Monday, September 21, 2020

πŸ¦€ Crab Feed πŸ¦€

Our crabbers/fishermen arrived home in the late afternoon on Saturday, here they are pulling in with Kristi to greet them, I happened to be outside and snapped this image.  

They drove to Ilwaco, WA after work on Friday and launched the boat and went out and dropped 9 crab pots. They did some fishing too and here is a happy Caleb with two Sea Bass.  It got dark while they were out there and he told me how the water was black and the sky was black and all you could see was the lights from town on the horizon.  Quite a memory for a 11 year old boy.

Caleb out on the Pacific Ocean pulling up the crab pots, they have to be a legal size of 5 3/4 inches across.

They were very successful!  They each caught their limit of 12 each - 36 in total, they had 9 pots down and limited out with the first 3 and had to return 2/3rds of their catch to the sea.  Those lucky crabs!  :-)  These are Dungeness crabs and are DEEEEliscious!

Happy fisher-boy.

You have to be careful reaching for these guys as they'll pinch you with their claws.

I am very VERY proud of my son Travis, he has learned to run the boat and care for it, learned to fish and crab and most importantly, he learned to clean and cook the crabs right when he returns no matter how tired he is.  And he is now teaching his sons all these skills.  Caleb is really getting into it.  They halved and cleaned them and cooked them in the pot you see over there.

When we were members of the Portland Yacht Club we used to attend the annual crab feeds, one of the members was a spice merchant and made this delicious sauce for the crab. I got his recipe and so whipped up a bowl of it while the crab was cooking.

I highly recommend you try this for anything you'd use cocktail sauce for.  YUM!  A bowl of this with shrimp would be ace.  I did a scant 1/4 tsp of the cayenne.

The first tray of cooked crab.. :-D πŸ¦€

I got a mug of ice water, some paper towels, a plate, knife and fork and a bowl for the shells, the bowl of sauce and set to work picking my dinner.  You take a half crab, pull the legs apart and pick the meat out of the body end, then crack the legs and claws and pull out the lump meat.

Kristi joined me when the guys brought in the 2nd heaping platter of crab, she isn't a fan of Dungeness and prefers the King crab so she picked them and shared them with me and the guys.  By this time Travis and Caleb joined us and we had a great time around the table.  Hayden passed as he'd had leftover KFC chicken for dinner.  

The way I eat crab is I crack and pick until I have a little pile and put some sauce on and eat it then repeat.  Kristi picked all the rest of the crabs out on the deck table yesterday and plans to make crab cakes for dinner.  YAY! We're going to boil some of our garden potatoes and some corn on the cob too.  

Kristi did some harvesting from our garden.

They went over to take a car back to their house and picked up two sunflower heads and she picked out the seeds to roast.  This variety had black seeds.

Here is the 2nd one.

Here they are all picked and the chaff cleaned off.  She will roast these for Travis to eat.

Ozzie making himself at home.  Keeping Dayle's chair warm.  :-)

On the town group on facebook someone posted this photo of her road which is where we lived before we bought this house.  I commented on the post that I wondered who lived in our old house and it was the woman who posted this shot.  I've wondered who lived there and now I know.  Neat.  

I asked if they still had the stained glass window in the front door that I made and they do!  I asked if she'd share a photo of it with me as I did not have a picture.  So here it is!  I made the window and a friend of ours made the door for us.  The barn Dayle designed and built is out the window.  I had a pottery studio in the loft of it and so loved throwing pottery on my kick wheel and glazing and firing the bowls, plates, mugs and pots for plants.

Well.. that was a lot.  :-)  My eye cleared but is still kind of quirky but I hope it will settle down.  Dayle has a few more days of solitary confinement and can then move back into the house.  When he's back in the kids will move back to their own home.  We so appreciate them helping us out during this time and I'm so glad we could offer them shelter when their home was threatened by fires.  Family is everything.  
((hugs)), Teresa :-)  


  1. Family is everything, Teresa. I'm so glad you have each other. Those crabs look delicious. We enjoy Chesapeake Bay blue crabs here in VA. Your stained glass door is lovely that you made. Boy, you have done everything!
    Hope your eye continues to improve. Stay safe and well.

  2. Good to read your eyes are all that crab lucky you. The produce from Kristy is fantastic. That sauce you make is just like what I marinade my chicken wings in......LOVE CHICKEN WINGS with extra chili thrown in lol

  3. The smile on Caleb's face says it all! That's quite a crab haul they got. I love crab but don't have it often. The stained glass you made for your door it beautiful, I'm glad you were able to get a photo of it. Glad your eye is better and Dayle is almost out of quarantine. It's great that your family could come and help out.

  4. Success!!! I am so glad you had such a good, productive weekend, and that Dayle is almost out of quarantine and your sight is improving! I admire your artistry in stained glass and photography! Lis put down vinyl tiles in the laundry room and did some painting in there as well. Gary and she had removed the old faulty washer and dryer earlier in the week, and a new set is supposed to be installed this Friday. I am so grateful for the kid's loving help! ((hugs))

  5. Oh boy do those crabs look delicious! Nice they had such a successful fishing trip. That is a beautifiul stained glass window Teresa! Do you dabble in that these days?

  6. Oh, yum!!! Living on the bay here in MD makes me a crab expert but I've never seen those kind before. I have heard of them. They look bigger than our blue crab and I bet they are meatier.
    Your stained glass is just gorgeous. I am in awe!

  7. Gosh, that crab meat with the sauce looks delicious! The stain glass you made for the door is absolutely beautiful. I'm so glad you had the opportunity to spend time with your son and his family and I hope Dayle continues on his road to recovery from the radiation treatments.

  8. Family is indeed everything and you are certainly blessed with a good one. What a great haul of crab, yummy! So glad Dayle is doing well and your eye is on the mend. Take care.

  9. Teresa, I am so happy for all the great memories you are all creating above all circumstances. I want to point out - I love that your grandson Caleb wore a life vest - good job. I've seen so many not wearing them while doing water sports.
    Your glass window is beautiful - what a view! God Bless

  10. I don't even know where to start with comments. I'm so glad the guys all had such a great time crabbing. They got so many crabs and to have to throw all of those back! Amazing! Caleb is learning such great skills and Travis and Kristi are such great parents. Teaching the boys to help family when they're needed. You're right. Family is everything which is the only reason we're planning to leave the PNW and move back to the midwest.
    Thank you for teaching us how to eat crabs. Would you believe I've never ordered lobster because I don't know how to eat it?
    Take care my dear frind.
    Love and blessings,

  11. Family is everything Teresa. I agree. Looks like you are proud of all of your kids, inlaws and grands. This takes very hard work and I know it. A family that can love each other despite pettiness is rare. I guess my q and A on my blog today reflected my family of origins', quirks. I am so glad your eyes are better. I hope you put confetti on the door for when Dayle is allowed back in. Get a photo of it for us!

  12. Wonderful family times and great crabbing by your boys! How interesting you found out who lived in your previous home and got a picture of your pretty glass after all this time!! I love how life is full of coincidences! Keep well my friend, and keep enjoying the good things. Hugs XXX


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