Friday, March 20, 2020

Making the Most of Staying Home

Let's all take a deep cleansing breath.. in... out.. again.  We're having lovely weather which really helps during this time of stress and worry.  We all went out on the deck to enjoy the sun and fresh air yesterday and will do the same today.  My big pot of daffodils are bringing much joy.

There are three varieties in this pot.

Eye candy.

I need to pick a new one for my brass vase today.  

I'm not sure which one I'll choose.. :-)

The other big pot has some Hyacinths and Tulips and Primroses.

Do you have some nice outdoors space to enjoy during this time?

Dayle snapped this photo for me.. the Star Magnolia is blooming.  The garage/barn is back there with the chicken coop next to it.

Another pot with Hyacinths.  When I buy a pot of blooming bulbs for home, when they are spent we put them outside in one of the planters.

Koi Report:  It seems that the evil blue heron (boo hiss) caught and ate our 3 smaller koi but our big guy evaded capture and death by heron.  We will need to acquire a few more so he won't be alone.

I can't remember if I named him!  Do you remember?  LOL!

The boys took a break from their X-boxes to come out and enjoy the weather.  This is Hayden on the trampoline.  

Both boys swinging.. it's been a while since they used the swings.


Dayle was cleaning the pond filter, the boys playing and me.. I'm just breathing in deep, enjoying the sunshine and trying to lower my stress level.  I've been worried about not only our family but the effect this virus is having on the whole world. 

It does this grandma's heart good to see our grandsons having fun.

Grandpa taking some sun and holding his darling dog.  When he takes her for a walk, I often see them enjoying the day in this spot, her on his lap.  Very cute.

I'm pleased to see that my white Lilac is budding out.  Now I can dream of big fragrant bouquets in the house and the aroma blowing about in the yard.

When we hung this metal sign out on the deck the eggs were brown.. I noticed now that the sun has bleached them to white!  I wonder if I should re-paint them brown and blue?  LOL!  I also note that the bowl is Cornishware!

In the evening I put more rows on Paige's blanket.

I got a text from Ginger across the road that grows the lavender.  "Hey, if you need anything let us know.  We need to keep our neighbors safe! 💜"  I thanked her and told her we were doing okay.  Then I offered her 2 dozen eggs.  She then offered us some of their lavender lemon loofah soap.  Win win!  They sell their products online, click here - Bates Lavender Farm.

Kristi told us we had some masks out in the garage and brought them in for us.  This will help.

I laid awake early this morning thinking and worrying about the peril we all face.  I force myself to breathe deep and try to hope we'll make it through this.  How do you keep the frightening thoughts at bay?  Do share.  I also want to thank those of you who took the time to leave a comment on my last post.  Like I say, your interaction is what keeps me going as a blogger.  Stay safe, my friends.  ((hugs)), Teresa :-)  


  1. Lovely to see a post from you Teresa, it is always a treat. And so good to see those boys enjoying the sunshine. The weather is going to be glorious here for the next few days, so we'll no doubt be outside too. It is really hard not to think about things at the moment isn't it. I try very hard to turn my thoughts to something else if I can, but it's not easy. It's so good to connect with you here and have a chat with someone, even while we're all at home. Look after yourself my friend. CJ xx

  2. Oh so glad to see your post, going crazy here in isolation lol But seriously this is so hideous and keeping ourselves safe indoors at city pad, no outdoor garden. Love love seeing all that you put here and can just imagine the lavender/lemon smell and those daffodils too xoxo

  3. Happy pictures Teresa. I loved seeing the boys bare feet and them having so much fun. I'm sorry about the koi but glad the big guy made it. Dayle and Mocha look so content.
    I'm SO worried about all of this. I'm coping by praying. I fall asleep praying and often wake up in the morning in the middle of the same prayer! I have felt so refreshed and rested too. That's unusual for me. I know it's the Lord helping me cope with all of this. Mandy is working all weekend and Alex is flying back to Japan from London. You bet I'm one worried Mama, but not as crazy as I would have thought. And I know that peace is from God.
    I'm thinking of you and Dayle too. I'm glad you have those masks. If you have to wear them in public, remember not to touch the outside of the masks after wearing them as they might have germs on them.
    I hope you have a calm and peaceful weekend my dear friend.
    Blessings and love,

  4. Your daffodils are so sunshiney and happy to see and your crochet blanket is a stunner. Those colours you've chosen are delicious!

  5. Thank you for sharing the beautiful photos in this post, Teresa, offering my mind positive lovely focus in the midst of worrisome circumstances. This morning I ventured out to the grocery store. It is the first time I have driven since last Friday when I went to the grocery store. I was grateful to be out in the sunshine, able to buy what I needed, and able to exchange smiles and encouraging greetings with some of the appropriately distant shoppers. I also tried to thank every store clerk for working! To combat worry I have been regularly reciting the advice, [take every thought captive...think about whatever things are true, honest and just, lovely, any virtue, any praise...don't be anxious about anything but talk to the Lord about everything, make requests to Him with thanksgiving...and have faith as you do that He will guard your heart and mind in Christ Jesus]. I have been enjoying the sunshine when I can and trying to exercise inside and walking outside in our condo complex greeting other neighbors who are out walking. I have tried to be informed about the news but not spend too much time on it. I have tried to keep in positive contact with family and friends by phone/internet/mail. I have tried to be creative with yarn, words, paints, puzzles, and play Scrabble and Words with Friends. I have tried to read sweet stories set in pleasant places, or watch episodes of Escape to the Country, eat nourishing food, drink lots of water and get a good amount of sleep. And from time to time I remind myself that Jesus said, "...have peace in me. Here on earth you will have many trials and sorrows. But take heart, because I have overcome the world." John 16:33 NLT. Today my dear Uncle Arthur is 100 years old and I am celebrating his birthday as I type to you! ((hugs)) :-)

  6. Looks like you had a lovely day in the sunshine with your grandchildren . The daffodils are gorgeous. The enormity of what’s happening is only just sinking in. Like you I have a lovely garden to enjoy and crafts and books to pass the time. Take care. B x

  7. Do you remember a girl named Amy? Amy Amorinville now. She used to be friends with your daughter? Maybe did 4-H with you? We've gotten together a couple of times now. I was showing her the bamboo that you gave me and all of a sudden, I wasn't sure if I mentioned that I knew Amy. The place I want to put your bamboo is now free of a viscious wild rose - I'll plant it this weekend.

    Take care, my friend.

  8. Lovely to see your grandsons out playing - they're never too old to have fun. I'm getting in the garden too. I might even have time to get it all straight. Been meaning to do that for years, but life got in the way. Went for an early morning walk this morning, through my local village. When I look at all the shops, cafes, restaurants etc that have closed and the others who are limiting access, it scares me. The song "This town is coming like a ghost town" by the Specials, was running through my head. My son has ordered us some masks, due next week. We'll wear them when we go food shopping. Strange how quickly the abnormal becomes normal! We will get through this. It'll take time but we must stay strong and resolved. xx

  9. Ahh my favourite daffodils Teresa, these are such lovely calming photos. You are so lucky to have the boys so near, enjoy! This is what we all need to focus on, I'm so glad you found my blog post yesterday calming too. I think everyone is in shock at the moment but in times like this we will find a way to continue through these months ahead. As I said on my blog..every day is one day nearer the end of all this. Stay safe, hugs xxx

  10. Your property is so beautiful and it is so nice to see your flowers! We don't have that here in Illinois yet but I can see the shoots coming up so maybe in a couple of weeks. I can't believe how big your grandsons are getting! They grow up so fast, don't they? It is sweet to see how they enjoy playing outside. I think the uncertainty of the situation is stressful but we are doing all that we can do right now and worrying doesn't change what might happen. It just ruins our peace right now. So keep taking your deep breaths, enjoy your family and your beautiful home. Thanks so much for sharing with me and brightening my life each time you post!

  11. Thursday night I could not sleep, when I finally did I woke at 4 in the morning and just sat there a bit terrified about it all. I am not afraid for myself, but for my children, their jobs, their health, my is all so much! So I got up at five and cleaned and arranged everything in site. My neighbor laughed when she saw me cleaning out my garage at 7 AM. Still it took my mind off everything for a while and I have more organization at home, win-win. Stay safe my dear, dear friend.

  12. Beautiful pictures Teresa. Your flowers are way ahead of ours. I only have some daffodils blooming. This is a worrisome time for sure. Wish I had some words of wisdom, but I am not sleeping well at night either. I'm cooking and knitting and reading to stay sane.

  13. Dayle and Mocha look so happy. Nice to see the boys on the swings, you"re never really too old! CN x

  14. Teresa, I love your neighborly goodness. My neighbors have been sweet as well. As a rule we don't interact much . Sydney textedme last weekend that she was going to the store if we needed anything. The friends down our road, check in too.
    I only had one panicky time. Yesterday when they said that US citizens should come home now from Canada or Mexico or wait it out there. Zach (we all, even Allison agreed ,) is best staying in Chiapas. There is a good hospital. Traveling home would expose him to many many more germs.
    Zach says Mexicans are prepared bc these are worriers and they care so deeply for their extended families and friends. It hasn't really hit his town yet, so they are already doing the elbow shake and wearing masks and gloves. Since then, I calmed down. I pray to our lady of guadeloupe for zach all the time. We are hunkered down here. But we were outside in our woods, and we lit a good fire. It was only in the 30s and COLD but we used gloves, winter jackets and the like.. I did make it to the Fellow Mortals Sanctuary to drop off 3 bird nest /knitted hats. I only had to hang them on their door. No contact.
    Fireman and I watched tiny Desk concerts on you tube tonight. So much talent out there.
    We put in our grocery order and can drive by and get it on Thursday . No worries until then. We are so fortunate to be retired from our firefight/ and nurse bedside careers.
    We will get through this Teresa! How is Gracie doing? Im sure you are in touch. Tell her Im thinking of her. Mocha and Dayle are so dang cute

  15. He Theresa, it's great to see the way communities are pulling together. I hope that all the kindness continues when this awful time is a distant memory. Stay safe. xx

  16. Hola querida Teresa, esto que esta sucediendo en el mundo es preocupante, aqui en Costa Rica, estamos en cuarentena tambien, yo trabajo en Aduanas, traigo licores de todo el mundo,por lo tanto mi trabajo sigue. Ahora estoy haciendo teletrabajo en mi casa y medio asustada por todo esto, pero confiando en Dios que va a pasar. Saludos a los tuyos y me encanta tu finca.


    1. Hello dear Teresa, this is happening in the world is worrying, here in Costa Rica, we are also in quarantine, I work in Customs, I bring liquors from all over the world, therefore my work continues. Now I am telecommuting at home and a little scared by all this, but trusting God that it will happen. Greetings to yours and I love your farm.

  17. Oh my lovely lady. On the other side of the world I am also waking and worrying at all hours of the night. It is a supremely sucky time. At first we shook our heads in amused dismay as toilet paper disappeared off supermarket shelves. Are Australians going to wrap themselves up in loo paper to protect themselves from the virus?!? But when people started buying up all vital medicines like asthma puffers when they aren't asthmatics I started to get cranky. My eldest son is an asthmatic and he needs to be able to get some when he runs low to save his life. Now down here in Melbourne Australia, the majority of people of self isolating even before our Prime Minister calls it as we don't have faith he will lock it down in time. I believe most of us will get through this, and I hope we come out the otherside more kind and mindful of each other, and most especially (after the horrific bushfire season) I hope we are more mindful and caring of our planet. Sending "social isolation" hugs from afar! xox Louise


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