Wednesday, March 25, 2020

πŸ₯š Keeping Ourselves Occupied πŸ‡

What does one do while under confinement?  Lots of things, it appears!  I ran across the pattern for crocheting Peep Bunnies - so this was the result yesterday.  I've got half a yellow one done also and will finish it today and start an aqua one, then lavender.  Click HERE for the free pattern.

Aren't they cute?

Hopefully you have some little black seed beads on hand for the eyes and nose, if not you could embroider some on using the French Knot stitch.

I could see a lot of these hopping around the house.

I brought out my collection of little rabbit figurines out of my china cabinet.  This one I adore as she's knitting with a basket of yarn by her side and her little baby bunny at her feet.

These are my Beatrix Potter rabbits.  Please ignore the paper bags on the table I forgot to remove.  :-)

Another knitting bunny, one sweeping and one off to shop.

Peter Rabbit himself, a momma with two babies and a young girl rabbit weaving a flower bunting.

Now to the realities of staying out of the public - Dayle decided to make some bread so we don't have to go to the store.  First up I got the sourdough starter out of the fridge and fed it and got it foamy and active.  Then he looked for his favorite bread pans, glass ones.. we had a cobalt one and two clear glass ones.  Do you think he could find them?  NO.  He could not.  But in the looking he took everything out of our pantry cabinet in the kitchen and while not finding what he was looking for, now it's all organized.  He said.. "Why do we have 4 rolling pins?"  Me:  Umm.. errr.. don't throw any away!  :-)

Dayle got the bread going and then made dinner for us.  Broiled filet mignon, baked potatoes and perfectly cooked asparagus.  After dinner the bread and rolls went into the oven.  And yes, I do appreciate him very much.  And no, you cannot have him.  :-)


1 pkg yeast
1 tsp sugar
½ cup warm water
1 can evaporated milk
¼ cup warm water
¼ cup melted butter
¼ cup honey
2 tsp. salt
1 ½ cup wheat flour
3 ½ cup bread flour (approx.)
1 egg, separated
1/2 cup sourdough starter (optional)

1.  In small bowl, dissolve yeast and sugar in ½ cup warm water.
2.  In mixer, combine milk, ¼ cup water, butter, honey, salt and wheat flour.  Add yeast mixture, egg yolk & 1/2 cup sourdough starter (optional).  
3.  Add bread flour until mixer can't mix it anymore then knead using more flour for 6-10 minutes to achieve satiny texture.
4.  Place dough in oiled bowl and let rise until doubled.

5.  Punch down and divide in two.  Roll into loaf shape, put in 2 bread pans, then brush with beaten egg white and sprinkle with sesame seeds.  Let rise until above pan about 1 1/2 inch.    Bake 23 minutes at 375 degrees. 

My Daily Daffodil.  I adore this one!  We had snow last night, it's all gone now.. but all my daffodils are bent over.. so sad!

I've been tidying up, clearing the decks.  Today I'm going to go through my 2 buckets of kitchen utensils and pare them down and give away things we don't use.  We're also going to work on the kitchen today. 

I am also playing Words With Friends (want to start a game with me?), crocheting and reading. 

So, what are YOU doing to pass the time?  Let's share and help each other through this, shall we?

((hugs)), Teresa :-)   


  1. Those little bunnies are very sweet Teresa and a tidy kitchen cupboard is also a pleasure to see. Dayle's bread looks really delicious, I can almost smell it and I bet it tasted lovely with a little butter.

    Between working full time (at home) and homeschooling the children there is not much time for creativity for me unfortunately but they days sure pass quickly and I sleep like a log. I do miss my cycle to work, it is through a pretty wood, which is just beautiful this time of year. Hugs to you xx

  2. Oh my, I love those Peeps. I don't like the regular ones, so crochet ones are great for me. LOVE Dayle's bread recipe and will be trying it. Thank you for sharing it.

  3. Love your crocheted bunnies and your Peter Rabbit collection. I have a similar coloured daffodil which has appeared in my garden - all signs of spring. Very impressed by the bread making. We have a machine and use flour ground by our local water mill, which I love but my hand made bread efforts have never gone well. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Cute crochet bunny Teresa. And of course all of your decorations. 4 Rollingpins lol I think we may have to but spread over 2 places. Here city pad I may try to sew a mask or 6

  5. Dayle's bread looks so delicious and the meal he made does too! I can usually find my bread pans but my small cookies sheets tend to get up and move to different cupboards I guess they get bored too!

  6. Cute bunnies and those peeps are adorable. I don't crochet...wish I did...maybe I can teach myself during this isolation time? I should tackle some kitchen drawers/cabinets. I did scrub the outside of cabinets the other day. I'd rather read and/or knit though.

  7. How do you play words with Friends?

    1. You can download the app on your phone or pad and go from there. I play as "Teresa Kasner" so you start a game and hopefully you'll find me. You can also play in Facebook - search for the game there. I hope that helps! It's kind of like online Scrabble.

  8. You inspired me to lol several times...the 4 rolling pins, and your unwillingness to share Dayle. 😁Thanks, Teresa. I enjoyed all of your post...seeing those sweet bunnies and beautiful bread. I have managed to participate in two video chats with Zoom cloud meetings today. Every time I press the right buttons and see and hear others in the group I am amazed and delighted! I got to knit some rows on a preemie blanket while on the morning call. I texted with a niece and nephew who are in CA under similar stay home and healthy guidelines as we have and got comments on my last post from folks around the world describing they are keeping healthy guidelines as well. We truly are all in this together, and I am praying that as we trust the Lord He will empower us to overflow with confident hope, joy and peace. ((hugs))

  9. I printed out that same crochet bunny pattern a couple of days ago but haven't made any yet. They are so cute. I thought Piper would enjoy a few for Easter. I don't think I have black seed beads so thought I would embroider the faces. How funny we both found the same pattern. :-)
    I enjoyed seeing Dayles yummy bread and hearing about your dinner. A friend made a Costco run and asked if I wanted anything since she would be driving within a few blocks of our house. I left money in an envelope on the garage door and she left me a rotisserie chicken and a bag of Halo oranges. We waved at each other, her from the car and me from the door. What a strange world we're living in.
    I've had a headache and sinus pressure for a couple of days. I'm sure it's the weather since we've had unusual warmth last week and snow today, but this virus sure makes a person paranoid. I'm terrified of giving something to Dennis. I offered to sleep in one of the guest rooms tonight and he said if I have it I would have already infected him during the past several days. I'm 99% sure it's just normal stuff, but you still wonder....
    I'm be glad when this thing is long gone and in the history books. I feel for everyone who is suffering with it. I have no problem staying home at all. There is plenty to do around here.
    WIshing you a wonderful day tomorrow my friend. Hi to Dayle too.

  10. Cute bunnies, both crochet and ceramic. And Dayle's bread looks yummy. Can't get any flour here at the moment. I was able to get in the garden yesterday, felt so good to be out in the warm sunshine. Even spotted a snake's head fritillary! I've planted quite a few but they get eaten by Lily beetles. Even resorting to Spring cleaning! Things must be getting bad. lol xxx

  11. I love the rabbits and your beautiful collection of Beatrix Potter creatures. Well done Dayle, I could certainly do to borrow him πŸ˜‰. Take care. B x

  12. Ohhhh, your bread looks delicious! What size can of evaporated milk to use -- the small can or large one?

  13. Those peeps are so cute! I wish I could figure out how to crochet but it seems so complicated to me! Love your decorations and your flower! Dayle's bread looks fabulous! Thanks for all of the stay-at-home inspiration!

  14. You are surrounded by beautiful things. What you have made, and what you have bought.

    Thankfully, we are not go-go-go people. So staying home, is not a chore. Actually we used to complain a lot, about having so many things, to have to go out and do. "Eating" into our days.

    -chuckle- It is amazing, to think back to those days. How very little we really, really have to go out for! But then, we are so lucky to live beside family. Our Dear Daughter in Law gets anything we need. Not everyone is so lucky, we know. And we apppppppreciate !!! her!

    But still, the lesson is there. So much of what we did, was not really necessary. -smile-

    Gentle hugs,
    🌸 🌸 🌸

  15. I'm much better today. Yesterday, I had a mini melt down/panic moment after four days of cumulative 'stuff'. My daughter is doing a one year work visa in New Zealand. She got caught on Monday (Tuesday there) in their big shut down. Her jobs evaporated but I think we have her sorted now. It and all the other 'stuff' was too much.

    Working on not listening when hubs watches continuous news coverage. Getting outside walking, took FB away as it was a big font of misinformation designed for panic. And sewing, but only a little as my focus is a bit unfocused. Sent you an email.

  16. I have been in the house for nearly 2 weeks now. We go out daily for a walk and occasionally to pick up something we have run out of. we get home delivery and do not go to supermarkets since being diabetic and almost 70 we are both high risk.I have tidied 3 drawers, done sewing and already knitted a cardigan for my granddaughter . I am now onto the next project. We have also baked bran loaves and sugar free banana loaves and made a meatloaf. Tomorrow when my shopping comes i am going to try beetroot chutney. I cannot say that I am bored nor is my OH as he is out in the garden and greenhouse. we are growing tomatoes from seed this year because garden centres have closed. Stay safe everybody.

  17. Just saying hi Teresa. The bread looks yummy. Sweet bunnies. I've got four rolling pins, did have five! Hugs Anne X

  18. Just saying hi Teresa. The bread looks yummy. Sweet bunnies. I've got four rolling pins, did have five! Hugs Anne X

  19. Oh my gosh. I WANT THAT BREAD ! I' love to make bread. Must add that recipe to the list!!
    I passed the time as a big crab this afternoon.
    Fireman and i normally don't quibble.
    I heard from zach late tonight and that made it much better. Tomorrow is a new day.
    My husband is such a good guy.....but he was on my last nerve this afternoon!

  20. Hi Teresa, great to see you busy. Those bunnies are gorgeous and that bread looks delicious. Well done Dayle, what a trooper he is. Stay safe and carry on crafting. Hugs xxx


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