Monday, December 9, 2019

Decorating and a Toast Party

I hope your December is going nicely for you.  I'm enjoying the hustle and bustle and all the sparkly lights of it all.  I thought I'd share a few of my favorite decorations on the tree.  Dayle surprised me with this one a few years ago.. it's us!  We work together a lot in the kitchen so this is so apropos.  

This cute little group sits on our tv stand and brightens the dark evenings.

And this is a lot like our barn, don't you think?

We got this when at the beach a few years back.  :-)

My ZZ plant is growing.. that new shoot I showed you a while back is sprouting UP.. and see the new little robust shoot below it?

A closer look.. I have a feeling this one will be BIG.  It's kind of like the big paw of a large breed dog.  LOL!

I got a Christmas card from my blog friend Betsy and included was this cute little stitch marker that she made herself.  Thanks, Betsy!

I wondered where I'd keep it so I won't lose it and decided to hang it on the tassel on my sewing scissors.  

On Saturday, our daughter-in-law Kristi had a "Toast Party".  She signed up to earn a new toaster which she would get for free if she had a party and shared it with friends and family.  It's digital.  They gave her some $$ also to buy the bread, bagels and such.  

Kristi also cooked up a platter of bacon so we could make BLT sandwiches.  She also gave her guests gift bags with English Muffins, peanut butter and jam.  We all had such a good time and wow.. that toaster made the most perfect toast.  Thanks, Kristi!

I showed this plate to you not long ago, I made it in my home pottery studio years ago, thrown in my kick wheel and fired in my own kiln.  I created the design out of my head which I thought looked rather Mayan.  WELL.. Dayle threw a ball for Mocha and I heard a big crash.. and guess what got broken to smithereens?  Yep.  This is now in the trash bin.  :-(

Well.. time to bid you adieu, I have to get ready for our Daughters of the American Revolution December meeting which will be held in the McMenamins Kennedy School.  

 *H*A*P*P*Y* * *H*O*L*I*D*A*Y*S*!*!*!*

((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Oops! Sorry to hear about the pottery disaster. Your decorations are so lovely! Never heard of having a toast party but it sounds like everyone was a winner. :)

  2. I like the toast party idea, it looks like they had fun, and I like your Christmas treasures. Too bad about the broken plate you made.

  3. Love the decoration of you and Dayle, and the stitch marker is so cute. What a shame about your broken plate, but accidents happen. I'm sure Dayle was mortified! xx

  4. So much in todays post Teresa. The first ornament does resemble you and Dayle! It's perfect for you. And, since I adore snowmen, the second one is wonderful too. I've never heard of a toaster party, but it does sound like fun. BLT's are my favorite sandwich ever so just the promise of those would be enough to get me to the party! :-)
    I'm SO sorry about that gorgeous pottery piece being broken. I know those things happen but that doesn't stop the disappointment does it?
    I'm gad you like the stitch marker. I enjoyed making them.

  5. Lovel decorations Teresa. I do like unique pieces of decoration for the tree, it makes it so personal. No decorating here yet, I prefer to leave it until later in the months. I do love to walk down the road to see everyone else's trees and lights xx

  6. oops there it goes! We say that all the time and we said as the kids grew up. All THINGS go at some time. Glad it was not too hard to part with that pretty plate. Kristi did a great job! Wow I bet she is happy having her very own kitchen!!!

  7. Love your decorations. We have a small tree where we hang the ornaments that we collect when we go on vacation. I've never heard of a toast party before, it sounds interesting and delicious as I love toast! So sorry about your plate, such a disappointment. Have a great week!

  8. Nice seeing you enjoy the holidays, Teresa. I've never heard of a toaster party! Your ornaments are darling. Yes, the barn looks like your barn! Such a cute ornament of you two. Sorry to hear your lovely plate has broken as it was a beauty. Enjoy the season, my friend.

  9. Oh dear poor plate. Those decos are all fabulous Teresa. Enjoy your meeting. Here we have no decos as wont be home but in city where we have a little bit lol

  10. It is fun to see some of your favorite tree decorations, and impressive to see the new growth on your plant! I'm glad you have photos of your lovely, unique plate intact to remind you of how you created the plate and enjoyed it. The toast party sounded like it was fun! Thanks for posting, Teresa. I attended a brunch today and bought some holly on the way home to add around a candle and some greenery at the center of the dining room table. ((hugs)), Gracie :-)

  11. Hi Teresa wow everything is looking so festive at at yours. How cool that the boys are now tall enough to trim the top of the tree and you have even had a recent dusting of snow. A toast party sound fun and Kristi did such a good job hosting. I still need to write my cards and send them when I get a moment free. Enjoy this wonderful time of the year. Hugs xxx

  12. Oh dear re the plate. Love seeing your decorations Teresa. A toast party sounds great fun! I have not yet finished decorating for Christmas :-(- going to try tomorrow! We had To go out and buy new lights for the tree and I've had no time today to do much. Hugs Anne X

  13. A toast party sounds delicious. I love all your ornaments.


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