Monday, August 10, 2020

Cruising Along

Hello!  How are you this fine weekend?  We're just ambling along, taking it easy, helping Dayle mend from his surgery.  I took the boys out for a drive-thru burger and milkshake and when we arrived home I went to pick some Dahlias and Caleb went with me.  I had him pull up the spent spinach plants and give them to the chickens and when he did that we both saw a massive zucchini which had been hidden by the spinach.  I gave him my Swiss Army knife to cut the zuke and here he is with it.  :-) Kristi came to visit us and bring some things and she harvested some potatoes, green beans and more zucchini for us.  Our carrots were a bust.  So, she pulled them up too.  I am thinking I'll make a potato salad with our cute spuds.  I made homemade burritos for the boys and us on Saturday.  They were a hit.

My little miniature red and white striped rose is in bloom.  I googled and it might be called "Gigi".  I adore it as the bloom is so tiny and perfect.  About the diameter of a quarter.

Success.. all six fish in one shot.

My bouquet that I picked, 2 purple pom poms, a big lovely white and pink dahlia and a blood red rose.

I am close to finishing Paige's lap blanket.. whew.  I will finish today and get it shipped to her and hopefully it will arrive in Ohio prior to her birthday.  The border edging will be a simple double shell.  First lavender and then finishing off with pink.

Is there anything better than finishing a project?

I just snapped this to show you the finished part, 2 1/2 more sides to go.

Dayle brought this rose bud in for me when he was outside yesterday.  It smells wonderful.  Double Delight.

It gets so nice and reddish pink tipped when it gets good sun.

It's going to be a hot one today.  90 deg. F. Not a cloud in the sky and it's a beautiful blue.  The boys are still here and are helping out with chores.  They are also getting lots of rest and free time so they're enjoying that.  Summer is fleeting.  School will start soon enough.  The last I heard it will be two days of in school learning and 2 days at home with online learning.  

I hope your week is a good one.  Any fun plans?
((hugs)), Teresa :-)  


  1. I absolutely love your blog,it's always full of such interesting stuff.Loving the crochet.Have posted my latest blankets too.Your's is beautiful and those colours are stunning.Greaat photos as always.Hope Dale is doing well.xx

  2. Your granddaughter is going to love that beautiful blanket you made, Teresa. Tell us what you did with that large zucchini. Maybe too big for anything but zucchini bread. Your miniature rose is lovely. I always enjoy seeing your gorgeous blossoms.

  3. What a great looking zucchini! Your crochet project is so bright and cheerful. With all this horrible heat we've been cursed with this summer it's hard to believe it won't be long before we'll be needing a nice warm blanket to snuggle under. I can't wait. Araignee

  4. We are now in the last month of winter and there's a nice scent of Spring in the air. The daffodils and jonquils are starting to pop up. So fresh and yellow!
    It's lovely to hear Dayle is recuperating well. Your vegies are looking fabulous!

  5. Thanks for sharing the gorgeous photos of Caleb, his prize find, and your pretty flowers, fish, and blanket for Paige. I admired them all. Today I cut off all the Calla Lilly spent leaves and stuffed them in a huge garden waste paper bag. I pulled some weeds in the garden, too and it looks much more tidy. I hope the prolific Morning Glory vines and Sweet Peas on my trellis will soon produce some flowers! Sending you and Dayle love and ((hugs))

  6. The blanket is almost done! Well, it may even be done by the time you read this comment. I'm so glad that Dayle is well enough to go outside and pick you flowers.
    I used to grow zucchini like that back in Nebraska. I liked them big because I would shred them and use them in baking. Zucchini brownies were our favorite.
    We sign the closing papers on the house tomorrow and it will be "real". A bit scary. Okay. A LOT scary, but God is in control and it's the first step toward retirement.
    Take care and love and healing to Dayle.

  7. What a HUGE zucchini! What will you make with it? Glad Dayle is healing well. I'm sure it's a big help to have your grandsons around to help. The blanket is so pretty Teresa. What will your next project be? Gorgeous flowers as always and I like seeing your fish!

  8. Lap afghan looks nice and cozy. I feel like sleeping right now as I woke up early then went to physical therapy. Your dahlias are nice. I hope to go to one in Canby soon as it is open. Will go in a week day not weekend. I am thankful Dayle is feeling better. Phil is off work today. He has an eye appt later today. I am glad it's getting a bit cooler for a few days. Enjoying my plants. Take care!!

  9. My carrots were a bit of a bust, too. Harvested a few, but that was all. Squash bugs tried to take over many things...*sigh*. I hope Dayle does well with his recovery!

  10. I am so glad those boys are there to help you while Dayle is recovering. It is good to have some help. Great zucchini! Your crochet and color are always so cheerful. I love this one. I love your fish. I will be looking for the meteors tonight and tomorrow. The Black hawks play very late tonight, so I"ll be up. I hope. I had kind of a full day...but I usually Wake Up around 5 in the evening and can stay up till 12:30 no problem

  11. The afghan is absolutely beautiful. I just love the colors. Paige will love it. Your flowers are so pretty and perfect. Hope Dayle is healing well and fast.

  12. Carrots are difficult to grow! Your courgette looks fab, what are you going to make? I am waiting for a big fat one to make preserved courgettes for the winter. I am so pleased to read that Dayle is healing well at home and feels energetic enough to go outside for a stroll in your lovely garden x

  13. Hi Teresa, I am just catching up after a week away on holiday in Italy! I'm so glad to read that Dayle's surgery went well and he is recovering well at home.Your blanket and flowers look fab. Keep cool it's been 36c here in the UK for the last few days..too hot! Hugs xx

  14. Neat seeing Caleb who has grown so much. I am still getting use to new blogger unable to comment back to you lol

  15. Glad Caleb has been helping out. Your flowers are gorgeous. Stay safe.


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