Monday, March 23, 2020

Trilliums and Easter Decorations

Spring is truly here when the Trilliums bloom!  They are just now opening so they are tender and fresh.  I adore them.  They bloom in our shady forest.

The Creeping Myrtle has spread all over the forest floor and look pretty surrounding the Trilliums.

Do you have Trilliums where you live?

This is my current Daffodil in my brass bulb vase.

Do you see the photo-bomber?  :-)

When we were looking in the Hoosier cabinet for my Easter tablecloth we found this doily that I actually crocheted many years ago.. I'd been looking for this!

I like how the center looks like feathers.  I am now thinking I need to make another doily.

Our son picked up a ton of pellets for us on Saturday and Kristi and the boys helped unload them into our garage.  Then they took the boys home for the remainder of "shelter in place" situation.

It was a lovely afternoon and I enjoyed watching the birds at the feeder and the sound of the waterfall into the pond.

I got this neat sheep planter last year, inspired by one that my blog friend Meredith was given as a gift.  I've decided that when we can finally get out in public again that I will buy some succulents to plant in it.

I asked our little family to pose for a photo in case we don't see them for a long time.  :-(

Our grandson Michael was out in the area so stopped to visit with his friend.  They stayed 12 feet away from us while we chatted to comply with social distancing and only stayed for less than a half hour.

I thought I'd take photos as the white Lilac buds out to show you how it's progressing.  :-)

I have put out my Easter decorations, but I forgot to put out my Beatrix Potter bunnies.. I'll add those later today.  :-)  Or maybe I'll put them on our TV cabinet.  Hmm.

I oiled and cleaned up the wooden egg holder and put my crocheted eggs on there for fun.  I have my two antique glass bunny candy holders there.  One with jelly beans and the other came with it's original candy and paper stopper on the bottom!

These were made by J.H Millstein in Jeannette PA in the 1940s and sold filled with candy at Easter.

This little figurine joined the family last year I think.

This is my Bethany Lowe set of "Easter Parade" figurines.  I think they are adorable!

This is my newest Easter decoration, Dayle got it for me at an antique store for my Christmas present!

Our calm Saturday evening was shattered by a rollover car accident right onto our property!  The police were there, also the fire truck and ambulance.  Dayle went out to take these photos and found that the driver had fled the scene before the emergency responders arrived.  

Several years ago a small truck wrecked and rolled over directly across from our driveway and the driver had also fled the scene.  When I went out to see what was going on a police officer said he'd stolen the truck, and ran from the scene.  I freaked out as I was home alone and the door was unlocked.  He could have been in my house for all I knew.  I went right back in and checked and locked myself inside.  I found out later he ran right across our pasture, over the hill and stole another car!  

I posted on Corbett Area on Facebook that the driver had fled and to lock your doors.  I found out later it was a woman and she left the scene as she was scared.  Oh my.  Life is never boring, is it?

We're making do and carrying on.. Dayle made Spam fried rice for us the other night.  Just cook your rice, stir fry ham or even some bacon chopped up, add veggies and soy sauce and Voila! Dinner!  How about we all share the homemade meals we're cooking while "sheltering in place"?

Tonight we're grilling steak and making baked potatoes and asparagus.  I'm going to make some chore lists of things I'd like us to get done around here while we're housebound.  And crochet.  And read.  I'm reading "The Lavender Garden" by Lucinda Riley.  It's rather good but the stupidity of the heroine is making me rather cross.  Have you read it?  Stay safe and stay home!!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-)  


  1. Hi Teresa. WOW! Scary accident. I can't believe she got out and ran after rolling her vehicle like that. She's so lucky she wasn't seriously hurt.
    I love all of your spring decorations. I got mine out too this week. It makes me happy to see the decorations.
    How blessed you are to have your boys and their families close to you. I know you miss Amy and the girls though. I would give almost ANYTHING to have even one of our kids here right now. As I type this, Alex is flying from London to Doha, Qatar and then on to Tokyo. I can't believe he's flying right now and I think he got out just before the UK went on lockdown. Tara just messaged me the strict rules for going out that they have right now in the UK. Scary times. I wonder if it will happen here? Dennis is still going to work but they are trying very hard to reinforce the 6 foot limit and he's disinfecting everything he touches. Since they work in the agriculture business it is thought that they won't be shut down, but who really knows what's happening anymore? We are very, very grateful that he's working but scared too.
    Take care of yourself my friend. Wishing you and Dayle good health and lots of love.

  2. Crocheting some of your lovely hearts is as close as I have come to crocheting a doily. I will cheer you on and no doubt admire your skill if you share with us your process of making a doily! Today I made soup with meatloaf, cabbage, carrot and celery slices and chicken broth from the chicken I cooked a few days ago. I still have been busier than usual texting, emailing, and answering or calling on the phone so I have not managed to do much crafting. My oldest son and his wife a little south of NY city are off work for awhile and arranged for my grandsons to start on online class work today. Thanks for sharing the photos of current Spring life on your farm. ((hugs))

  3. Gosh scary for sure with the accident and the other one you experienced. No Trilliums here but look pretty. Lovely you got to see family and grandkids. I have only spoken as not allowed to see anyone yet....another 7 days for us and then still social distancing. I did get to speak to April and Cooper today so lovely. Neat spaghetti bolognaise for us tonight with pretend noodles. take care out there xoxo

  4. Your garden/land is gorgeous. I'm planning on tidying my garden during the lockdown, as well as working through my yarn stash! Scary car crash!
    The UK Government announced last night that all non-essential businesses must close, meetings of more than 2 people are banned, only go out to buy essential food/medicines, or to take 1 session of exercise a day (walk, run, cycle) on your own or with family members only and to keep 2 metres away from others, and the police are given powers to fine/arrest anyone who infringes these rules. This is partly because stupid people crowded into parks, markets and beauty spots over the weekend! Do they not watch the news? Or do they think it's all a big hoax? Makes my so angry when there are people dying. Take care everyone. Look after yourselves and others. Focus on the day this is all over and we can all get together with our loved ones and give them a big hug and kiss! xx

  5. Spring really is a lift for the soul isn't it and the Trilliums are beautiful. So glad to hear that you were safe and didn't get an unexpected visitor after the accident. Stay safe. xx Susan

  6. Lots of excitement for you with that car rollover happening. Thanks for sharing pictures of all your lovely Easter decorations. They are all so cute and unique. That fried rice meal sounds delicious and I may try it. I have all the ingredients here to make it. Stay safe!

  7. I have done a good job of procrastinating around here. Not really getting anything productive done and I know that has to stop. I want to feel busy and accomplish some of the many projects I have around my home but I keep talking myself out of starting! Maybe today will be the day - I have a quilt to work on and laundry to do - and I have soup to put in the crockpot so I had better get going! Your property is so pretty, Teresa! You are lucky to live there! Thanks for sharing.

  8. We do see trillium and I love it. None are UP yet here. There was a brief sighting of the sun TERESA!!!!
    I love your photos and your Decorations. Life goes on! But.....will there be chocolate bunnies/??

  9. Love your Easter decorations! What excitement you had at your house! I haven't seen any triliums here but thank you for identifying the purple flowers we have in our woods here in the Ozarks. Your dinner looked good. I'm still eating corned beef and cabbage...actually it's the 2nd corned beef! LOL! Stay well!

  10. It's always fun to see your beautiful decorations. Here's a link to a crochet doily you might enjoy:
    Stay safe, Pat ❤️

  11. Hi Teresa! Love your pink bunny and other Easter deocrations. So festive and pretty. I'm glad you are still putting stuff out even in this "sheltering time." My parents always talked about seeing Trilliums on their walks in the woods. So they are around here, but not in our woods. I wish they were. So pretty. Fletch cooked steaks for us the other night and we had baked potatoes and kale. I made a lemony dessert. Stay well my friend!


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