening the red leaves, the fog making it look spooky.

Seeing the fog in the tops of the Douglas Fir and Cedar trees which are 70-80 feet tall.

Across our little pond and creek, the Japanese Maple leaves are red and falling, the Hydrangea browning.

The little metal sculptured goat makes me smile as he balances on top of a big rock next to our Japanese Lace Leaf Maple.

Ohh.. shiverrrr.. I'm out there in my shirtsleeves and stockings.

Ok..snap.. time to head back in by the fire.  I think I'll throw the blanket I'm trying to finish over my lap and put some more time on the 1st of 2 rows of border.

The Chrysanthemum that came back from last year is looking quite lovely.  

I'll be busy on the computer today, I need to do my Treasurer's report for the Portland Women's Forum meeting tomorrow.  I also will be giving the program - the history of the Historic Columbia River Highway sign I designed years ago.  And the sun is back!  :-)
((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Beautiful foggy photos. We had a lot of fog this morning but it burned off by nine. It was so pretty and now we have beautiful blue skies. Your driveway is looking pretty bare there. I can imagine the quiet in your home. Have a wonderful afternoon Teresa.

  2. I have never experienced fog that stayed all day. Your little creek looks magical.

  3. It all looks beautiful , I love the foggy fall photos., that goat is cute ,

  4. I love foggy days! To me there is something soothing about them. Pretty pics Teresa!!

  5. I hope you show us the highway sign you designed, Teresa. You are a woman of many talents. I enjoyed seeing your home shrouded in fog. My Mama always said a foggy day would be a pretty day by afternoon--ummm, not this case.

  6. Aw You are amazing. I loved seeing the mums. I hope your talk went great. IM SURE it did. You come across as a natural with all of your knowledge and LOVE of that place!

  7. love the fog pics! so eery and spooky. thanks for sharing

  8. The farm is admirable in the fog, too, and I enjoy seeing your goat in any weather! I have had my little electric fireplace cranking out heat over here when I am home and am grateful for its practical ambiance, especially in the cold foggy weather. ((hugs)) :-)

  9. Lovely Teresa I always love a good fog. I remember days walking to school and seeing nothing except my own feet walking. Back in city here visiting dear friend in hospital xoxo

  10. I just love a foggy day. To me there is something soothing about fog and it makes for a relaxing...maybe even Your pictures are great Teresa! Love that goat by your water.

  11. I like a foggy day. Stay inside and do whatever you fancy. Hugs Anne X


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