Friday, September 18, 2020

Thunder, Lightning, Rain and Blue Skies

I had a surgeon slicing into my right eye 3 hours ago.  But here I am, doing a late afternoon (5:45) blog post.. because.. it's what I do.  I have a new lens in there.. and it's still very fuzzy, but hopefully it will clear up!

Early this morning, I was awoken at 3:30 am by flashing of lightning and thunder, then the rain started falling on the 2 skylights above our bed.  And look!  The rain washed the smoke from the sky and it's blue once more!  Hallelujah!

I am so happy.. I don't know if the smoke will come back as the fires are still burning.. 

Just look at that blue!

Kristi and Travis went over to their house to check on things and take some items back there and look at the tomato harvest she brought back here!

She picked up eggs yesterday and there were two tiny ones that we think were laid by "Boots" her Bantam hen.

Hayden with his "lap dog" Ozzie.

I'm the chief fish feeder now that Dayle is in solitary confinement.  He had his last and most radioactive treatment yesterday.  Poor baby.  He will have to stay away from us for 7 more days.  But the good part is that now he can eat real food.  He's subsisted on oatmeal for a week or so.  SO.. Kristi drove me to my eye surgery today and on our way home we picked him up a bucket of KFC chicken and he's happy.  He also reports that he is feeling well and not having any pain or discomfort from the radiation treatments.

Travis and Caleb (11) headed out this afternoon to go crabbing and salmon fishing at Ilwaco, Washington.  I will show you their catch on Monday.  His best pal Ernie also went with them.

Does anyone know what kind of spider this is?  It was on the boat.  Creepy, huh?  I insisted Hayden not kill it but take it up the hill and let it go.  It was BIG!

Our 2nd successful sunflower.

I am sorry to announce that our wonderful Ruth Bader Ginsberg has died.  The current president wasted no time to say he will replace her on the Supreme Court.  Her dying wish was for the next president to replace her.  But her loss is a blow to women's rights and to all liberal thinking people in our country.  We'll see how this plays out.  

I will leave you with this beautiful image of sea glass in front of a sunset over the ocean and a wonderful poem I found on Facebook.

I want to age like sea glass.
Smoothed by tides,
but not broken.
I want my hard edges to soften.
I want to ride the waves
and go with the flow.
I want to catch a wave
and let it carry me
to where I belong.
I want to be picked up
and held gently by
those who delight in my
well earned patina and
appreciate the changes I went
through to achieve that beauty.
I want to enjoy the journey
and always remember that if
you give the ocean something
breakable it will turn it into
something beautiful.
I want to age like sea glass...

By Gail Sovie

Thank you for visiting and caring and being my friend.
((hugs)), Teresa :-)


  1. I really enjoyed reading this, Teresa, and seeing your last paragraph, a tribute to beloved RBG. Your koi seem to be enjoying themselves! Stay well, my friend.

  2. Teresa so good to know you are well. Yay to Dayle too. xoxo

  3. Pretty sea glass and poem; there is a lot going on at your house. That wonderful rain to wash away the smoke, Dayle and you healing, your magnificent koi and pond.

  4. Your blue skies are pretty, like down here. I was at Carl's Jr. for a late lunch. Ate in my car in parking lot and there was big grey clouds that were overhead, breeze and then it started raining. Rained more while I was in Bimart! I am glad Dayle is feeling better and able to eat different food. I'm glad your eye surgery went well. I enjoyed hearing the rain in the thunderstorm that was over/near our house for 15 minutes or so. Longest I've heard one here in OR! My friend, Linda, showed a couple photos of tomatoes she pulled out of the garden today. One was 3 tomatoes hooked together stemwise. Other one looked like it has eyes and kissy lip!!! hahaha!!! I was just wondering how it was in your area. I was supposed to get a pkg today and transit seemed to quit in or before Troutdale. Hopefully everything ok there, or with FedEx. No updates. Interesting!!! Have a good weekend! {/\/\/\}

  5. You won't know yourself in a few days Teresa. When I had my cataract surgery a few years ago, the difference was so amazing that I booked in to have the other eye done a few weeks later. I now only have to wear glasses for reading and prior to the surgery had worn them all my life. Glad to hear Dayle is doing well and enjoying that KFC. A fellow I once worked with used to wish everybody 'blue skies and green lights' - I wish that for you. xx

  6. Enjoyed your delightful post filled with such beauty, warm feelings, loving family, positive health events and - - - sunshine. May Ruth Bader Ginsburg R.I.P. Thank you for the beautiful poem.

  7. A beautiful poem Teresa. Thank you. We haven't had any rain yet and our air was worse today than the past two days. We're very hopeful that some will fall late tonight or tomorrow morning. If it doesn't I'm afraid we'll still be stuck with smoke. We are right on the line between very unhealthy and hazardous as of 10:00 tonight.
    It's great news about Dayle and that he can now eat again and is feeling well. Bless Kristi for taking such good care of both of you. I pray you will wake up tomorrow and be able to see perfectly with no pain at all. I had an eye exam a few weeks ago and was told my cataracts have gotten a bit worse. Bleh. That's quite a haul of tomatoes. What will you/Kristi do with them all?
    I need to get a hair cut. Believe it or not I haven't had anything done to it since before lockdown. I can't stand it anymore. I'm hoping for next week.
    Take care my friend. Fingers crossed for the blue skies to stay for you.

  8. I'm glad Dayle's treatment has finished and that your surgery went well. And rain and blue skies too, they are truly wonderful to see. Let's hope there's enough rain to get rid of those fires. I hope you have a good weekend. CJ xx

  9. It's a sad day.
    May her memory be a blessing.

  10. Wonderful post Teresa and absolutely marvelous to see your home shining under a superb blue sky. Glorious nature ....the rain has washed that murky orange mist away! I feel so relieved for you that your home is practically back to normal,your eye surgery is over and very soon you will have your husband beside you! Hooray!!!!

  11. Pretty photograph and lovely poem.
    So pleased Dayle is doing well and hoping that your eye improves over the next few days.
    Take care x

  12. RIP RBG. I was devastated to learn of her death. I have a lot of respect for her but I have to say my fear is in the timing of her death. Every time I think the President can't get any worse, he does.
    Praise be for the blue sky? I took the garbage outside last night and was overjoyed to see the sky for the first time in what feels like weeks.
    Here's hoping the next seven days of isolation for Dayle speed by and that your fuzzy eye has cleared up!
    Melissa in PDX

  13. I was sad to hear about Ruth Bader Ginsberg - what a dedicated woman she was for our country. I hope they wait for the next president to choose the next Supreme Court Justice. Whether that turns out to be the current president or Biden, it seems more fair to let the people have a say. I am so tired of the stress of politics but know I will not give up and I will be sure to vote for Biden.
    Glad that your surgery went well and you (and Dayle) are recovering. Loved the poem you shared. Thank you.

  14. The early morning thunderstorm was music to my ears and I took photos of the blue skies later in the day, also! I am glad to know you and Dayle are making good progress on your treatments and that you have family to support you in the process of healing. Enjoyed seeing the wonderful sunflower and tomatoes, and I hope the boys get a good catch of crab and salmon. You were kinder to your impressive spider than I often am to the spiders I encounter. How I value life as I age is something I want to do beautifully...perhaps like sea glass. Thanks for posting, dear Teresa. love and ((hugs))

  15. I'm so glad to see blue skies on your blog post today, Teresa. I'm so glad to hear that your surgery is over and wish you clear sight, my friend. Dayle must feel grateful for the KFC chicken. So glad he has no problems with his treatment.
    RBG was a force that we will miss. She is one of the longest living pancreatic cancer patients that I know of. What a gift she gave to all women. So strong. I love the poem you shared, tears of joy brimming.

  16. I'm so glad that you are getting a break from the smoke. I hope it continues and glad that Dayle is doing well with his treatments. I hope your eye heals soon so that things are no longer fuzzy. Losing RGB before the election is a huge loss. Such a sad time.

  17. So nice to see the blue skies I can only imagine hat a relief it is not to have smoke. Thrilled all went well with your eye surgery and that Dayle is doing well. Those tomatoes were a feast for the eyes, have you got anything planned for them. I made tomato and apple chutney yesterday. Take care.

  18. Look at you posting 3 hours after your cataract surgery! You go girl!!! I'm glad your surgery went well and glad Dayle is coming to the end of his isolation. Yay for rain and the blue skies it brought. And wow! what a crop of tomatoes. Love the eggs too. Hope your weekend is going well.

  19. Hope the air in Oregon is better now. I have a little dream of going to visit Portland some day. Thank you for your posts!!

  20. First of all are you being a perfect patient? I want your eyes completely better after this surgery! Then, Im so happy you have blue skies! Kristi is a doll. . Tell her I think so. KFC would kill me and my sensitive gut, but mmmmmmm. I bet Dayle misses ya''.ll. DO you sneak letters under his door? I would . :) Sing outside his window? That sea glass is gorgeous but the two people on our Lake Geneva who found see glasss began their rant to me about how I didn't need to wear a mask. So seagrass has a mixed connotation for me right now. That image is lovely though

  21. Blue skies at last! I hope you get some more rain over the next few days, particularly over the areas where fires are still burning. I am so pleased that your surgery went well. I hope by now the fuzziness is all but a distant memory. Good to hear also that Dayle is back on normal food and feeling ok, all things considering. Have a lovely week x

  22. Those skies are so BLUE, and it is so sad about RBG (and likely fallout) and it sounds like things are better with you and your family, but I stole the poem. :)

  23. Such a lovely glad your air is fresh and blue skies are back after all that smoke. Glad your eye is getting better...and that Dayle is recovering well too. So sad about RBG. And loved the poem you shared. Take care dear Teresa XXX

  24. Love that poem!

    I hope your eye is doing better. So glad you got that rain to clear up the air. Kudos to Dayle for making it through treatment - may he enjoy many delicious meals now!

    I can't believe Hayden is that big. Where is the time going?

    Hugs to you, Teresa!


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