Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Barn Quilt, Dahlia Progress and Tolkien

I've been fascinated by Pennsylvania Dutch Hex signs on barns since a young girl reading a Nancy Drew book set in Pennsylvania - "The Witch Tree Symbol".  I've always wanted one on our barn here in Corbett.  Now there is a renewed interest in them but they are called "Barn Quilts" in our area.  I've researched designs for years, actually, but have narrowed it down to the one below, and another one below that.  Which one do you like best?

We will use one 4'x8' plywood piece and cut it in half.  I'll put two coats of white paint on it then draw on the design and paint it on.  Not sure when but I want to do it soonish.

The photo below has been trending on Facebook so I wanted to share it with you.  News Channel 12 photographer Michael Heinrich captured this amazing image of Vista House covered with snow and under fog last week while flying in AIR 12.  Someone said it looked like a set out of Game of Thrones!  :-)

I'm well into my 3rd section on my Dahlia blanket by Lucy at Attic24.  It's now large enough to warm my lap while I work on it and the colors definitely make me feel cozy!

The spike stitch design is so pleasing and makes it nice and pouffy.  

Lastly, I have a movie recommendation - we found this while clicking through channel offerings.  It's the story of the young life of JR Tolkien.  It was SUCH a GREAT movie!  If you love the Hobbit.. this one is for you.  

I've been doing some work for the Friends of Multnomah Falls, working on the website and the Spring Issue of the newsletter.  I've also started keeping the books for the membership committee and give reports at board meetings.  The meeting was last night and I gave many updates.  

Do you serve on any boards and do committee work?  Just curious.  

Have a super week!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-)  


  1. Love the Barn quilts; the top one is my favourite I think. It sounds like a lovely idea. I’m missing not having a Lucy blanket to crochet this winter. Yours is looking lovely. B x

  2. The colours of the blanket are so lovely.
    I like the top design most of all.
    Read today of the death of Tolkien's son just a few days ago, he was 95.
    I'm not on any committees or boards. Hugs Anne x

  3. The photo of Vista House is incredible! Isn't Tolkien a great movie. Hubby and I saw it at the cinema for our anniversary last year and I loved it. I think I like the top design better but if I was painting it myself I'd probably go for the second design as it's not as fiddly, but then I am a little impatient and lazy when it comes to painting things :) xx Susan

  4. I love the barn quilts... my daughter in law painted one for their house and it's beautiful. I think I like the top one best. the photo of Vista House is so unique... it does look like something surreal. I used to sit on many committees when I was working but now that I am retired and have all the time in the world I sit on none!

  5. Great crochet blanket coming along beautiful ☺☺ No volunteer here except on needed occasions....I am away a bit and grandies need me sometimes. Work times I did a lot over the years. Here a hot day but rain has helped some fire areas xoxo

  6. I like the top one best, too...but had a hard time deciding :) The Vista House photo is amazing! Thanks for sharing it and the progress on your beautiful blanket, too. I seem to keep busy with small group activities...not reports so much, just meetings and going over study materials/projects. This morning I enjoyed reading with four elementary aged kids. ((hugs))

  7. I was SO glad to see your post. I was a bit worried when you didn't write yesterday but thought I would see if you did today, otherwise you would have been hearing from me. :-) . Glad all is well. I like the top quilt the best and I think one would look lovely on your barn. I enjoyed looking for them when we were traveling across to the midwest this year. I was surprised how many I spotted.
    That photo of Vista Houes is truly stunning. I've never seen anything like it.
    I'm on a few committees at church, but nothing like I used to do. I'm getting old.
    Take care my friend and be sure to tell Dayle we said hi.

  8. The first barn quilt gets my vote too! That photo is surreal. And the blanket is looking good. xx

  9. Not being a quilter I really don't know. I like the top one best. Red, white and blue are such popular colours. Your blanket looks beautiful. Best, Jane x

  10. The barn quilt is really interesting, I shall look forward to seeing which one you choose. I just looked them up to find out a little more and it's fascinating. The Vista House photo is amazing. CJ xx

  11. I like the top quilt too :)

    The photograph is definitely reminiscent of Game Of Thrones and it's beautiful.

    Your Dahlia blanket looks wonderful....so cosy and comforting.

  12. I love the second design!

    I live in central Pennsylvania, tucked in a tiny valley surrounded by the Amish. There's a very particular time of year (typically the week before or the week after Easter) where they wash their quilts and hang them on the line outside their homes... simply the most beautiful time to drive or walk by and admire all of the hard work and creative devotion! Many of the English (an Amish term for non-Amish people) have barn quilts hanging on the outside of their garages.

  13. The first, more challenging but worth the effort. I'm a full time traveler and love seeing them in many states. Cheers, Marguerite

  14. Lovely catching up on your lovely blog Teresa, new years wishes to you also.
    Love the design for the barn quilt!...And that absolutely incredible view!! yes! I can see the 'game of thrones' visual myself truly spectacular.
    I used to be on the parents school committee but I found the teachers always had the final say, sometimes you never felt truly heard or points of view taken seriously...
    keep cosy under those snuggly crocheted blankets ;)... We some times get a light snow here during february, Dartmoor national park being so high up on the tors usually gets quite a few feet...But actually Id rather have it around the Christmas period than close to Spring...all the Spring bulbs,shoots must get so confused! hehe. ;)

  15. LOVE barn quilts...and I love both of these designs! I think either would look gorgeous on your red barn, it depends on which one you personally like the best (and also how much fiddly painting you want to do). I was thinking of getting a barn quilt a couple of years ago but it would have to go on my potting shed here in my English garden I think! Have a lovely day dear Teresa XXX

  16. WOW Channel 12 reporter! What an awesome photo and view for those of us on the ground!! i love your crochet blankets. Each one is so cheerful. I served on our Animal Shelter Board at the shelter Vet's request. I don't think I'd ever do it again. NO. I know I will never do it again. I felt a huge fiduciary responsibility for a place that hung on by a string. I found some of the members downright awful to work with. People who had been there forever and felt they could shoot their mouths off about anything they wished. It was so frustrating and so anxiety producing for me. So now, at our new place of volunteering the barn, Im a regular old horse walker and I LOVE it that way.

  17. My choice of quilts is the top one.
    (Phyllis from the coast)

  18. There is a Barn Quilt trail in Illinois, maybe one to visit in the Summer! I love that you are thinking of one. I like the second on the best. CN.xx

  19. i love both barn quilts. vista house pic is eery and great at the same time. you have found your crochet mojo:)

  20. That is a beautiful picture of Vista House. Both of those quilt designs are pretty, I think I prefer the 2nd, more simple, design.


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