Friday, December 13, 2019

πŸŽ„πŸŽ…The Falls Decked Out for the Holidays πŸ€ΆπŸŽ„

πŸŽ„πŸŽ…πŸ€Ά My sister Denise and I volunteered at Multnomah Falls yesterday.  Not a lot of people ventured out as it was cold and cloudy and we had some drenching downpours.  

We volunteer on the afternoon shift so we arrive at the lodge early and have our lunch in the lodge first.  This is the great room with a tree and a roaring fire.

This is the Falls Room where you can see the waterfall while you dine.

This is the lounge near the bar where people can wait for a table and enjoy the fire.

This is the Visitors Center and is rarely this empty.  :-)  I got lots of crocheting done on my 2nd Dune afghan, see my Lucy bag on the counter?  We had 2 women visitors who asked to see my crocheting and I told them about Lucy's blog at Attic24 and one of them liked to sew so I told them about Alicia Paulson's blog and her new doll kits.  That was fun.

Near the end of our shift Dayle and the boys came to pick me up, Caleb had fun with the drawers full of antlers and horns we have for kids to see and learn from.

Then Hayden had to give it a try.

These boys are growing so fast.. for 10 and 11 year old kids they're almost as tall as Dayle and I!

Then we locked up and turned off the lights and walked out in the cold crisp air and turned to enjoy seeing the lodge lit up.. Denise and the boys waving at me.

We had an enjoyable and fairly quiet day at the falls.  Kind of nice for a change.  I love being a part of this historic and wonderful place.  

We met Travis and Kristi for Chinese dinner in Troutdale and the boys headed home with them.  Do you have any fun weekend plans?  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Thank you for taking us on a tour of the Lodge. I love it so. I remember having lunch there one Christmas when it was all decorated. It's a beautiful place and I was so thankful that it was saved during the terrible fire. At the time I was really worried about it and your farm.
    How fun that the boys were able to come visit you and investigate all of the fun things there. It rained cats and dogs here yesterday too, washing away the 3-4 inches of snow that fell on Tuesday.
    We have Dennis' work Christmas party tomorrow night. That's always fun as I get to visit with people I only see once a year. One of his co-workers is retiring at the end of the year after over 40 years with the company. They worked closely together so I think it may be a bit difficlut for him. He's not a big party goer anyway and I think he would rather stay home.
    I hope you and Dayle have a great weekend. Stay warm and dry.

  2. It looks beautiful there all decorated and in that wonderful afternoon light. I do love winter. It must be fun working there and meeting all sorts of people and sharing the place with them. I hope you have a good weekend. CJ xx

  3. Thanks for sharing your afternoon volunteering at the Falls, Teresa. I really enjoyed your festive photos and narrative! Saturday I plan to help deliver packages for a serve project and Sunday afternoon the group that prepared the packages is gathering after church for lunch. Hoping you and yours have a good weekend! ❤️πŸ€—❤️πŸŽ„❤️πŸ€—❤️

  4. Playing catch up this weekend after a busy week at work. You do work in a wonderful environment. Very beautiful!

  5. Oh Fireman and I just loved your photos. You are a dear to volunteer and I say hooray that you enjoy it so. Someday....Teresa...someday! Your grands are awesome

  6. Wow, I'm always amazed at the beautiful area around the falls, Teresa! What a great place to work and play! Your grandboys are growing up so fast and are so handsome.
    We are going to a wedding tomorrow and then on Sunday to a Holiday Open House Party. Busy days ahead for all of us!

  7. That lodge is magnificent and loved seeing so much of it and thank you Teresa for sharing. Yes those boys sure are tall ♥♥ Going to visit Paul's Julia who is expecting a baby early March. Paul's first grandchild.....I share my 6 with him lol xoxo

  8. The lodge looks beautiful all lit up! What a great place you work in! Lovely pictures capturing the season....and your handsome tall grandsons too. Have a great weekend dear Teresa! XXX

  9. The lodge looks like something out of a fairy tale! Wonderful! Have a great weekend. xx

  10. The lodge is so beautiful. I am glad yo had a quiet afternoon there enjoying your sister and some crochet time. The boys are growing up so fast! Enjoy your weekend Teresa.

  11. It's such a beautiful building and looks wonderful in all of it's festive finery. I love the last photo with the twinkling lights on the lodge and the falls in the background. xx Susan

  12. You volunteer at such a beautiful place! And it looks like your grandsons were having a lot of fun. Love the pictures of them with the antlers!

  13. The Lodge looks so picturesque I love it. Anne X


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