Friday, January 24, 2020

More Stripes, Raging Waterfall and Bulbs Up

I've been enjoying the CAL (crochet-a-long) hosted by Lucy at Attic24 blog.  This one is called "Dahlia" using colors from that beautiful flower.  She releases a new section each Friday so we're all supposed to be done with the last.. and I just put the last stitch in!  LOL!  I'm happy that it's big enough now to keep my lap warm while I stitch along by the fire.

Here is the whole thing.. I really do love the ombre effect of the colors.  It evokes images of fire when I look at it.

This is a lovely afghan that is nice and squishy and warm.

I volunteered at Multnomah Falls with my younger sister yesterday.  It has been raining a lot so the falls were ROARING and full.  Dayle came to pick me up and took my phone up to the falls to take a photo for me while we packed up our gear to come home.  I got several questions from visitors about the blanket and gave out Lucy's URL to several people.

You know the falls are full when the extra waterfall shows up.

I've added a video I made of the sound of the falls to the bottom of this post, let me know what you think!

We had a quieter day in the visitors center as it was cold and rainy, but it's still nice to be there.

One last photo.

I'm happy to report that our daffodils are coming up and there are buds on them!  This group is by our big rock with my metal goat on top.  :-)

See the buds?

And the Snowdrops are coming up and we even have some in bloom!

The Irises are coming up too.. last year we had the weirdest thing happen.. none of our Irises bloomed.. why would that happen?

I wanted to share a couple of our best one pot meals.  This was last night, rice, chicken thighs, sweet potatoes, green onions with a slice of bacon on top and we drizzled teriyaki sauce over the top, put it in the oven for 45 minutes at 450 deg. F.

This one was sausage, onions, zucchini and pinto beans with a bit of BBQ sauce drizzled over the top.  Yum!

Enjoy the waterfall!

Have a fabulous weekend!  I'm going to start on my 4th section of the afghan!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-)  


  1. Oh my gosh I never tire of the falls. and now DOUBLE falls!!!

  2. The colors on your current afghan project are just so beautiful. Love the brightness of it. Thanks for sharing pictures of your bulbs starting to come up. Everything looks so green and lush and spring like there!

  3. Oh Teresa your hubby takes the BEST pictures of the falls, and to actually hear the roar of it. Thank you. Someday I hope to visit there. LOVE your afghan but wow are you going to have a lot of ends to weave in. There's LOTS of snow left here in Minnesota so we will not be seeing anything "springing" up til April or May. So I
    love seeing your pictures and can't wait until the warmer weather comes my way.

  4. I enjoyed seeing the vibrant colors of your beautiful blanket Teresa. It's coming along so quickly. It's stunning.
    Thank you for the photos of the Falls. I've never seen in person the twin falls. Its gorgeous. I never tire of it.
    Bulbs already! I can't believe it. Here the ground is still covered with snow although with all of the rain, it's melting quickly and we only have a foot or so left.
    Your meals looks amazing, especially the chicken. Thank you for giving us the details on how to make them.

  5. I keep looking for bulbs in my yard too. I've got 'Lenten roses' hellebores flowering but not anything else...yet. Love the pictures of the falls. Also about to start my week 4 directions of Lucy's afghan. I'm doing the color wash one.

  6. The falls are magnificent! One reason why your irises didn't bloom could be they like the rhizomes half out of the soil. It's the action of the sun on the rhizomes that causes flowering - ask me how I know! I've got daffs coming up but no buds yet. Spring's on its way! YIPPEE! xx

  7. The waterfall is amazing!! Where we live is totally flat, really flat. Your blanket is stunning. Lucy has such an eye for colour. I'm using her Moorland colour scheme for a simple granny blanket. Best, Jane x

  8. Great pictures of the falls - liked the video too. They sure are roaring and make that bridge look so small! You are lucky to have so much growing already. In Illinois we have to wait a couple of months yet! Thanks so much, Teresa!

  9. My goodness what a joy to not only see those amazing photos of the falls, but to be able to hear them on the video was a real delight. Loving the crochet, such vibrant colours.

  10. My daffodils are coming up too and buds as well...I think I saw them the other day. Multnomah falls is beautiful! was loud...just like the falls are to be! Megan is going this spring to see them for a night or two away. Cooler this time than in summer when it got hot! Your afghan is so pretty. I'm sure you're cozy when you're working on it! Take care! X---X

  11. We're supposed to get near 60' this week, so bulbs should be popping open soon. Thankhfully, the monsoon is holding back now.

  12. Oh wow Teresa I love the video such a roar. The 2nd waterfall is amazing. Your blanket is glorious, well done you such lovely colours. I have just been out for a walk and there are daffodils in flower here! Happy weekend my friend. Hugs xxx

  13. Lovely to see signs of spring. Those falls are certainly stunning, what a beautiful place. Well done on your blanket. It’s looking good. B x

  14. We have some shoots etc here and there!
    Loving the blanket.
    I love seeing and hearing the falls but nothing would persuade me to go on that bridge! Lol x

  15. Thanks so much for sharing the vibrant views of your beautiful blanket! I feel visually warm at least :-) I dragged out my Merino wool blanket I started years ago and have knitted about five more rows on it so far. It is lovely to get warmed by it while I knit it. You and Dayle have captured some of my favorite sights and sounds of the Falls in this post. My Calla Lillies have been producing some new shoots, and it is exciting to see your bulb shoots/buds and Snow Drop blooms! Yummy looking/sounding recipes!

  16. What wonderful waterfalls. I really like the photo with the bridge, would love to see them.

  17. That lovely blanket would become a firm favourite of mine it's so pretty.

  18. Dayle's photos of the falls are gorgeous! Your blanket is really coming along... so bright and cheerful. I'm envious that you have daffodils already... we have at least two more months of winter!

  19. The Falls look really exciting here! Loved seeing your pictures! Your blanket is looking gorgeous and so cheerful XXX

  20. The falls look (and sound) incredible. Thanks for sharing the video! I really love how the blanket is coming together, I still haven't decided what colours to use for my blanket yet, too much to choose from! LOL. xx Susan

  21. The colours on the blanket are so beautiful!


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