Monday, September 7, 2020

And Just Like That, I'm in the Autumn Mood

I've always felt that the beginning of September means Autumn, and was always annoyed that I was told that Summer goes until September 22.  Then my husband, the font of oceans of useless knowledge (his own term for it) told me just now of Meteorologic seasons.  I had to check Google to confirm (he is never pleased when I don't take his word for gospel).

"The season of the year that is the transition period from summer to winter, occurring as the sun approaches the winter solstice. Meteorological autumn (different from standard/astronomical autumn) begins September 1 and ends November 30."

AHA.. now I have back-up for hanging the Autumn wreath on the door!

So I spread the table with my fall tablecloth and put the orange candles in the candleholders, put out some velvet, glass and crocheted pumpkins and voila.. :-)

I love my little scarecrow candleholder.. it's porcelain and I've had him for years.  Kristi made the cute yo-yo acorn in the trug.

2 of my glass pumpkins, I have more in another bin.  :-)

Dayle dug the potatoes and we have them in the pantry.

The other end of the bed, the rest of the potatoes.

And happily I noticed that the green bean vine has a bunch more flowers on it!

The boat all ready to go.. Travis was going to take Dayle salmon fishing tomorrow but a wind storm is forecast so they canceled it.  I hope the crab fishing will still happen.

The sweet chestnut tree is covered with nuts.

Farmer Dayle pulling the last of the potatoes.

The first bloom on this rose of sharon.. it looks a bit stressed with all our heat.

The Black Cherry tomatoes my daughter suggested.  They actually do taste a bit like a cherry and very sweet.  They turn dark but not black.

Taters all ready to move to our pantry which is dark.

Our onions we grew, not so big but will be delicious.

Our tomatoes have been disappointing.  I think we need to amend the heck out of the soil we had put in our raised beds.  It's really dry and did not do that well for us.  I think we need to add compost and manure.  We have chicken manure but we're afraid to add it as people warn us that it will burn our plants.  But if we put it in when we clear out the vines and let it sit all winter, wouldn't that work?

Thanks for visiting today.  I hope you have a fabulous week.  
((hugs)), Teresa :-)  


  1. Hope the fishing trip can be rescheduled. I have never had a home grown potato, I imagine they are delicious. Have a wonderful week Teresa, stay safe.

  2. All your autumn displays look lovely. Definitely a great time of year. Well done on all your produce. Hopefully you will do well with your tomatoes next year. Ours are great this year but were awful last year. It can just be weather conditions. B x

  3. I used to have a huge veg garden in the back yard in full sun. My tomatoes never ripened well. A neighbor told me to plant tomatoes Right Next To My House w/southern exposure. The next year I had more ripe tomatoes than I knew what to do with!

  4. The rain and time of the winter season will remove the burning issue....when it is applied too close to your planting time, then it does burn your plants. I would spread it on in thin layers, and let nature do its thing...

    I am so ready for cooler weather, and no smoky skies. This has been a bad summer for Ca.

    I think I will go hang my autumn wreath up...Maybe that will make me feel better!
    Your potatoes look great! as well, as your decorations....

  5. Boy do you have a great crop of potatoes. My one patio tomato plant was pitiful this year. Only a few small tasteless marbles. The peppers did well now that we've had tons of rain.
    I enjoyed seeing your fall decor, Teresa. Darling candle holder. I am so looking forward to getting ours out soon. The humidity has dropped and it does feel like Autumn is nipping at the door. Enjoy your week.

  6. Always love hour changing decorations mine are halloween themed all year round lol Yay to the veg πŸ₯”πŸ₯”πŸ…πŸ… I used to keep pumpkin and spuds under the bed cool and dark.....had many questions about that lol

  7. This morning I moved my autumn wreath out of the laundry room where I was storing it, but I have not hung it up outside yet. Yours looks so pretty! I loved your intro to the post about your exchange of info with Dayle :) Glad you are getting some produce from your garden boxes! I have been cleaning out the laundry room preparing it for the new W&D I ordered yesterday...not to be delivered till September 25...hope the old ones work till then! Windy and smoky over here...through Tuesday...power went off for a minute. Hope you are able to get the boat on the water soon. Thanks for posting, Teresa. πŸ’žπŸ’πŸ€—

  8. That was a fun visit today Teresa. I've been debating changing out s few of our decorations for fall. I got rid of almost everything but I have the garland for the island and s few other decorations as well..
    Have a gerat week Teresa.

  9. I enjoy seeing al of the dogs in Kathy's blog too;/. They look so happy and she takes such good cared of everyone trailer.

    1. Which Kathy are you referring to? You mentioned dogs and trailers and so I'm confused. ::-)

  10. It became stormy late afternoon, as I peeked out the door to see what clouds looked like as there was an odd color through window. I could smell smoke and it was not a bbq. Smoke from Mt Jefferson area fire that goes down close to Detroit lake. East winds blowing...When we left Red Robin and got to our street, there were so many leaves and evergreen bows on the street, not there 45 min ago! Windy!!! Raining leaves down on me while I was watering my potted plants, wearing a mask and sunglasses, to keep smoke debris out of my eyes. Hope it's ok where you are living. So far we have electricity. Megan and I talked this afternoon and Cameron forest fire is bad there and brown in the air and can smell smoke inside house she is living in with friend, for now.(in Colorado), There is an orange glow seen as well at top of Rocky Mtns. Praying things get better! I enjoy all your pumpkins on table. Enjoy your potatoes. We don't grow tomotoes here as they don't get enough sun. Take care and virtual hugs, my friend!!! ((------)) :'} Blessings and prayers, Becky

  11. Your garden did great. Nothing like home grown potatoes.

  12. I am ready for fall too! I am glad to see your decorations so now I can start putting mine out this week! Thanks for the nice post!

  13. Hello Teresa. I adore your Autumn wreath.

    I love Autumn. I commented in a group I'm in with Happy Autumn on 1st Sept. Told its not Autumn yet!!! Any way I replied that as a teacher September meant start of Autumn term and to me September will ways be the start of Autumn for me! :-)
    We had good harvest of potatoes. Tomatoes mainly all green. I think in wrong place!Had a few beans, everything else a bit of a let down! Take care. Hugs Anne x

  14. Hi Teresa,

    I always enjoy seeing how you decorate your home for the various seasons and holidays. So nice. Your potato harvest looks great! We did not get that many. Yesterday our son fixed oven fries with some of the potatoes he grew. They were delicious! Hope you and Dayle are doing well.

  15. I love your decorations, but Im not ready Teresa!!!! I worry with COVID that the normally very very long Wisconsin winter will get shortened somehow. Your potatoes are amazing lady!

  16. Great veggies. Chicken manure does burn if you put it around the roots of plants but it is perfect when the beds are bare in the winter. I live in a farming area and the air is thick with chicken manure as they harvest the wheat and then get spreading! Love your autumn table by the way. Jo x

  17. Love all your autumn decorating and garden did well growing lots of veggies! This is my third try at leaving a comment...hope it works this time! Hope you and Dayle are both well. XXX

  18. You are getting a good late summer harvest from your garden. We use to grow potatoes. Our daughters use to love help dig them, like digging for treasure. One year we had 5 bushels and we shared with extended family. After my husband passed there was no more garden, but I had his workshop taken down (termites) and I’m thinking of planting a garden in the empty spot.


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