Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Good News and Blanket Ta-Dah!

Hello!  We got a call from the doctor's office yesterday with the news that they found no cancer in the rest of the thyroid they removed last week.  So, we're breathing a sigh of relief.  Again, thank you for all your good wishes and prayers for my dear husband.

I put in the last stitches on the Dune blanket I've been making for my sweet little granddaughter, Paige.  She will be celebrating her 12th birthday soon so I will be trying to get it posted today.  This blanket was designed by Lucy from Attic24 blog - she has made the pattern free on her website on the sidebar.  I put my glass globe filled with sand and shells in the photo for good measure.  :-)

It is a lap blanket for a little girl.. not too big.  Hopefully it will remind her how much I love her when she wraps it around herself.

It's been a nice project to work on.  I am working on a lantern for now but when it's done I will launch back into my purple shawl.  

I so enjoy spending time on the deck, feeding the fish, watching the birds, enjoying the blue sky and fresh air.  

I walked out to get a photo of the Dahlia garden a bit ago and was struck by the beauty of the barn Dayle built and the blue sky with puffy clouds on this perfect summer day.

I look forward to getting a few more colorful varieties to add to the garden for next year.

We always wave at our neighbor Ginger who is selling lavender from her garden stand across the road.  

Dahlias are at their best with a close-up.  :-)

This variety is unusual, it's a small daisy-like one.  

This is the one I was sent instead of the flashy one I ordered - so from now on I think we'll get ones we can see first.

This one is a favorite of mine, so pretty.  It's named Arbatax, funny name for such a pretty flower.

This one is a gift from my neighbor, I love it!!

I've made a start on the crocheted lantern.  This will be interesting for sure.  I'll be using leftover Stylecraft yarn from my Lucy blanket projects.  I have baskets full of all kinds of colors.  :-)

I decided to order bamboo/wooden hoops instead of metal ones and I think I need to get some metal ones as they won't take so much yarn to go around.  

I had to show you my new "thing" - I needed a new charging cord for my Apple phone and iPad so I was perusing Amazon and this one caught my eye.  It actually lights up and the red flows up towards the device as it charges.  It's rather fun!

I am excited today as I'm watching Joe Biden who is soon to accept his nomination for President and will introduce his running mate, Kamala Harris.  History in the making as Kamala is the first Black and Asian female potential vice president of the USA.  

Have a wonderful week, my friends.  ((hugs)), Teresa :-)  


  1. Wonderful news about Dayle. We've been praying that it would be cancer free. The Arbatax is my favorite of the flowers you showed today. So pretty.
    The Dune blanket for Paige turned out so well. Everytime she wraps up in it she will feel Grandma's arms around her. The lantern looks like such a fun project. I finished the prayer shawl about midnight last night and so I'm between things right now and don't know what to make next. Maybe another Pimpeleisse shawl? I love making those.
    We're officially homeless now. Papers were sign yesterday on the house so now I get the fun of perusing real estate ads. We're still not sure exactly where we'll end up, but most like in Nebraska or Iowa.
    Take care my dear friend and enjoy the gorgeous weather.

  2. Your blanket is spectacular!!!! I love Lucy. I made one of her blankets during a CAL a few years back and it was so much fun.
    I have to say I am relieved to see how many Biden signs are popping up in yards at the moment. I don't think I ever saw a Clinton one so let's hope it's a good omen. Araignee

  3. Wonderful news from the doctor!!! I am so happy for you and Dayle and your family😃 Thanks for sharing your beautiful views of the flowers, farm, Paige's pretty blanket and the start of your colorful lantern. I admired them all and your flashy new charging cord, too! love and ((hugs))

  4. Harris!!!!!! I love her nickname Mamala! So so happy Dayle is healthy!

  5. Glad to hear the good news of your husbands surgery results!
    Your flowers are gorgeous and the colors of the lap quilt are too....

  6. You are enjoying lovely summer weather in your neck of the woods, Teresa. I love the photo of the clouds and your barn. I'm so happy to hear that Dayle has good news from the surgeon. Now, that's great news! Your selection of dahlias is so varied and lovely. You clearly have a gardener's heart.

  7. I love your flower photos! So pretty. I listened to Kamala Harris' speech, she's impressive. So glad Dayle's medical news was good.. whew! I just love the blanket you crocheted for Paige... she's going to love it. Can't wait to see the finished lantern.

  8. Good news about Dayle. You must all be so relieved. xx

  9. Fabulous news about Dayle; bet you’re so relieved. Love the dune blanket, those colours are beautiful. I’m quite tempted to make one myself. Your Dahlias are a joy. B x

  10. Your grand-daughter Paige is going to love her is gorgeous! She is bound to fall in love with those colours!! I so envy you your garden....I think I have said that before...but I do. Good to hear your husband is on the mend. keep well Amanda x

  11. I am so pleased about your good news, although I must admit that I somehow missed it all!

  12. You both are so relieved, I am sure. That is great news for Dayle! Your flowers are so pretty and that blanket is just lovely. I am sure your granddaughter will be so happy to get it. Biden and Harris - hope they win in November!

  13. I am glad Dayle has no cancer! Thank you Lord!!! Nice lap blanket. I enjoy seeing neighbors dahlias a few streets away. I am going to try and figure out how to grow them. I had one awhile back but it never came back. Stay cool, my friend.Looks like it's going to be hot this weekend! I am staying indoors for sure! x------x Becky

  14. Found you through Posie Gets Cozy comments. What a lovely little place you have. Glad to hear your surgery went well.

  15. Lovel blanket and great news on Dayle yay xoox

  16. Glad to hear that Dayle is well!!!! I know you are both thrilled! Thanks for linking up and I hope you both have a great weekend!

  17. Pleased to read the good news re Dayle's surgery.I am sure the blanket will be treasured forever. Hugs Anne x

  18. That is the best news ever! Hooray! Love the blanket Teresa, stay safe.

  19. Oh what good news about Dayle, and how relieved you must have been!

    That blanket is lovely - perfect combination of colors and stitch pattern. And your dahlias are so pretty. I can't seem to grow them at all, so enjoy seeing yours!

    A crochet lantern sounds very interesting!


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